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Hi how are you?

Exotic dancer: I’m quite fine thanks

How old are you and what is your profession?

Exotic dancer: I’m 26 and an exotic dancer (some take offense to the term ‘stripper’

How long have you been doing this?

Exotic dancer: I’ve been dancing on and off for about 5 years. But on and off I’ve taken one full year off and a few 3-6 months hiatus’ as my job is pretty lenient with scheduling.

What made you get into the profession?

Exotic dancer: I knew of 3 sisters who are cousins of mine that were already dancing so I decided one day while annoyed at work as a waitress that I was taking too many orders from management under paid and over worked. Not to mention I hated having the days THEY thought I would need off each week. So I told my cousin which was close to my age and she said she’ll take me to her club. I asked what would I need she told me a thong and heels 0_0

Do you really enjoy doing it?

Exotic dancer: I love my JOB I mean I get to party and an occasional drink while making lots of money. And I get as much time off as I want to vacation and actually enjoy the fruits of my labor. Not too many can say that

What are the things people assume about your profession that isn’t true?

Exotic dancer: Omg ok firstly I hate the misconception that all dancers are promiscuous and next in line is the stupid assumption that we were all molested that’s how we ended up there. I also dislike the notion that most of us are hard up for money and desperate so any proposition goes. And lastly it may come as a surprise but most (in my club) don’t do drugs hell a lot of them don’t even drink they”ll order a Voss $8 of water. The picture people try and paint are that exotic dancers are the worse bunch, not so. Girls there will play every card and the sympathy card is not excluded to get money flowing. The more ‘intimate’ details whether real or false that we share the more a guy feels as though he’s actually ‘friend’ the easier it is to make money off them. Whoever disagrees once again I’m only speaking from what I see first -hand at my club)

How is your family and what do they think of you doing this?

Exotic dancer: My immediate family doesn’t know only my cousins that also dance and my daughter’s dad. I told him after he had gotten to know me for me without the entire bad stigma that comes from being an exotic dancer. At first he didn’t believe me because he assumed girls that dance have to have a certain money hungry attitude or fast to sleep with someone down to the way I dress outside the club is pretty casual. No weave majority of the time but everything is well kept and up to par 100% of the time. I have to invest in my body/appearance more so than the average Joe because it’s my ‘business.’ But due to the fact I’m not over the top my secrets safe.

Have you faced any kind of abuse doing this?

Exotic dancer: The closest thing that came to abuse is when a man that had 6 teeth in his mouth and all 6 being rotten kissed me on the lips while in V.I.P after I told him no kissing about 8 minutes into the room. I was pissed off so I just got out the room, which was $150 for 15 minutes. He then had the nerve to say to management, he wanted another girl to finish off the 15 minutes instead of giving me the money. Management explained to him he had 2 options either we settle the dispute and go back in or he gets another girl and pays another $150. That’s the only time I ever felt abused/violated.

What was your life like before stripping?

Exotic dancer: My life was quite boring before dancing living paycheck to paycheck school church nothing interesting.

Many strippers have to drink or get high before performing, why is this?

Exotic dancer: dancers drink and take drugs for different reasons there’s no one universal reason. Some were addicts or alcoholics before; some drink because alcohol is made readily available to them, sometimes drugs or alcohol takes away inhibitions which make a dancer much more free spirited and easy going which ultimately affects their income positively. Or if someone’s shy alcohol can aid as liquid courage

Do you have children and if you had a daughter and this was her choice how would you feel?

Exotic dancer: Yes I have a child 2 years of age. If I had a daughter and she wanted to dance I would not be thrilled or happy to know that was her choice of job.

How long do you think you want to continue dancing?

Exotic dancer: I plan to dance until I finish off my degree because I want to go straight from a JOB to a CAREER. So I give it another 3 years.

Have you ever dated any of your clients?

Exotic dancer: I’ve never seriously dated any client. I’ve been out to eat or a concert under the pretense of a date but never with anyone I would EVER want sexually or realistically. I always joke around when a client asks to date me and respond,”we started off wrong you got to see me naked (topless but I have to exaggerate to get my point across) before a real first date now there’s nothing to look forward to now it will be too awkward. I guess I only say that because the guys that come are predominantly white business class men well in there 40′s. I’ve never met anyone that really tickled fancy. Maybe I would give it a shot if I did.

Have you ever had sex for money?

Exotic dancer: No I’ve never had sex for money. I’ve been propositioned before but when u have some guys willing to spend $600 for an hour without having sex there’s no real need to sell pums.

Outside of the job how do you feel about yourself personally, be honest?

Exotic dancer: Outside of work I feel good about myself I feel empowered by my ambition to hustle go-to school take care of my child and keep up my appearances. I’m actually so empowered I’ve been thinking of coming clean to my family and friends.

Do you have a pimp and do you feel it is necessary to have one?

Exotic dancer: Lol pimp? Kmt Only pimp I know of is Uncle Sam…and even then….you know what let me just answer and not incriminate. NO no pimp.

Being as exposed to sex as you are, how do you feel about sex?

Exotic dancer: I love sex! After work I’m Horney because of the seductive aura I portray all day but only MY man will do. I’ve only had sex with 3 1/2 men (the half comes in because although he put It In I changed my mind couple pumps in…What can I say that’s what happens when u pick up big people issues u sometimes find your way over your head.) Since I’ve started dancing I have been with the same guy the whole time. Gave him bun about 3 times with one of my ex all of which I’ve told him about. So I’d like to think I’m a good girl since it’s at the minimum.

What religion are you and how do you feel about God?

Exotic dancer: I’m a Christian go to church once in a while, always wear my cross chain all at work sometimes It gets all up In the customer face If I lean over but oh well mI nuh business dat a fI dem problem. And please no backlash because church isn’t filled with perfect people. It’s about people trying to do well and become better in the will of God.

What would it take to change your life?

Exotic dancer: Well the minute I get my degree I’m done. But I probably will go back some weekends if I’m ever short on cash. Because there’s a few people who do have their career but when times get tough hit the pole…well not literally because we don’t even have a pole in our club it’s a ‘cabaret’ so yeah it’s been a pleasure live love be blessed


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Man murders girl, 16, before she can testify against him for raping her two years ago…and he lured her to her death by posing as a teen on Facebook
Franklin Davis allegedly posed as a teenage boy on Facebook and told Shania Gray he had a crush on her; they agreed to meet
Davis picked Gray up from her Texas school on Thursday, drove her to a secluded park and fatally shot her
Police say Davis killed Gray to stop her testifying against him in his upcoming sexual assault trial
Davis allegedly raped Gray in 2010 when she babysat for his two children; he told her he would kill her if she told anyone, according to the victim’s friends
PUBLISHED: 09:08 EST, 10 September 2012 | UPDATED: 12:16 EST, 10 September 2012
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A man facing charges of raping a teenage girl two years ago murdered the 16-year-old last week so that she could not testify against him in his upcoming sexual assault trial, said police.
Franklin Davis, 30, of Irving, Texas, confessed to shooting dead Shania Gray after he was arrested on unrelated driving offenses on Friday and police began questioning him about the girl’s death.
Davis allegedly raped and sexually assaulted Gray in 2010 when she babysat for his two children. In July 2011, he was charged with four counts of sexual abuse and was released on bail the following month.
On Thursday, after Davis allegedly set up a fake Facebook profile pretending to be a teenage boy in order to lure Gray into seeing him, Davis met up with the schoolgirl, drove her to a remote park and killed her, police said.
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Murdered: Franklin Davis, right, confessed to killing 16-year-old Shania Gray, right. Davis murdered Gray so that she could not testify against him for raping her two years earlier, police said
Using the fake profile, Davis sent the schoolgirl messages saying they had mutual friends and that he had a crush on her. He told her he would stop by her school to say hello on Thursday, Sherry Ramsey, a close friend of the victim’s family, told The Dallas Morning News..

Breakthrough in case of 16-year-old girl found dead in woods after tweeting she had a ‘stalker’ as father says she was ‘afraid’ to ride bus to school
Teenage girl ‘stabs brother to death in fight over cellphone’… after calling 911 to warn she was about to kill him
Around 4pm Thursday, after finishing her second day at a new high school, the 16-year-old believed she was meeting up with her new Facebook friend.
Instead, she was picked up by Davis, who then drove her to the secluded Campion Trails Park in Irving, fatally shot her and dumped her body in a nearby river, according to police.
It is not clear what made Gray get into Davis’ car, whether she was held at gunpoint or if Davis was wearing a disguise, said Ramsey. Gray’s family say she would not have got into Davis’ car willingly.
‘I can only imagine Shania’s face when she got into the car and recognized his face, the fright she felt,’ Ramsey told the paper. ‘That’s the part that haunts me the most.’

Lured to her death: Davis allegedly set up a fake Facebook profile pretending to be a teenage boy and sent Gray messages saying he had a crush on her. He told her he would come say hello to her at her school on Thursday afternoon; that was the last time she was seen alive
The two first met when Gray babysat for Davis’ two children. Davis and his wife were separated but he would sometimes come to the home when Gray was babysitting, reported the Morning News.
After the teenager turned down many babysitting requests, Gray told her grandmother that Davis had raped her. He told Gray at the time of the assaults that he would kill her if she told anyone, Ramsay said.
The family went to the police and, in July 2011, Davis was charged with four counts of sexual assault of a child.
Gray’s family say they did not know of any contact between their daughter and Davis since he allegedly raped and sexually assaulted her.
His trial was scheduled for October 29 and police believe that Davis killed the 16-year-old so that she could not testify against him.
A police investigation was launched after Gray’s family reported the schoolgirl missing on Friday morning.

Starting out: Gray was murdered after her second day at a new high school, Hebron High School in Carrollton

Tragic: Davis drove Gray to a secluded park, shot her and then dumped her body in the Trinity River, according to police
On Saturday afternoon, a body was found in the Trinity River on the border of Irving and Dallas, which was later identified as Gray’s.
Carrollton police had arrested Davis on unrelated traffic offenses on Friday and held him in jail. They then began questioning him about Gray’s death and say he confessed to the murder after her body was found.
Police retrieved the weapon, a 38. Calibre pistol, from a nearby pond. Davis was charged with capital murder on Sunday and is being held at Dallas County Jail. Police believe that no one else was involved with Gray’s murder.
This evening, a vigil is being held for the murdered teenager at John D. Horn High School in Mesquite, Gray’s previous high-school.
Gray was a sports star who competed in three Junior Olympic competitions and played on the basketball team.
She was a straight A student who had a beautiful singing voice, said Ramsay.

High achiever: As well as being a straight A student, Gray was a sports star who competed in three Junior Olympic competitions and played on the basketball team
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Kweku Adoboli invented trades and had an unauthorised slush fund to conceal losses, the court is told

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The moment when bosses at UBS realised the enormity of the crisis created by Kweku Adoboli came at 2.30pm on 14 September last year when an email from the London trader arrived in the inbox of one of its auditors. The subject line read: “An explanation of my trades”.

That anodyne description headed what prosecutors yesterday said was a confession to 30 months of reckless gambling on the markets by the 32-year-old to try to make good snowballing losses that threatened to topple the Swiss bank and were created by his thirst for an ever-increasing bonus.

An hour before his email arrived, Mr Adoboli, a director on UBS’s City trading floor hitherto considered one of its brightest and best, had abruptly left the office leaving a note to say he had an appointment to see a doctor.

The financier was indeed in need of advice. But a jury at Southwark Crown Court in south London heard that it was a lawyer rather than a medic whose counsel Mr Adoboli, of Whitechapel, east London, required.

Over the previous four weeks, the trader had been fielding a series of fraught calls from William Steward, a chartered accountant in UBS’s London headquarters, who was trying to reconcile unbalanced entries and “other oddities” in Mr Adoboli’s accounts on the bank’s “double entry” auditing system.

Initially, just as he had done on numerous occasions before, the eloquent financial whizz successfully offered a convoluted explanation that all was well and his trades in a niche financial product known as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were sufficiently hedged – or counterbalanced by opposite deals of a similar value – to keep UBS and its shareholders safe.

But Mr Steward kept encountering discrepancies and gaps in Mr Adoboli’s records. In particular, on 14 September the trader was unable to offer the names of the “counterparties” or buyers for trades which the accountant could see had exposed UBS to losses of billions of pounds.

Jurors heard yesterday that nearly two and a half years of allegedly fraudulent trading by Mr Adoboli, a system of false accounts, and an unauthorised slush fund said to have been used to conceal potential losses that at one point reached £7.4bn had “crashed like a car hitting a wall at high speed”.

In the opening line of his email, prosecutors said, the trader confessed that the ETF trades – deals in bundles of stocks, bonds or commodities that are traded as a job lot – queried by Mr Steward were a fiction.

He wrote: “Dear Will, it is with great stress that I write this mail. First of all, the ETF trades that you see on the ledger are not trades that I had done with a counterparty as I previously described.”

Over the following paragraphs, the court heard that Mr Adoboli in effect acknowledged he had flouted his bank’s rules and lied to colleagues to conceal losses that eventually amounted to £1.4bn.

The trader, with an apparent slip, concluded: “I take full responsibility for my actions and the stilt [sic] storm that will now ensue. I am deeply sorry to have left this mess for everyone and to have put my bank and my colleagues at risk. Thanks, Kweku.” By the time of his arrest the following day after meetings with UBS managers that lasted until 2.30am, Mr Adoboli’s painstakingly constructed financial fortress of investments outwardly based on shrewd analysis of global events and market behaviour had been revealed to be built on a quicksand of unhedged gambles and contrived deals to cover subsequent losses, the court heard.

The trader, who denies four fraud charges, will claim that his actions, including the formation of a rainy day fund to offset losses, were known about by colleagues and managers, the court heard.

But Sasha Wass QC, prosecuting, said Mr Adoboli had acted alone and conducted himself as a “master fraudster” by using his knowledge of UBS’s “back office” operations to manipulate its accounting system, extending the deadlines for payments, exceeding the daily trading limit of $100m and massaging away losses.

What were supposed to be carefully-controlled investments designed to increase the value of pension funds and other holdings by predicting market movements had turned into open-ended liabilities, the court heard.

Ms Wass said: “In effect, Mr Adoboli was risking the very existence of the bank by gambling its resources ultimately for his own benefit. He had ceased to act as a professional investment banker and had begun to approach his work as a naked gambler. He had become what is sometimes referred to as a rogue trader.”

The well-spoken trader, who was head boy at his English public school and graduated from Nottingham University in 2003 with a degree in e-commerce and business studies, had enjoyed a meteoric rise through the ranks of UBS, which employs 63,500 people worldwide.

After joining as a graduate trainee, he started life in the bank’s “back office” responsible for reconciling the deals carried out by traders.

By 2005, he had moved to the “front office” with the prospect of joining the ranks of the City’s élite, who regularly pick up six-figure bonuses.

His salary that year was £33,000 plus a bonus of £7,500. By 2010, when Mr Adoboli was a director on the ETF desk, his income had increased ten-fold to a £110,000 salary and a £250,000 bonus.

The court heard that the trader’s downfall had begun in October 2008 when he registered a $400,000 loss on a single trade which he explained away with a fictitious matching profitable deal. At the same time he began “off-the-book” deals which led to the formation of what he described as his “umbrella” – a shadow fund which by May last year held tens of millions of pounds.

But the court heard the umbrella ultimately could do nothing to withhold the storm that hit Mr Adoboli and UBS a year ago. Ms Wass said the trader’s motivation had been simple: “He did this to increase not only the profit of the bank and, more importantly, the bonus he hoped to receive.

“When you put your life savings in a pension fund, you do not expect an investment banker to gamble it on the toss of a coin.”

A slush fund was used to conceal losses that at one time amounted to £7.4bn, the court heard

Double your losses: The ‘martingale’

Behind the losses attributed by prosecutors to Kweku Adoboli lay a gambling mindset known as the “martingale”, the court heard.

The principle behind the gambling system is simple and – provided its user’s funds are limitless – cannot fail on any two-way bet. It involves the gambler doubling his or her bet after each loss on the basis that eventually their luck will change.

For example, if a £100 bet on the toss of a coin resulting in heads is lost, the gambler simply places a £200 bet on heads and so on. Logically, heads will eventually turn up and all losses will be made good.

But in the words of Sasha Wass QC yesterday: “The trouble is that ‘eventually’ can be a long time coming.”

The court heard that the deals and trades made by Mr Adoboli were considerably more complex than a straight martingale system but he had been sucked into a gambler’s mindset and “started throwing good money after bad”.

Ms Wass added: “It takes very deep pockets to continue to run such a system: pockets the size of the UBS bank. It is these pockets, these resources that Mr Adoboli was using to back his bets.”

The explosive email in full: ‘I have left the office for the sake of discretion’

This is the text of the “bombshell email” that Kweku Adoboli sent to William Steward, a chartered accountant at UBS, after allegedly causing the Swiss bank to lose £1.4bn.

Dear Will,

It is with great stress that I write this mail. First of all the ETF [exchange-traded funds] trades that you see on the ledger are not trades that I have done with a counterparty as I previously described.

I used the bookings as a way to suppress the PnL [profit and loss] losses that I have accrued through off-book trades that I made. Those trades were previously profit making, became loss making as the market sold off aggressively though the aggressive sell-off days of July and early August.

Initially, I had been short futures through June and those lost money when the first Greek confidence vote went through in mid-June. In order to try and make the money back I flipped the trade long through the rally.

Although I had a couple of opportunities to unwind the long trade for a negligible loss, I did not move quickly enough for the market weakness on the back of the first back macro data and then an escalation Eurozone crisis cost me the losses you will see when the ETF bookings are cancelled. The aim had been to try and make the money back before the September expiry date came through but I clearly failed.

I have now left the office for the sake of discretion. I will need to come back in to discuss the positions and explain face to face, but for reasons that are obvious, I did not think it wise to stay on the desk this afternoon. I will expect that questions will be asked as to why nobody else was aware of these trades. The reality is that I have always maintained that these were EFP [exchange for physical] trades to the member of my team, BUC, trade support and John Di Bacco [Adoboli’s manager].

I take full responsibility for my actions and the stilt storm that will now ensue. I am deeply sorry to have left this mess for everyone and to have put my bank and my colleagues at risk.

Thanks, Kweku



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