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“Before I joined the church of Satan, I sacrificed a baby, I drank blood and so many other things, which I shouldn’t have done. I also sold myself to the devil for fifty years.”
This confession summed up the story of a 29 year old businessman who in his quest to be rich joined four occult groups where he committed the worst of abominations.
At 21, Steven Kofi (not real name) from West coast in Ghana, began his journey into the occult world by joining the church of Satan international before going deeper to join others such as the score and bone cult, region of doom and free mercy debunked all in his bid to make wealth.

A once vibrant man with wife and a child along with a prospering oil business had to abdicate his matrimonial responsibility to his wife for eight (8) years after sacrificing his manhood as a condition for wealth.
Faced with the threat of death after being given a 49 day ultimatum to live, the Ghanaian ran after God and recently got a relief in Lagos during the Lord’s Chosen Church programme, “Time To Recover All” where Saturday Sun had an encounter with him.
How did he join such groups at an early stage in life? “The story started in my final year at the university of Ghana, I was studying oil and gas engineering, I got my master degree in oil and gas engineering. At the final year, things were so tough for me that I needed to finish my education, but there was no way to get financial help, at the end of the day I consulted my parents but it was fruitless”, he stated.
According to him,“usually I chat with somebody on the internet that helps me with money. He is a man and that was before I later got married to a Norwegian lady in 2003. We had a kid before she travelled, but she usually call me on phone once in while, at that time, I called her for financial help but she didn’t have any cash.”
He said the person who used to assist him complained that he could not continue sending money to him, and as such, he has to fend for himself. “He told me that he cannot continue sending me money. He said I have to work for myself, and I asked him, how, he said you have to do it on your own”, he stated adding that from that point he decided to locate the church of Satan in Ghana where he was told that his initiation would be done in far away Califonia, USA. In deed, travel documents were prepared for him and he travelled to ground Lodge at Early Noise in Califonia where his initiation took place.
He said after the initiation process, he demanded to see the devil, and was asked to write a request letter to the devil which he did. His request was granted within two weeks, and he was able to meet face to face with the devil who asked him to make three wishes, adding that his third wish for long life could not be granted because church members only live within the space of thirty years after joining the church of Satan.
“The devil demanded that I make three wishes from him, which I consented to, that I want to be famous, wealthy and live long, but the third one he refused to grant, disagreeing to the idea that any one that joins the church of Satan will always live for thirty years, once you join at 20, you live till 50. This I agreed to because I was eager for money”, Kofi stressed.
He further disclosed that after joining the church of Satan, Satanic Bible was made available to him, sword of slaughter, initiation glove, Suit and other items. He however explained that he didn’t lose his manhood until he added another feather to his cap in the occult world by joining yet another group. “When I joined the Score and bone society, that’s when I sacrificed my manhood to increase my wealth”, he added.
Beside the monetary gains from the cults, he was also sent on an assignment which is to win souls for the kingdom of Satan. Through this, he has won more than 23 souls for Satan, using the advantage of the wealth he was given. “Boys and girls who are eager for money, wealth, I show them the way. I have offices in Port-Harcourt, Warri, Abuja, Ghana, I give them what to do and they begin to make money on their own and also teach them how to join and I send them over”, he added.
How did this bring joy to his parents? Kofi said after making money, he decided to open a plaza for his mother in Ghana, but she rejected the offer, claiming that it was a blood money, because of her attachment to Christ and a vision she saw in which she saw the source of his wealth. But his father and siblings accepted him.
His trouble however started after he became uncomfortable with his life. At that point, he began to look for powerful pastors that could save his life. When his cults discovered he was going astray, he was penalized and given only 49 days to live. “I was given 49 days to live, I have spent 19 days, and it remains 30 days, before deliverance came to me through Pastor Mouka of the Lord’s Chosen”, he stated.
Having learnt some bitter lessons, Kofi is advising youths not to covet what others have while urging parents to restrict what their children watch on television screens. On his manhood that was restored during the deliverance session, Kofi said “I give God all the glory that my manhood was restored back, am happy now that I can make more babies again.”


  • Anna says:

    WOW! so long life could not be granted because church members only live within the space of thirty years after joining the church of Satan and he agreed to this because he wanted to be wealthy so bad? and lost his manhood, my goodness, so he rather be rich on earth for only 30yrs than have life forever more, Met ah dun tell yu already put up some more of these topics mama :thumbup

  • Met says:

    a coming lemme put up rosie topic and then another one ..will come back to this later

  • Loyalpeepa says:

    Someting catch mi eye nuh dem style a finga nail mi c rhianna n dem a wear we betta b careful whe we emulate

  • Met says:

    the black nail polish



  • Loyalpeepa says:

    No met di pointy nail same suh it look n it catch me eye cah ne hear a nuff dem indulge ina evil in xchange fi fame n wealth

  • Met says:

    oh the the point hmmm…

  • Berry =p says:

    This doesn’t surprise me AT ALL. The World is EVIL and we have to realize this. Met, did he mean the “Skull and Bones” society? That’s the big cult that ALL of the Presidents are apart of at Harvard University. I have more to say, but I’ll wait.

  • Met says:

    no mi nuh think so berry…this man is african….dem mek deals directly with the devil not sure what the name of the cult is

  • The man sey…..him see the devil face to face! A wah di rass dis man!?!


  • Obara Meji says:

    There are many CULTS all over Africa…not all of them serving malevolent beings…but there are those that recruit members with the promise of wealth, and it does work, (for those who are desperate for wealth)…there is a Yoruba proverb that says….. “Anyone who is desperate for wealth never lives long”….and that is true. People like the man in the story are every where, they cannot wait for fortune, and some do not even care about the repercussions, what comes naturally for you from HEAVEN, never has to be repaid.

    It is interesting to see how many musicians die from drug overdose in their prime….THEY FLY (this has a special meaning)…If they are studied by persons who has certain wisdom, it could be concluded that there was more to their death than plain eyes could see. One recently died suddenly, when she became famous she was plagued with drug prolems, but if her family backround is probed very carefully, it would reveal many more family members who were also successful as she that died via drugs…FLYING…there is a particular CULT that carries away their initiates this way…Yes these thing are in Africa, but they are used in the western society even more….by those we see everyday..

  • 2good says:

    my god will fight for us..the devil is in action

  • Obara r u talking about Amy Whinehouse?

  • Obara Meji says:

    no, although her case is also suspect!!

  • Though I know the devil exits, the notion of having a face-to-face with him seems surreal. To be a man and not have your manhood, what joy could that bring? This man’s actions underscores the vanity and the evil that is associated with wealth/excess/decadence.

    From Ghana to California to meet king death—and as usual we sign off on these contracts that we are not able to honor and then run to YHWH [Yah/Jah]with the hopes of being rescued. Give thanks that YHWH is not like mankind—else, this greedy and myopic visioned man [just like the rest of us] would have gotten what he truly deserves…

  • the devil exists inside a onnu!! Look what a go on in Jamaica every single day!

  • Loyal Peepa, check Hip Hop Occult. Rhianna is the goat (ram). And I don’t mean the Greatest Of All Time, simi?

  • Paul says:

    I an pore and nead thing i will to sale my sole for rich

  • Ostar smith says:

    Am a Jamaican an am ready to receive help form the left an part I won’t to be a member of the satanic church

  • 4star says:

    666 is real up up way up

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