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24 Responses to DO FOR LOVE



  • Omg says:

    I love ishawna ……best song and video I have seen her done

  • i love her voice!

  • NAME says:


  • Anonymous says:

    @name hes a dancehall artist lol

  • Here I go again. Very pretty girl, but singing – I don’t think so. She can’t even hold the notes for a song weh she a copy. The other one him a talk bout him naw get notoriorty cause him no inna high camp. No the white man weh a mine the other magar gal weh claim she a singer camp him inna. Poor Mr. Palmer, as much as him sick drankow stomach nobody can’t tek it from him seh him very talented.

    Why everybody a Jamaica feel seh from them seh them want do something them fi be labeled as talented.

    Mi naw knock nobody hustle to each man his own but mi naw buy it. A man will get payed more in the long run if him tek time out to know himself and find something worthwhile to do with life than just to say oh me a do this cause money inna it.

    Look pan Met I bet Met never did know she woulda grow up to be number one suss blogger of all time, but she never follow nobody thing she wait it out. Mi wi gwaan wait out than jump inna weh a no me.

    The two a them need fi go read a book.

  • Met says:

    talkditings u did talk di tings I was talking to his people this morning n said the same…ishawna I must say is better than nuff but specialist I will hold a meds wid one day..if u a do u thing do it..dont pre who a do …as u seh when me did start mi do mi ting mi neva follow nor watch and still dont the reason why it is called talent a because it is universal and everybody have it in their own way…u nuh haffi falla a next man fi show urs just do u

  • Met says:

    and u dont need no help fi rise…if u fi rise u will

  • Met same so. A one true thing me hear Lisa Hype talk one time when Ragga ask her is she a plan fi do anything else except dj and Lisa seh yes me have something else in store but me naw seh a wah cause you know Jamaican people as you seh you a do something them seh them a go do it to.

    And me find that shit so rass true. And some of them all have the audacity a tell you well if you do it them no must can do it to. Which that part not even bothersome so much but a when them down inna you back a ask and watch bout weh yu a do fi get advice.

    Jamaicans must stop the copycat bullshit and start think weh them as a individual have to offer to the themselves, their family, their country and to the world.

  • Met says:

    talkditings and when dem falla and doe get no result a problem eno :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    i like the song him and spice do it better than dis

  • The song GOOD … I like this remake of the original … I like Specialist vibe & the way he NOW DJ or in this song .. Than the annoying Phone card song .. The song was not bad it was just his voice I did not like in PHONE CARD PHONE CARD .. but it buss him…..

    The Girl Ishawna or whatever .. no sound as bad as how them people putting it … her voice is distinctive and strong .. sound like she got some voice training … no sound bad at all ….

    The video well made and editing on point … but still kinda CORNY … with all dem hopping around !!!… I never like … and that RED & WHITE nightie thingy deh … never ready .. well only fi her breastes DEM … DEM JUST BUMP UP SO … made the rest of her not up to par wid dem titties …

    Overall I like the song I would love to hear it in a juggling and as a Radio Hit… and jus write off the Video as Good Listening, Humorous, Playful & Cute …


  • dd says:

    i like spice an him song better

  • Met says:


  • MET .. Why yu calling out mi Name ????


  • Qpick says:

    i like it,,,nice floor…

  • Anonymous says:

    still can encourage ishawna to get braces.

  • Anonymous says:

    ishawna needs braces

  • FREEDOM says:


  • sett gud says:

    mi ago check back wen mi hav sum fuck fi give

  • nice says:

    i really like it…very nice!!!

  • Him sound like Busy Signal…..she sound annoying, leg dem mark-up, could do with some body-makeup. Boob job obvious!!!!!!

  • Ishawna should stop singing cause she really can’t sing or dance. She is really trying so hard to buss de music business but she should just stop now poor ting .

  • TALK MI MIND says:

    no met it too early ina d mawning eno tell mi somethime why ishawna haffi long out r tongue so wen shi a say the word LOVE? eh lol shi tink a foota hype buddy deh near r mouth shi a long out r tongue so

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