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Nature song World Peace is number on the Fiwi Choice CVM chat, and now this







Me talking about my Jamaican fans missing me, my goals and other dancehall artists: “I’ve been here for like probably five months now. Four, five months I’ve been in America just working just to make Jamaica proud. Just to make my family, just to make everybody proud. It’s not even about me. This is about Jamaica, because imagine me reaching to the top and then I could reach back and pull another

artist from Jamaica. Imagine me reaching to the top and I could just sign someone from Jamaica and try to just bring him to the top. Something that people never see before. You know, you have haters everywhere. You see me? I’m definitely immune to haters. At times I love when people say bad things, because when people say bad things it only motivates me to move or lets me know that I can’t lose. You understand? It’s like every step you have to keep going higher and higher.

“Some of them say they’re my friend, but because of my things and because of my success, people just start change and try to make it seems as if you are the one that change. If you have your friends and you’ve been with them for so many years, why would it change now? I realize that just me being stuck in Jamaica, it can’t help music. It can’t help me. Music need a life. Our music, dancehall music, need a life. So I’m devoted to put my life, and to put my all, and put my heart in it. That’s the reason why I’m here in America, working. Because people got so much love for me over here. I’m like a… I’m not even “like a.” I am a legend. I’m legendary. So being here, people say a lot of things. But meanwhile, there’s only one thing for me to say—it’s just music. And even when I’m doing music, I have to talk to the haters, the enemies, the ones them who want to see me go down.

“That’s the reason why I say “Chat them a chat / Yap dem a yap / Gullyside me ah action packed. / Me no cuss cuss, me no wear a frock / Gully side we ah action packed. / Tell them anything ah anything / Dem ah say me leave a foreign and we nah come back / Have the house pon the hill / Them say we can’t done that.” You know? It’s all about me just letting them know, Right now, me just ah do me. Me wish everybody else can just do them, do themselves. Because think about it—this bag of crabs in a barrel. Each time a next youth tries to rise, we try pull them down, then nobody nah go reach nowhere. We just gonna be there every day and look at each other’s face. The best thing for me is when I look and see other youths arise. Just like you have little youth like Popcaan. You have youth like Konshens. You have youth like I-Octane. You have youth who are out there and them ah try build music. When I sit down and watch them, I don’t even try to go in a competition with them because it would just make me seem so small. Them youth deh come and I’m gonna try and come and build a competition with them? I’m not on that, me just feel a joy in myself when me listen their music. To know that most of these youths, when you think deep and you listen to their songs, you can know say Gully Gad is their main mentor. You understand? So when me say “Them say we live ah foreign and me nah come back,” that’s just words of people that want to see me fall. Think about it, I’ve been in Jamaica for so many years. So if me spend five, six months in America, that’s nothing. It’s all about me working. It’s all about me trying to make better. You understand?”



Things to do when CAUGHT having SEX or CHEATING


Imagine how you will react if your partner yanks the door open to find you pants down cheating on her on her/him. This not one of the best moments in life, isn’t it? According to the old players manual, the rule in this situation is deny deny deny. But how can you deny when you have been caught red handed. The following are ways to react when you have been caught cheating.
The first step is to prepare yourself psychologically. This you do before you even start cheating on your partner.  You must always put in cognisance the consequences of you actions to you relationship especially if you have faith in it. Most affairs come up as a result of yielding to temptation. Maybe your partner has a better looking or sexier friend that you just can’t resist or a hot guy or lady at the job everyone is talking about. Whatever the temptation just think of how it will effect on your relationship.
Be apologetic. This is the most common reaction that unfaithful partners take however don’t anticipate any apology to be accepted at least not for a couple of days, weeks or even a month or two. This will tell your partner that you have acknowledged your mistake and in spite of the affair, you still want to get together with her/him. While some partners may forgive and give you another chance, others partners pride just won’t allow them to stoop that low. So if you lucky to be forgiven count your blessings but be sure of trust issues when you reconcile.
Justify your cheating. The most effective way of justifying your cheating behaviour is by playing reverse psychology. When caught pants down, and your partner starts hurling all sought of verbal abuses or lamentations, hit back by playing the victim. Blame him/her for not being a better partner. Count out all his/her flaws, from not satisfying you in bed, not giving the relationship adequate time it needs, being a critic instead of supporting you, being so full of him/herself.  There are a number of excuses you can come up to justify your cheating. This can help you reconcile especially if your arguments are genuine and your partner sees them in him/herself.
The next step is so natural that it needn’t have to be stated. Even if you read and master this article a thousand times or any other players guide book out there, chances are you going to behave in the most bizarre natural matter that usually comes with the first instincts when caught red handed. You will become absent minded and most probably forget everything about these tips and start tripping which will sell you out. To avoid this, always read through your manual and play mockery game on how to react when caught cheating. With time you will perfect and be a natural.




THREE bar maids turn dumb after ritual over THEFT
Three bar waiters became dumb recently after a witchdoctor from Tanzania conducted a ritual against them over allegations of theft.

The incident occurred at a bar and night club in Machakos town when the proprietor hired a witch doctor to compel those who had stolen his money to return it.

Earlier, the proprietor pleaded with all the waiters to disclose the one who had taken the money from the safe, in vain.

He later reportedly hired the witch doctor from Tanzania, who conducted the ritual in the presence of all the workers resulting in the capture of the three culprits.

The three started showing unusual signs after a few moments before they started eating soil and were unable to speak.

The bar proprietor was forced to inform the police about the incident who later came and took away the three waiters as their colleagues remained mouth wide open in panic.

At the police station, the three could not speak after they were asked to record statements.
Confirming the incident, Machakos OCPD Richard Kerich said the three men who are being held at the Machakos police station are still unable to speak.

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