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– “A woman’s loyalty is tested when a man has nothing….but a man’s loyalty to his wife is tested when he has everything…”

An elderly man at Sirwa village is counting his loss and his family thanking lady luck for keeping him alive. The man left his wife after he received his pension and married off a young petite girl who ended up conning him.
The man had been struggling in his tea plantation after he left work in one of the companies in Kericho. The man went from office to office, town to town seeking his benefits and fortunately a week ago he received his benefits in bulk.
The man left his wife and eloped with a girl in her 20s to Chavakali town amid his wife’s plea that he uses the money to start a small business which will help them in their old age.
The man moved into a lodging at the town and made merry with his new wife. On one of their honey mooning days the man went in search of breakfast for his new bride. Unfortunately when he returned to the hotel room he did not find the young girl though her mobile phone and Sh. 200 lay on the table.
Relieved he lay on the bed waiting for his new bride but hours passed raising his suspicions and on checking for his cash which he had kept in a bag he did not find it but rather found a note telling him to use the Sh. 200 as transport home as she had left.
Shocked by the strange twist the man used the money to buy rat-and-rat poison and made his final call bidding his wife of many years good bye and told her to pick his body at the hotel room.
The man’s wife rushed to the hotel and made it in time to find him before he breathed his last. He was rushed to hospital where he was detoxified and is now recovering at his home.

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