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Coronation Market vendors block Spanish Town Road
BY KIMMO MATTHEWS Observer staff reporter [email protected]
Friday, August 10, 2012

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Vendors today blocked sections of Spanish Town Road close to Coronation Market over what they claim is deplorable conditions at the facility.
“A pure sewage a run to where we selling we goods, nobody not coming here to buy because of the condition,” Patsy, one of several vendors told the Jamaica Observer.??
The vendors claimed that despite several calls to the authorities for a solution they are yet to get a response.
“We a try hustle something for back-to-school but the problem at the market is making things hard, we also fear the sewage may cause health issues,” another concerned vendor commented.
The vendors used debris from the market to block a section of the road.

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8 Responses to ALL NOW CURRY NUH FIX?

  • SERENITY says:

    Such a damn shame….. smady plz do sumting bout dat….anybady that has the powers that is……

    On a next note,dem fix tg yet?

    Metty did Mr Johnson get back his children yet? Wha else pon di agenda fi helping poor people?

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Come on now man!!! Ah slackness dis, please do someting bout di mawkit

    Mi memba mi curry days enuh, early tursdeh mawning time…..nuff fresh fruits n veggies

  • Belly Bang says:

    Before there is panic and ting, dem rectify the issue, as per the news bout Thursday/Friday. Mi ah head down there this morning for mi little hustlings.

    Yuh have the part that Digicel fix up after the Republic of Tivoli did bun it down flat. Dat part nice. Then yuh have the part beside it weh mi nuh know wat dem up to in deh, cause ah hog sty dat.

  • Tropical says:

    This is utter Madness & typical of Jamaican Government Ministers they got there seat in the house now so who gives a fuck bout the poor who is suffering it’s a disgrace man . Who ever is responsible for that part of kingston needs to step up & fix it cause ja gorverment love tax di people dem.fix up di
    flipping place, the worse part of it is they the vendors have to pay for the spots that they sell from, someone correct me if I am wrong cause I don’t live in JA. But I am most certain they pay for the spot in curry. Dem politians yah nuh easy @ all. I feel it for the vendors worst in the bl to school rush.

  • SERENITY says:

    LOL,NO SAHHHHHHHHHHHH…..belly say Republic of Tivoli_____________________________________________________________________

  • soap opera says:

    no man, me down de april n see internet cafe n things, maybe is a different part.

  • OBSERVER says:

    Mi juss a cum frahm deh an it well decorative suh mi nuh noe weh dis

  • Tahjaneek says:

    The vendor dem nasty to yuh see!! dem bend down and piss inna the market! see dat wid mi two big eye dem!! Not the part weh Digicel fix up though!

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