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22 Responses to WE MISSED THIS

  • This is a mans world….

    Wah di fuk….dem neva know wah time dem did a guh pan stage before….

    Mi nuh hear nun a di patron dem say dem did miss Stacious or Tifa (or even Spice)

    …afterall is said an done….mi woulda fuk Stacious though, what a gyal stay nice…jah know… :):)

  • Met says:

    stacious seh she have songs :tkp

  • Jus memba say a Ninja fus married to woman from Switzerland……when Tifa a Stacious married to a man from Switzerland then dem can come talk bout Sumfest line up…


  • i hate black men who marry white women

  • Di man say grace a dancehall rapunzel..mi badyyyyyyy

  • Spice shoulda glad say har name a get call inna Sumfest much less fi she even get fi perform….afterall, she nuh notice say Twins of Twins neva suh fortunate??….lol

  • EYN 4:18. Do you also hate black women who marry white men? ..And why would you hate? You dont think there is someone out there for you?

  • southy says:

    Which song dem sing and wah level a stardom dem reach so dats dem a come demand equal pay and prime time slot? Dem head swell..if dem two girl de nuh de pon de show anybody ago miss dem? Uuno a filler..kill time before real artiste come up.uuno shoulda glad

  • Cc says:

    Stacious weh yuh mean bout nuh water nuh inna yuh tent??? Yuh lucky yuh get a tent yuh shudnt even b on di show nobody knows you, it seem like yuh nuh waa creep b4 yuh walk

  • Yep! says:

    Ninja Man________________________________________________________

  • sweet says:


  • Met says:

    bout him nuh too move when him deh pan stage..a whey all a dem deh come fram?

  • simplicity says:

    ninja man is sumtin else lol

  • Bwoy di comments dem kinda harsh fi di ooman dj dem still I mean weh wrong wid weh dem a seh dem obviously important cah dem deh pan di show and wid di talking from tommy lee di nigga come from country suh weh unnuh expect

  • A that a some a dem artists yah problem everybody want shine at the same time not because dem get a chance fi go stand up pon stage mean dem a star some a dem a moon that’s why dem go on eary fi go warm up the crowd spice should a name madosa the other 2 wey a complain not even fi go dance go go and si how famous dem get and ninja man wife from germany was black mi goan



  • eternal says:

    I’ve only heard 1 song frm stacious alone n can’t remember the name. tifa foolish spelling like only she 1 can spell. don’t nobody wanna hear that shit. i almost gave her credit for bubble like soup til i realize its timbalee sing it…. sing song ppl kno first and not shit u featured on before u can bad ppl up… lucky u was even allowed to warm up for the better artist

  • wtf unu do and a run of unu mouth ironic thing is a mostly woman a tear down de woman em em have a pointinstead of building up 2 female dj unu a tear down

  • stranga says:

    Blow wow! The woman dem talk up the things,and defend dem points. Why some ppl a put them down so? Honestly,i think they had good explanations to back up what they are talking bout. Yes,dem haffi creep before dem can walk! Thats what they are doing now. Support them,and allow them to grow. I am a man,and can’t believe how vicious some of the comments these women are making against other women,when the women are addressing things that are obvious.

  • stranga says:

    Case in point,u have a man who unno seh unno caan understand a word he was saying. Yet he was invited,and given prime spot. Worst,unno barely commented on him. But the two young ladies who felt slighted,and made a good argument as to why they felt that way,were vilified by mostly women. Still scratching my head!

  • goodas says:

    a wha happen to them D-list dancehall artist yah…ninja man and stacious have any hit song a road????

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