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  • Original Goodas says:

    powww princessblack give it to dem 2 fools nicely…dwl

  • kizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy a hope u r the one that you want

  • typo *He

  • F. Cookie says:

    Why that ugly gal Kizzy dont STFU! Cho man..

    Mi nah mek no bruk pocket boy gimme bun! no SIR!! lol

  • Saucy Baby says:

    Oh God tek time with Kizzy, I am always begging for har. Look here what is Johnny bringing to the table Kizzy? At least Mimi get a share in the business wha tyou get? KMFT! Big up to Princessblack! Real talk that….

  • The problem with most women in these types of situation is a self esteem problem and also some dont have any independence. Once they become independent and build up their self esteem, they can kick these trifling ass men to the curb or demand better

  • ladyWoW says:

    really dolly from dat show u get him wan him babymotha. u nuh get seh di man nuh wan nobody he is a selfish bastard and as him find a next hole him gone guh plow. him nuh wan di babymotha, him just nuh wan she have nobody else

    Princessblack -well said.

  • Those mo’fukkers (men)just believe the world revolves around them..they are selfish arrogant liars cheaters disgusting nasty pathetic set. They ruin alot of women’s life mentally & emotionally..but ladies never settle for less if they can’t treat you right it makes no sense. Love yourself enough to let them go you’re just wasting time waiting for these bastards to change..keep it moving.

  • Kizzy living in lala land, she so sure she is that one woman fe John John, what a day when de fish scale drop offa har eyes and she realize how she waste har entire life pon Mr. community cocky, there shall be wailing and nashing of teeth I tell ya!!!

  • style she ah style the youth she left
    thats why we f–k & duck these hoes
    they dont deserve good men like us.

  • Anna says:

    Princessblack give dem de right answer 2 dummies, and me nah know why kizzy doan go and change de needle pun she sewing machine and mek sure nobaddy nah pick de lock she tink she have on john john cocky, smh

  • No Joke says:

    Princess Black unfriend or unfollow these delusional BITCHS…..Cause a you alone respond realistically and have sense.

  • J.C frenny says:

    Dolly is just a fool Buju don’t want far Neil pearl neva wanted her she’s just trying to fit in where ever she can and dat bwoy Buju deh amount a shit him tell Jody bout dolly him shoulda shame Fi sleep back with her.. Him call a chat say dolly breathe always stink like she just suck hood and a him have the lil boy from summer start she only want call & check in.. Buju a idiot she gwan find anther Nigga she think can support har plastic body

  • I tell you what, did she not know being that she is in dancehall Neil’s business? Did she really believe that she was going to be his only one? Lmao! Realistically speaking this guy has a reputation as bad as Stevie J’s, he has children who he doesn’t acknowledge, actually Stebie lol actually said he has five so maybe not in that area, and is allegedly gay, he has never kept anyone of the hot gyal dem he used to mess with from back in the day. She fooled herself and whatever he is dishing to her now is her fault, I’m sure she heard things about him enough to be iffy. By the way he was at tracks last Thursday accompanied by a young lady and Dolly child it wasn’t you.

  • Good Night Met and Metters,

    @ No Joke 7:07 Hi, Princess Black doesn’t have to unfriend or unfollow them. As soon as they see somebody talking sense they’ll accuse them of being haters, badmind, jealous, want their “man” etc… and will unfriend them first.

    Princess Black is probably the only real friend they have, but not for long lol.

  • lol that was me at 9:07

  • or it will be once it posts :ngacir:

  • Many gal figet or neva hear sey “Pickney nah hol man”! Stevie J want him baby madda? which part? MBBCWFCs!

  • :ngakak stevie dont want anyone not even his babymother unno stupid or unno naw watch the show DOLLY are u saying duju is like stevie but at the end of the day he wants you :cd buju fine white woman DOLLY,STOP makeing a ediot of yourself go fine a noice good man who is not .in dancehall kizzy :hoax2 i have nothing to say about u cause yu blind,deaf,

  • LMFAO This is hillarious bcuz Princess black n Neil fucking what a gyal fi stalk har mate dem. April Black yuh need help my girl. Suh Dolly yuh dat fool fool fi tink a you 1 Neil a fuck,si yuh mate a comment pon yuh stat yuh living in denial Neil naa change fi you or nobody

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