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57 Responses to HAYYYY USAIN U LAWGE


  • LONG TIMER says:


  • Peachy says:

    Get rich; but please don’t switch. Thank you

  • sweet says:


  • Paris wants to become relevant again…..suh she use top a top man Usain fi boost up har name again

  • I hope he find a nice Jamaican black girl and don’t go down like all these famous black man that go to white girls when they get rich.

  • Anonymous says:

    Big up Usain!!!

  • Belly Bang says:

    da gal yah salt, i hope him nuh do nothing more than take the pic.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Hmmmm not a word nopes :shutup:

  • CHINA DOLL says:

    BOLT .try move from side a paris and a hope yu no put yu charlie inna har salt hole me wouda sorry fi .yu plus she no like black man ohh :mewek2

  • EYN 7:48 am I’ve been thinking the same thing. I hope he finds himself a nice black girl. Look at Evelyn and Chad just married 1 month and lost so much. Didn’t Evelyn know he was abusive before she married him.

  • WONDERING? says:


  • WONDERING? says:


  • You know say mi know that whoring paris hilton would a find him… Paris nuh come salt him up oooooooooo… Big up yourself The LEGEND………

  • I love Bolt but I hope him nuh get mix up with some ppl cause some a we when we have money we nuh tink normal just sayin

  • She a look a hype yes.. A so most a the celeb a tweet bout him and a chat shit bout fi look a hype such as Bruce Jenner… So me know Usain large and i want you keep you self a Europe caws america will bad mind u and mash u down.. Example tiger woods….

  • Bolt is not fool him come from strong family background.. Him manager nuh fool either.. Never know a so money and respect him have world wide… Him manger , coach, parents and close friends very protective of him… Money and fame wont get the best of him… Unuh see how him handle the 80,000 fans in the stadium and the 2 billion ppl wey watch pon tv? Him is a sprinter and a showman …. Hypeness fameness and him nuff money wont bring him down… Thats why Piers Morgan, Richard Branson, Prince Harry, Prince William, Sir Alex Ferguson , Mickey Rourke and many more love him soo …

  • she has herpes
    hope he didn’t smash her
    bumps gonna appear on his little usain in 2 weeks.

  • Paris sey relavant by any means..ah one big big racist dat, smh

  • Razzz a longtime picture this…. This a from bout 2009…

  • SERENITY says:

    ded @the last line^__________________________________

  • HIGHCLASS says:

    Bolt been large, that Likkle ditty gyal ah hurt the man image ,, bolt need fi duck sum ah dem gyal yah whe wahh tek pitcha ..cho…

  • Nuh worry nuttin nuh more dan ah pic them took..she dont date black men #facts

  • DivaNista says:

    Bolt she deh pon valtrex feh Herpes. Becareful yout.

  • if i was bolt, i marry a rich white gyal
    i hate Jamaican women
    they rather wear pretty clothes, attend parties and hype on other Jamaican women then cook & fuck & suck properly.

  • oh lawd says:

    @EYN 9:21am Your soooo Raw. Im a great jamaican woman but i rarely cook…big up to eating out @ resteraunts. And mi hubby luv mi like cook food. So whats ur point??

  • oh lawd says:

    Sound like you need a maid not a wife

  • @EYN:9:21am, a which Jamaican women you are referring to??? I am a Jamaican and I do not go to dancehall and I do not hype. I am married with two kids and a great job. You should refrain from making such blanket statements about Jamaican women. Not all Jamaican are like the little riff raffs that you are used to…thank you very much!

  • @ Diva you have to work closely with her entourage or medical staff to know that personal info; yuh mout very [email protected] eyn 9:21, ok ._.

  • Qpick says:

    morning met….sir bolt, u looking good.

  • zippy says:

    Big up Starry Bolt yuh ting slap whey! I love to see our local Jamaican celebrities inna dem high life deh. I hope him bring a plane load a dem hollywood rich whoring gal deh dung ya, suh we can get some uncle sam money outta dem. Fiction soon dem up even more when bolt hollywood friends straight drop een. As per paris won’t fuck black man, Yankee Blackman and Jamaican blackman different.

  • Dwrl says:

    @9:21 too bad you’re NOT bolt
    Hope the Jamaican gal weh you hate
    Take every dime you have buy pretty clothes
    Cook you a dose a rat poison
    Cut off you little cocky , stuff it in your mouth
    Make you suck it properly yourself
    Fucking renk

  • CHINA DOLL says:

    9;21 what is it that jamaican woman did to you that u hate us .so much pussyhole yu muss is a batty bloodclattt man but thank god for bolt good strong family values that was instill in him so him naw,go run off wid no dutty white bitch if yu no have money white gal no look pon yu plus every white man who have .money and tekk u white gal get fuck perfect example oj simpson ,,,yow da batty scoota ya piss me off bad so that mean seh jamaica woman must not fix up dem self den thank god we can at lease do someting good stop put yu bloodclatt batty ova de counter nastyness how yu fi expect jamaica woman fi want yu we .no fuck battyman yu have a right fi hate we cause a ass yu .born outa

  • No Joke says:

    Good mawnin …. Usain do yuh ting …

  • EYN 9:21..wat a way wi burnzzzz u..CUM SUCK WI..and in that order!!

  • when dis pic surface last week on another site di ppl dem desecrate paris to the max mi feel shame fi her. anyway she look good in this pic wid her fake smile as usual . Bolt big up yourself & may God guide your path & continue to bless you & your family

  • Yuh kno seh I don’t think eyn 9:21 is a man..I think is a dutty badmind gal weh nuh come from JA, cause if is really a man, him Batty a use or a Jamaican woman Shit inna him mout an him tongue flush it dats y a bay shit a come outta him

  • eyecandy says:

    I love being Jamaican:)

  • Anonymous says:

    @9.21 I am a 26yo JAMAICAN female I have never been to a dancehall before i enjoy fine dining, travelling and going small get together with my boyfriend and daughter. I have my own apartment and i also have a damn good job. I’ve been working hard since i was 16 and im sure that makes me an independent jamaican woman.

  • says:

    Is this the same bitch who said she’s not attracted to BLACK GUYS????

  • ummmm first of all Bolt isn’t attracted to skinny bitches, he likes thickness, ass and all the positive attributes of a BLACK WOMAN. will he fuck some white pussy?? of course, will he marry one?? based on what i know about him, and what he’s attracted to, i doubt it. didnt he have a child the other day? i heard some rumour abt that (not quite sure) but one thing i do know, bolt aint no fool, him get more pussy dan panty and only have one child so far (if its true). my opinion is that the jamaican hater is indeed a woman but c’mon ladies, dont blame her, if i were her i’d hate us too. i mean whats not to hate????????? *scoffs* #cockshit abayyyyyyy

  • #CockyShit (typo)

  • says:

    The headlines read “baby bolts on the way” meaning parents were naming their kids after usain bolt. It will taking nothing at all for paris to say he “touched” me, then his world could come crashing down, usain watch yuself yute!!

  • sweet says:


  • BABYGIRL says:

    Did the douche up top really seh him hate J’CAN women, I bet a dem hate yuh first, idiat man gyal. Yuh fi learn fi cook, clean and suck yuh owna cock suh yuh wont need a live in helper…fuckin fiesty and brite…..KMFT!!!

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Birds of a feather flock together, suh it says alot about you as a person and what you are attracted to, than it said about the blatant ignorant statement you made about Jamaican women on a whole…..dumbfuck#

  • Lundun says:

    enya 9:21 a look knowings, and mi refuse to give dem any

  • Goodso says:

    Dem just a tek a pic…hope fr wat I heard nuh like black men..ik it was kim k now..she leggi dat pon him longtime…a black man she seh straight..

  • He dnt need a Jamaican girl all dem care bout a money the Jamaican girl will ruin his career…. Keep di white one u step up inna life now Jamaican gyal a lok a cum up…

  • old picture dat from david letterman show circa 2009, backstage green room.

  • eyn 1:04 is a jamaican woman birth him, and he said so out of his mouth he is a momma’s boy to the end, that means a jamaican woman him love. so your attempt at riling up the metters is futile. go one side now man you well annoying.

  • kelly says:

    1:04 have u ever hear of a jamaican woman mash up anyone career yu ever hear seh jamaica woman tell lie seh any celebrity rape dem or put the man a jail fi no reason or marry the rass man fi him money den divorce him …let me tell yu someting your wish his not going to happen yu realy think seh bolt ago left good good jamaica woman go look nasty crawny white gal if yu neva no every woman love money him a stay right a jamaica wid him black jamaica woman how yu feel bout dat ,now eat hog shit a bayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • DivaNista says:

    @9:48 so looking out feh Bolt one of our national heros make me mout lite? A common knowledge bout Paris Herpes and the valtrex is a fact when TMZ or one ah dem have pics of her exiting a pharmacy wid the bottle couple years back At the time she did popular and have a sex tape. I’d you think a lie go check and ask the blogger Michal K

  • Stale news says:

    LMAO at the comments.. Only a duppy bat hater like that poster will badmind Jamaican women..And is how him so bad lucked fi meet a girl dat bring him such sorrows lol..To all the people weh a class and place paris private area unu stop it cuz unu private area mite inna worse condition.. And is just a picture ppl…

  • Sparkle says:

    Usain RUN Faster from that salt woman, than you did in the 100m. She’s looking hype because she said it herself that she does not like black men they are “gross”

  • Bliss says:

    She is a dirty little slapper with no talent. If he smashed her, it is unfortunate, but I would not dislike him.

    He is a Super Star, I hope he makes Millions of $ in commercial contracts.

    I hope to see him around LA more.

  • Jerine says:

    dah pic a fr long long time still. roun 09 when him did deh on letter man an she was on di show also

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