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ZIMBABWE – A married Mutare woman on Sunday removed her underwear, struck and wiped the face of her husband’s cousin, in a symbolic confession of the two’s adulterous affair.
The incident which shocked many people happened during a traditional court session held at acting Chief Zimunya’s court. According to a traditional court procedure in the area, a married woman is ordered to remove her panties, strike or wipe the face of her boyfriend as a gesture of admitting to having had an adulterous affair.

Elderly men and women who attended the court session were at loss of words when the 20-year-old Evelyn Chabata admitted that she had been playing the ‘insert your sausage’ game with her husband’s cousin, Pandai Mahati. Chabata is married to Ernest Musiyarira and the couple has one child.

“Yes, he proposed to me and I accepted when my husband was at work in Hwedza. We have been seeing each other for some time now and have had sex for several times,” said the seemingly unapologetic Chabata.

Soon after she verbally admitted having had slept with Mahati, an elderly woman was tasked to accompany her to a nearby bush to remove her panties. Upon her return to the court, Chabata was ordered to strike and wipe Mahati’s face to CONFIRM that she indeed had an affair with him. Much to the surprise of the sizable crowd that had come to attend the proceedings, Chabata did just as that.

The cheated husband, Musiyarira, said his wife and cousin took advantage of his absence to fall in love. He said they were caught red handed by his close relatives having sex.

“I am really bitter about what happened and it is sad that my own cousin is not even ready to apologise for trespassing into my matrimonial bed. It all happened in May when I was at work in Hwedza. I was phoned by my relatives who broke the news that my wife was caught red-handed with another man. I took my cousin’s clothes from my relatives who had confisticated them and brought them to the headman as exhibit. He was ordered to pay a fine of two beasts and two goats, but he is reluctant to do so. His family and himself too have been threatening to beat me up. I’m related to him, he is my aunt’s son and i have no beef with him,” said the devastated Musiyarira.

Mahati, who is the one who approached Chief Zimunya’s court seeking the reversal of the headman’s ruling, claims that the Musiyarira family trapped him because of a long standing dispute between the two families.

“They are trying to tarnish my image. I was never in love with his wife. We only had a transaction of bricks and since the husband was away, he referred me to his wife. I then went to see his wife after she sent me a call back at around 7pm. She convinced me to get into her house. Barely after getting inside, I heard a number of people who came as chanting ‘tamubata, tamubata (we have caught him). It was a trap aimed at tarnishing my image,” claimed Mahati.

Chief Zimunya ruled that there was overwhelming evidence pointing to the fact that Mahati was indeed in love with his cousin’s wife.

KUH KUH……………………………..


How Does God Test Us?

Because of sin, we are constantly tested in this life. Many people say that God tests us with suffering to see if we will stay faithful to Him, but, as we have seen, such is not the case. Let us consider what a “test” is. We believe one valid definition is that a test is a challenge to measure your learning, growth, and development. Some people say that experience is the best teacher. Why is this not true? Because experience gives the test question first and the answer later, if at all.

Think back to your favorite teacher in school. Would you say that he or she was teaching for the benefit of the students? Most likely. Does such a good teacher give tests? Absolutely. But a good teacher only gives a test after adequate instruction. Would a good teacher give a test that a student could not pass, or even get a perfect score on if had he mastered the material taught? No. What is the motive behind a good teacher’s tests? Most assuredly it is the growth, maturing, and learning of his students.

But what about a bad teacher, one jaded by countless muggings in the halls? Does he give tests? Oh yes, but they are unannounced tests covering material he has never taught, and they must be taken while having wisdom teeth removed without an anesthetic. What is his motive? Obviously it is to do damage to the students. You might even say it is to “steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10a).

So it is in the spiritual battle: both the one true God, the Father of Jesus Christ, and the false god of this age, Satan, test us. [1] The difference is in their motives and in the types of tests they give. Satan tests us by tempting us to disobey God’s Word— to our detriment. One place we can see this is in his temptations of Jesus in the wilderness (Luke 4:1ff; Matt. 4:1ff). But Jesus Christ overcame these temptations as well as all the others Satan threw at him, and that is why he can now help us do likewise. How do we do so? By willingly taking the tests that God gives us. How does God test us? Simply by asking us to trust Him and “wholeheartedly obey the form of teaching to which we were entrusted” (Rom. 6:17).

Only God’s Word enables us to understand these things, and in it we will see that it is only by taking the tests God gives that we can successfully handle Satan’s tests. That is, it is by trusting and obeying God that you can minimize the effects of the sin of Lucifer and Adam in your own life. Even in the Old Testament it was clear that God’s instructions were for the benefit of His people, as the following verses attest.

Deuteronomy 10:12 and 13
(12) And now, O Israel, what does the Lord your God ask of you but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul,
(13) And to observe the Lord’s commands and decrees that I am giving you today for your own good?

Some other simple biblical examples come to mind, such as the dietary and sanitary instructions in the Old Testament (cp. Lev. 11 and 17; Deut. 14), and the record where God told people to build a fence around the perimeter of their flat roofs so they wouldn’t fall off (Deut. 22:8).

As we stated earlier, God tests us by asking us to trust Him and do what He says. One of His goals is to build character in us. As a good “teacher,” neither God nor the Lord Jesus will ever ask you to do something you cannot do, right? If you answered affirmatively, a great truth should dawn on you: whenever God tells you to do anything, you immediately know one thing: you can!!! Therefore, you do, especially since you know it is in your own best interest to be obedient to your heavenly Father.

Once upon a time, after we had innocently looked into resolving some apparent biblical contradictions, we suddenly found ourselves hanging on the face of a cliff as sheer as any logic we had ever heard of. Actually it wasn’t that suddenly. We had volunteered for a rock-climbing school, been given adequate instruction and taken out to meet our granite fate.

“Climb this?” Well, maybe if we follow the instructions we were given, we can. Anyway, we eventually stood on top of the cliff, and guess what? Instead of lamenting how hard it had been to get there, we rejoiced in our accomplishment, looked over at an even higher rock and said, “We can climb that one.” What is the principle? Obstacles are opportunities for growth! Let us now cite one of many Old Testament records of God’s people facing an apparently insurmountable obstacle and God testing them to help them overcome it and grow in faith. You can read the biblical account in Joshua 3:1-17 and see if it matches our version, which follows.

Moses had died, and Joshua was leading Israel to the Promised Land. Closer and closer they got, and then— there it was! Just across the flooded Jordan River! Oh, no! In the face of this apparently insurmountable obstacle, what were God’s instructions? He told Joshua to tell the priests carrying the ark of the covenant to go first, and for the people to follow at a distance. God said that the priests were to walk right into the flooded river and that when the soles of their feet touched the water, the river would divide so that all the people could cross into the Promised Land.

Does that sound like a test to you? Suppose you had been one of those priests? Do you think your heart would have been pounding as you neared the edge of the Jordan? Of course, they could have just put down the ark and said, “Hey, this is ridiculous, let’s just live on this side of the river and enjoy the view of the Promised Land across the water.”

Had they done so, two things would not have occurred. First, they would not have received from God what He wanted to give them to bless them— the Promised Land. Second, they would not have experienced what we believe was a substantial increase in their faith.

What do you think happened in their hearts when their feet touched that water and the river backed up fifteen miles?! Verse ten of Joshua Chapter Three tells us that it was this incident that would later give them courage to overcome greater obstacles in the future, i.e., the obstreperous “ites.” [2]

Obstacles are opportunities for growth, but only when we look to God for the solution, and act accordingly.

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Timberlee labelled at refreshingly good and Konshens a freak were the opinions of some of the patrons who were in Garage on Saturday, September 1, 2011 at Bubble Gal A Bubble.
The opening acts started around 3’24 am , Timberlee graced the stage with a strong acapella , done so well , it made the crowd go wild. Packed to capacity there was nothing to be missed, Koshens dressed in black jeans , a plaid shirt and a messenger bag started his bedroom segment however, it brought a few screeches from the audience when he said ”put yuh hands up like police a search yuh….come mek mi choke yuh”. A little too freaky and raunchy for a good percentage of the mass. Many people wanted to hear some of his other popular songs like







Hi, your name Keturah is it your real name?

K: Yes


The reason for me asking is that it sounded so powerful and when I looked up the meaning , I was shocked that it was a biblical name who gave you your name and why?

K:My dad,he said the reason for giving me that name was because he knew one day I would be a power house and a blessing.


What part of the world are you living and when was the last time you visited Jamaica

K: I am living in New York city just visited Jamaica two years ago for a movie I shot in the beautiful  island of Antigua with Macka Diamond called Redemption of Paradise that was my first time in eleven years, just for two days.The sad part is I just want back two months ago to bury my brothers that was brutally killed in our home in Ensom City.

I did not hear about your brothers, but my condolences to you, what happened there? 

K:They were brutally killed in our home by the police,exactly what happened I do not know I was not there and you know back home you hear twenty difference stories.The police force in Jamaica are not properly trained and they are license criminals that shoot then ask questions later.They get away with killing people daily because the system is so corrupted and the families of these victims are afraid to pursue either because they fear for their lives or do not have financial means to go after the legal system in Jamaica

How do you feel about Jamaica’s violence and the fact that the news says its getting better but it has hit home for you? 
K: How I feel words can not explain I will never see or hear my bros voices again,the memories of growing up with them will stay with me for the rest of my life hopefully I will meet them again when God is ready for me to walk with him in heaven.
I want to also start an organization to give back to Jamaica because you never know if  I can make a difference. 
What do you think needs to change?
K:A lot of things needs to be changed that country have no respect for one’s life and for a country that was once so God fearing we are really out of  control.Jamaica needs God intervention to bring them back to been humble

How old are you?

K:I am 29 years old.

I first came to know you because of your involvement with Jim Iyke from Nigeria and the little gossip there but for the Jamaican audience how did you guys meet?

K:I met Jim in Maryland though an acquaintance.


How were you guys able to maintain a relationship being so far apart?

K:Nothing in life comes easy and if you want something or someone bad enough you will both work at it. I visited Nija regularly  and Jim visited the states often or sometimes we meet in different countries,we find ways and means to keep up! lol read between the lines.


Now that Nollywood is as big as it is and a lot of Jamaican music is being played in some of the movies, how do you feel this can further help to promote Jamaican music?

K:Jamaican music is and all ways will be a staple,we are a unique bunch! It will help our music industry to grow and to bring us together as one.


How do you think Nigerians feel about Jamaican music and how do you as a Jamaican feel about our music? 

K:Nigerians love our music what is there not to love! For me I love,love our music just not the ones that preaches violence. 


Since being exposed to Africa , Nigeria in particular, do you notice anything similar about our cultures, and also what are the differences you notice.Do you think that is bad or good?

K:I think we are a lot alike culturally,is that a good thing , but unfortunately we do not want to come to terms on believing so thou.


I notice with most Africans, one thing they pride themselves on is staying true to and preserving their culture,the fact that they were able to accept you and Jim Iyke, what do you think caused that , and for those who haven’t accepted it how do you feel about that?

K:To be honest I never gave  it a second thought because Jim and I are two strong headed people so for us  seeking approval was never a thought.Jim and his family are well traveled people so they aren’t hang up on that cultural beliefs so that is the most important thing not an outsiders opinion.

How does your Jamaican family feel about the blending of cultures?

K:I am not big into family like that I am a loner.My mom doesnt care whatever makes me happy!


Before , I read in an interview where you said that you make sure your bedroom work is up to par, I feel its a Jamaican thing, do you feel our women go all out in the bedroom for real?

K:Lol I am not sure if its a Jamaican thing! I can only speak for myself I think in any relationships friendship is very important,however satisfaction plays a big role!


Are you and Jim Iyke still together?

K:Jim and I are still together despite  all the rumours.


How do you feel about him apart from the relationship and apart from his acting?

K:I think Jim is an amazing human being,son and friend.He is stereotyped as a bad boy,he is surely a bad boy but not in the way the media portrays  him to be.One of the things I dislike about Nija is the media, they write whatever pleases them or  they think will sell their news paper or whatever media platform they are using.


Do you feel as many women pursue him , as he makes it seem?

K:I do not know if Jim makes it seem like many women pursue him.I can only speak from experiences being with him and I see the way they throw themselves at him even in my presence.I think even our celebrities back in Jamaica get that attention too.I was once watching Oprah she was once in Bollywood and her remark was not even celebrities in America gets this type of attention from both media and fans.


How has the relationship thrived given the spotlight he is in and also how did you feel about the article published that he was seemingly dating a Cambodian actress?

K:Our relationship thrives because I get to know the real man outside of the guy everyone sees on screen,we have a great friendship and I stayed prayed up because with all the entities we have coming at us we need our father to be the  engineer of our relationship for it to remain on holy and strong grounds.Lol about him dating a Cambodian actress is not true I am use to it by now they have said worst and we are still standing.The way I look at life is totally different from others if Jim and I do not work out for what ever reasons it will not be because of gossip but because we have an understand that its just not working,yes I will be hurt but life goes on and what do not break you makes you stronger and my mom always said everything in life is a learning experience and people will come and go but there is a lesson behind it.

I saw on your Facebook , where you said you gave birth to a little girl, how was the experience how do you feel about motherhood?

K:It is so sad because I put that posting up as a joke my friend gave birth and I was just playing around and it made newspapers.The reason I said its sad is because I posted also that my bros was killed and trust it did not get this kind of attention.It shows me people really feed on gossip and negativity.

Keturah in the movie Total Corruption



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