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Death Penalty for the Rape of Children?

Scores of Jamaicans, angered by the Monday’s gruesome attack and rape of five females, including an eight-year-old child, yesterday protested across the island and called for the death penalty for criminals who rape and abuse children.

“How can a man rape a woman much less a child; this has to stop, and the Government need to re-introduce the death penalty,” said Velma Peart, a black-clad, placard-bearing protestor who was among a group of approximately 100 people who marched from Half-Way-Tree to Cross Roads in Kingston, the Jamaican capital.

In downtown Kingston, Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna, officials of the Child Development Agency (CDA) and the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation joined protestors in that section of the city who pleaded for an end to abuse against women and children



World War 2 “German – Russian War” of 1941-1945


She is BEAUTIFUL, CARING and very intelligent but she CANNOT COOK

Dear DAILY POST Readers,

Its less than a year that I met this lovely gal, she very beautiful, caring, very religious and we love each other so much, she is actually the first lady I will ever love with my whole heart as I always dream of keeping her as a wife.

But the problem am having with her is that she can’t cook, she can’t prepare any meal at all and she’s also very lazy when it comes to domestic works and any time I raise the issue, she always reacts as if she never cares to learn how to do them, at times she tell that I shouldn’t worry that she will change and learn how to cook very soon, that is when she notices am very serious or not happy about the issue.

I now want DAILY POST readers to advise me on what to do that can force her to learn how to cook and do other domestic works…Thanks


MEN!! are these the TOP qualities of a WOMAN who is a “WIFE MATERIAL”

1. She is not sexy, fine, or hot. She is beautiful at heart and therefore encompasses all of
these descriptions.

2. She is intelligent, sassy, funny, outgoing, determined, strong and classy-knows herself-worth and comports herself accordingly.

3. She can cook or at least order a meal that tastes home-made.

4. Her personality is just as beautiful as her body.

5. She believes in God and follows his virtues.

6. She knows that a relationship requires a 200% quota yet she gives her man an extra 10%.

7. She can please her man in anyway. Mentally, spiritually, and sexually when it’s time.

8. She makes you recognize your full potential as a man and completes you.

9. She’s always there for you, no matter what your dreams are or how long they take to materialize.

10. She’s not afraid to tell you the truth and set it straight.

11. You can talk to her and confide in her, without thinking of what she may do with them if peradventure you breakup. She is your best confidant & best friend.

12. You love being around her more than my crew.

13. You can share & enjoy my most intimate moments with her without thinking of sex.

14. You can have a really silly bad argument with her and have the BEST Mind Numbing and passionate date after.

15. She’s always willing to find a way to work out our problems. But she’s also intelligent enough to leave, if they become TOO unbearable

16. She’s UNIQUE – nothing like any other girl you’ve met.


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