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        • Jamaicangroupie Met

          Do you understand what is being said by us? We dont claim to be from a small nation, we are! If your dignity can be lost only through speech I suggest you do not speak. Our language is colorful and what you have encountered are its wonderfu

          l colors. Art , in it’s purest form cannot be appreciated by everyone. I understand that but , do allow my people to speak, you are not from our nation, not related to Usain Bolt so please do not speak for him. Goodnight
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        • Angus Mo damn, somebody run in
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        • Jamaicangroupie Met Because we are from a small nation our dignity is concise and compact…better yet it is found in silence. You must be smoking. I suggest you purchase some dictaion on Jamaica, we do not go down quietly. You have spoken about both athletes greatness and instead of addressing Carl Lewis on what he said, you have taken it upon yourself to reprimand a whole nation. You are so full of nerve its not even funny. We cannot make other countries proud, because we are our own patriots. Be proud of your own country, that is what patriotism is all about. Did you suggest that Facebook stop these comments? I hope that is not what you suggested, let me say this, while Facebook lets the (YOU) down, if you are a skilled creature with muti-tasking in your pocket…I would suggest you find the plaster for the leaking wound Carl Lewis has and a cork for the garbage spewing from his mouth. After this , you can rest easy and leave Jamaica’s dignity to Jamaicans
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        • Jeniele Campbell I believe that’s checkmate! Well said Jamaicangroupie. :) Ros Trimble-roper, Wipe your mouth there’s a piece of bullshit still leftover.
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        • Ros Trimble-Roper Not at all, I am saying that there is no need to curse at someone’s mother!! It is just not necessary. Usain himself spoke about Carl’s comments and he did so without swearing or using any colorful art. We were all cheering for Jamaica, not just one country. You should all be proud of their achievements and focus on the positives that will come from such a great sprinting performance.
          12 hours ago · 
        • Jamaicangroupie Met

          Tell Carl Lewis to be proud of someone’s achievements and not jus us. I don’t know where you are from but if you step out of yourself and try to lie on someone , disrespecting their God given talent, then you are already disespecting your v

          ery own mother. The majority are just reiterating the concept. Our curse words are not swear words, to swear is to commit blasphemy. We are cursing him sure, curse words included, what else did you expect to see? You don’t have to cheer for Jamaica, there is a competition going on you can do your own country a favor at this time…and be patriotic to your own country. There are enough Jamaicans to cheer for Jamaica at this time..don’t do us that favor. Especially if you cannot be fair. I am not proud of Carl Lewis’ achievement because it did not affect me one way or the other. Usain, Yohan, and all the other Jamaicans that have done Jamaica proud I will lift my hat to. Don’t spare us any cheers, we are cheerful enough…hence the colorful language ..
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        • Röwläñd Säñtäñä Bic Çluñis We nuh care a bumboclaa. A WEEEEE RUN DIS!
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        • Keisha Bless carl lewis expressed to us jamaicans what most of us knew all along…THAT MOST AMERICANS ARE ARROGANT INDIVIDUALS…the world begins and ends with them…get outta here with that…there’s a more fascinating world out there…bless
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        • Tanisha Skeen Well said my peeps, well said. Jamaica Land we love.
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        • Vanessa Mo’Nique Williams I’ve never been prouder to be Jamaican. Respect to all my country men
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Therese loses job in Geneva
John Sandy tipped to take up post

By Renuka Singh

Trinidad and Tobago’s Ambassador to the United Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland, Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, has been recalled from the post.
A statement yesterday from Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Dookeran stated that her “tour of duty” will come to an end in September and “she has been recalled to headquarters”.
This was also confirmed by Minister of Communications Jamal Mohammed at yesterday’s post-Cabinet press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair.
Mohammed said that Baptiste-Cornelis will be meeting with Dookeran on September 3.
The Foreign Affairs Ministry statement did not refer to Baptiste-Cornelis’s much-criticised lecture which she delivered in June in Geneva on the topic of cultural diversity.
The lecture was uploaded to YouTube on June 28 and attracted a storm of criticism on social networking sites over some of Baptiste-Cornelis’s statements.
Baptiste-Cornelis, a former health minister who was removed after a Cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, was appointed as ambassador in August last year.
Her speech was also criticised by the opposition People’s National Movement.
When the Express called Baptiste-Cornelis’s international phone number yesterday, a man answered and asked who was attempting to contact her.
Told it was the Express, he responded that Baptiste-Cornelis was “not available”.
He said he would not answer any questions about her being recalled and terminated the phone call when asked for his name.
The phone was subsequently switched off.
Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday likened her appointment to that of Reshmi Ramnarine to the post of director of the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) in 2011.
“It is in a similar vein,” Rowley said in a telephone interview yesterday shortly after the announcement. “But I am not surprised, I expected it.”
Rowley said Baptiste-Cornelis got her initial appointment as Minister of Health because she taught Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
“And she got the ambassadorship in the same vein. The Prime Minister has to be held accountable,” he said.
He said this was just more proof that Persad-Bissessar has made errors in appointments, saying former minister of planning Mary King was another example.
“They are reacting to sustained public outcry, which is what led to the removal,” Rowley said.
Rowley said more information was also needed on the resignations of both former commissioner of police Dwayne Gibbs and his deputy Jack Ewatski two weeks ago.
He said the Government was not answering questions on important issues, saying now even Dookeran has taken to making announcements where they cannot be questioned.
“(The) Congress of the People is doing worse, because they promised to do better. All COP has done is take the people votes and give it to the UNC,” he said.
A Government source yesterday disclosed that former minister of national security John Sandy was listed for an ambassadorship and hinted that he may replace Baptiste-Cornelis.
The source said this had been decided since the June 25 Cabinet reshuffle.



Good evening and Good morning JGM
Met mi a beg yah fi post dis yah.. some mudda’s need fi gwen different inna life mon and stop deh labba life style. Mudda Juan ago ah road and theif ah day time and sleep pon fi har John crow daughter floor ah night. Mudda Juan al a theif with har pincey inna Family Dollar Store and Walgreens. If shi nah change mi sorry fi har.

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Is that a BALD PATCH on Naomi Campbell’s head? It looks like the oft-angry supermodel is the victim of hair extensions gone wrong, experts say.
Supermodel showed off her great body – and shocking hairline – on vacation in Ibiza


Naomi Campbell looked far from super this week, revealing a dramatic bald patch on her head while vacationing in Ibiza.

The supermodel, 42, looked stunning as always in a skimpy bikini, but it was hard to look at anything but her hair — or lack of it.

The normally gorgeous Campbell’s flowing mane started several inches behind her hairline, giving her a sickly appearance.


“It’s hideous, what did she do? It looks really bad! ” Beverly Hills stylist Kazumi Morton told

From the looks of it, her hair nightmare is a case of traction alopecia, a kind of temporary baldness caused by the persistent pulling of hair extensions over time.

It’s likely the result of Campbell’s decades-long use of hair extensions, which have given her a luscious, shiny head of hair throughout her modeling career.

“Whoever put the extensions in, they put them way too close,” Morton said. “They are way too close to the scalp as well, they need to be at least a half inch away.”


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LONDON – No respect … that’s what Usain Bolt has for Carl Lewis.
The reigning 100- and 200-meter Olympic gold medalist blasted Lewis in his press conference Thursday, ripping the former U.S. champion for remarks Lewis has made about the Jamaican team and doping in track.
“I’m going to say something controversial. Carl Lewis – I have no respect for him,” Bolt said. “The things he says about the track athletes are very downgrading. I think he’s just looking for attention, because nobody really talks about him. I’ve lost all respect for him. All respect.”
[Video: Usain Bolt blasts his way into history]
Asked why he had such a negative opinion of Lewis, Bolt cited remarks by the five-time U.S. Olympian.
“All the drug stuff,”Bolt said. “For an athlete to be out of the sport and to be saying that is really upsetting.”
Earlier in the same press conference, a U.S. reporter began to ask Bolt a doping question about the Jamaican track team and erroneously referred to it as “the Jamaican drug team.” The reporter then quickly corrected himself and asked if the public could believe the Jamaicans were a clean team.
“Without a doubt,” Bolt said, gesturing to his teammates Yohan Blake and Warren Weir, who captured silver and bronze in Thursday’s 200 meters. “These guys train hard.”
At one point during the press conference – before his remarks about Lewis – Bolt was asked who he would rather be if he had the choice, Lewis or Jesse Owens. Bolt said Owens, remarking that he had a great deal of respect for the U.S. Olympic icon.

Lewis has been consistently critical with his questions about the current state of track and field as well as the dominance of the Jamaicans. Less than one month after Bolt set world records in the 100 and 200 meters in Beijing, the nine-time Olympic gold medalist didn’t hide his suspicions in an interview with London’s Daily Telegraph.
“No one is accusing anyone,” Lewis told the Telegraph. “But don’t live by a different rule and expect the same kind of respect. They [Jamaican track officials] say, ‘Oh, we’ve been great for the sport.’ No, you have not. No country has had that kind of dominance. I’m not saying they’ve done anything for certain. I don’t know. But how dare anybody feel that there shouldn’t be scrutiny, especially in our sport?
[ Related: Usain Bolt to get tryout with Manchester United after Olympics ]
“The reality is that if I were running now, and had the performances I had in my past, I would expect [doping critics] to say something. I wouldn’t even be offended at the question. So when people ask me about Bolt, I say he could be the greatest athlete of all time. But for someone to run 10.03 one year and 9.69 the next, if you don’t question that in a sport that has the reputation it has right now, you’re a fool. Period.”
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