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The California Supreme Court has ordered a new hearing in the case of Sara Jessimy Kruzan, who was initially sentenced to life in prison without parole for the shooting death of her former pimp in a Riverside motel room in 1994, when she was 16.
Kruzan, now 34, has been waging a high-profile fight from prison to get a new trial in which she would be able to present a defense as a victim of intimate partner battering by the pimp, George Gilbert “G.G.” Howard.
Kruzan said Howard had raped, molested and subjugated her starting when she was 11, then shopped her as a teen prostitute.
Ordering a hearing is a long way from anything conclusive.
But it came after the California attorney general’s office, which had fought Kruzan’s request for two years, appears to have given some ground.
The state earlier said there was only a prostitute-pimp relationship between Kruzan, who was in her early teens, and Howard, who was 36 when he died.
The attorney general’s office now says that Kruzan’s argument for a new trial with a battered partner defense appears to have some standing, and should be reviewed again.
Kruzan’s attorneys said the state itself termed its “prior, contrary position” as “perversity.”
The California Supreme Court termed it a “partial concession by the attorney general.”
In her 1995 murder trial, prosecutors had argued that Kruzan was no longer employed by Howard in March 1994, when she lured him to the Dynasty Suites on Iowa Avenue, shot him in the neck with a pistol and stole $1,500 from his pocket, and his Jaguar.
She confessed upon her arrest four days later, eventually testifying that Howard’s rival had threatened her life if she didn’t carry out the crime.
Special circumstances attached to Kruzan’s first-degree murder conviction allowed a mandatory life prison term, despite her age. At her 1995 sentencing, the judge said the teen had “no moral scruple” to shoot one pimp at another’s behest.
Kruzan’s supporters for a new trial include the Human Rights Watch organization and actress Demi Moore. In 2009, a 3-year-old video featuring Kruzan and her case went viral. A YouTube version posted on Feb, 28, 2009, has more than 409,400 hits.
Moore had linked to the video through her popular Twitter site.
“She was a child. Unprotected,” Moore wrote in September 2009. “I think she deserves a 2nd chance. Do you?”
In January 2011, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, on his last full day in office, commuted her life sentence to 25 years to life, with the possibility of parole. But the issue of whether she should get a new trial to offer a battered victim defense remained.
This week, there was a major turn in Kruzan’s legal battle.
Her petition for a new trial had been denied in Riverside Superior Court in February 2010. That denial was upheld by the Fourth District Court of Appeal. The California Supreme Court was petitioned, and in May 2011 the court asked for informal letter responses from Kruzan and the state attorney general.
On Wednesday, June 20, the high court ordered a new hearing to show cause in Riverside Superior Court on why Kruzan was not entitled to the relief she is seeking — to get a new trial with the chance to use the battered partner defense .
No hearing date has been set. The attorney general’s office has until July 20 to file papers, and Kruzan has 30 days after that to respond.
Ronald A. McIntire, one of the attorneys representing Kruzan, declined comment Thursday. Calls to the California attorney general’s office made Wednesday and Thursday were not returned.
But the paper trail in Kruzan’s case this year shows a marked shift in the attorney general’s stance, from characterizing her early teen years relationship to Howard as a prostitute to his pimp, to one that pointedly called her “a sexually exploited minor.”
On March 19, a letter brief filed with the state high court by the attorney general’s office contended that Kruzan “cannot be considered a ‘victim of domestic violence’ because she and Howard were not involved in the type of ‘dating relationship’ that is necessary to have existed to support (Kruzan’s) claim that she suffered from intimate partner battering syndrome.
“To the contrary, the facts demonstrate that while Howard may have indeed perpetrated crimes against (Kruzan), their ‘relationship’ was a professional one, as pimp and prostitute.”
McIntire wrote to the court on March 29: “The attorney general’s interpretation of the meaning of ‘domestic violence’ and ‘dating relationship’ is simply wrong.”
The letter noted that the attorney general’s office acknowledged “the severe abuse that Sara suffered at G.G.’s hands,” even as it claimed she was not entitled to relief as a battered partner.
“Under the attorney general’s definition, the severe sexual and emotional abuse that G.G., a man 20 years Sara’s senior, inflicted on Sara for a third of her young life does not ‘count’ as intimate partner battering because their ‘sexual involvement’ — G.G.’s molestation and two rapes of Sara — was criminal, not consensual.”
And McIntire also attacked the attorney general’s position that the relationship between G.G. and Sara did not “count” because after two years of grooming her “during which he acted as everything from her father figure to her boyfriend, G.G. trafficked Sara for the next three years as a teen prostitute — a relationship that the attorney general characterizes as merely ‘professional’ and ‘casual.’ ”
Then on April 17, a letter from the attorney general’s office opened by briefly reviewing its previous stance that Kruzan had failed to demonstrate she was entitled to an intimate partner battering defense.
Then there was this: “However, on further review, this office respectfully requests that the court accept this further briefing and issue an Order to Show Cause … to develop the facts necessary to decide whether Ms. Kruzan is entitled to an intimate partner battering defense.”
While it carries no legal weight, the April 17 letter refers to her as “Ms. Kruzan,” while the March 19 letter referred to her once by her full name, and thereafter as “petitioner.”
The attorney general noted that Kruzan’s relationship with Howard could not fit into the exact definitions of family law code as a co-habitant or former co-habitant, or the category of a dating or engagement relationship.
“Indeed, Ms. Kruzan’s tragic circumstances and the fact that she was a sexually exploited minor is the antithesis of what is traditionally thought of as ‘dating,’” the letter stated.
“But we recognize that it may be applicable here or in other cases. We also recognize that it is perverse to suggest that a minor who has been sexually abused and exploited from the age of 11 should be entitled to lesser defenses than an adult who has been in an abusive dating relationship,” the letter stated.
“While Ms. Kruzan’s situation may not fit neatly into the statutory definition of domestic violence, her involvement in a relationship marred by commercial sexual exploitation should not necessarily foreclose the application of the intimate partner battering defense.”
The letter then asked to withdraw the attorney general’s earlier responses, and for a hearing in Riverside County Superior Court, “with our apologies for the inconvenience that this belated request has caused.”
Kruzan’s attorneys had argued in a subsequent letter that while Kruzan agreed with the new attorney general position, she wanted the matter reviewed by the Supreme Court instead of returned to Riverside County.
The June 20 order was to return it to Riverside County.




Natty Morgan’s penchant for criminality emerges at age 7
BY KARYL WALKER Sunday Observer staff reporter [email protected]

This series of articles is not intended to lionise or glorify the acts of criminals but to put a historical perspective on criminality in Jamaica, with the hope of shedding light on why the country is now teetering on the edge of lawlessness.Of significant note, as well, is the fact that the subjects of these stories die violently and very young.
HE was never without a Bible, and possessed a charming smile that would disarm many an unsuspecting female.
But Nathaniel ‘Natty’ Morgan was a deadly criminal described by police in the latter part of the 1980s as ‘the most feared criminal by society since the death of Rhygin in the 1950s’.
During his descent into the depths of crime and violence, Natty Morgan drove fear into law-abiding citizens, while at the same time earning the status of ‘hero’ from residents of the communities he used as his stomping ground.
Nathaniel Morgan was born on New Year’s Day, 1966. His mother dumped him on his father, who lived close to the Riverton City landfill, before he was one year old. He was the only son of his father’s six children.
The appalling conditions of filth, squalor and refuse which filled the squalid community at the edge of the City dump provided the perfect training ground for this youth, who would grow up to become the nation’s most-wanted man.
During his formative years, Natty Morgan learned the power of violence through the constant beatings he received from his father and elder sister who were convinced that tough treatment would curb his mischievous ways.
Morgan would more often than not be absent from classes at the Seaward All-Age School where his father sent him to get an education.
By the time Morgan was seven, his penchant for criminality began to emerge. By the time he celebrated his 10th birthday, he had been absent from home for weeks at a time.
Those who lived in Riverton City said the youth was attracted to the ways of the older gangsters in the community and would willingly run errands for them or alert them of the presence of the police.
Frustrated that his efforts to keep his son on the straight and narrow path were failing, Morgan’s father shipped him off to live with his mother in St Mary.
But Natty Morgan was back in the capital city about five years later, and immediately linked up with his boyhood friends who, by this time, had grown into reckless teenagers.
It would not be long before he had his first of many brushes with the law and, for the next five years, he was a regular occupant of jail for charges, including shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm and robbery.
Police have blamed Natty Morgan and his gang for the multiple murders of seven men who attended a wake in Seaview Gardens on February 25, 1989. The men were all put to lie down and were shot in the back of the head. The killings drew the condemnation of society and were dubbed ‘the Seaview Massacre’. Popular talk at the time was that the men were killed because they attended the wake of a person whose life was snuffed out by Morgan’s gang.
After the massacre, a police post was set up in Seaview Gardens to ease the fear of terrified residents.
Morgan and his crony, Peter Lawrence, were captured by police who organised a massive operation a few months after the massacre and were dragged before the court after being charged with nine murders.
But the criminals would not stay behind bars for too long as, on December 19 of that year, Natty Morgan and Lawrence both walked out of the Gun Court after they had appeared there to answer to the multiple murder charges.
The two were handed over to prison warders after the court had adjourned and were discovered missing hours later.
After his flight from justice, Natty Morgan became a thorn in the side of law enforcement and eluded several attempts to collar him. He used the swampy terrain near the dump as his hideout and would often leave his lair to carry out heinous crimes.
The police then named Natty Morgan as the most wanted fugitive, and blamed him for 11 murders during his time on the run. In all, police say Morgan and his gang were believed to be responsible for 19 murders, 41 robberies, shooting with intent, arson, attempted robbery and three cases of abduction.
The crimes were carried out in several parishes.
Among his murder victims were University of the West Indies (UWI) lecturer Dr Garfield Saddler and his female companion Rosemary Stewart, who was vacationing in Jamaica at the time. Their bodies have never been found, and police theorise that they were burnt and buried somewhere in the Riverton landfill. The couple were believed to have been abducted at the Red Hills Mall in St Andrew. It is believed that the gang wanted their motor car to carry out a robbery.
Morgan was also suspected of being the triggerman behind the killing of his gang members Evon Jones, Peaches Gordon and a man known only as ‘Wasp’.
Natty Morgan was also suspected of running a massive extortion racket, in which he allegedly collected payments from all of the big businesses on Spanish Town Road.
He was also known to wear dresses and wigs in order to hide his true identity.
Those who knew Morgan describe him as having a calm disposition and a warm smile which masked his evil intent.
“Him was a man who would laugh with people and shoot them. He was very cold, and killing to him was like taking a breath of air, a natural body function,” said one woman who claimed to have lived in Riverton City at the time.
Not even his siblings were free from the fear of the nefarious criminal.
In an article which appeared in the Daily Gleaner of August 25, 1991, one of Morgan’s sisters, identified as Joan, said her brother had once threatened to shoot out her teeth after she questioned him about an edict he gave to three women to leave the Riverton City community.
The women were friends of Joan but were branded as informers by Natty Morgan.
But despite his thirst for blood, Natty Morgan was also described as a man who would spend hours reading his Bible which he also carried in his back pocket.
He was also said to be pursued by women in Riverton City who saw it as an honour to sleep with him. He has been rumoured to have slept with four women in a single night. Those who knew him say the women, some young teenagers, would brave attacks from alligators and trek the swamps to copulate with Natty Morgan. It is said that young girls willingly gave up their virginity to him.
Natty Morgan is rumoured to have sired more than nine children.
He was also a lover of guns and was said to have owned a large cache of assorted weapons.
“Some of them I don’t even know exist on the face of this earth. I don’t know where he get the guns from but he was always up here with them. Up to two, three at a time,” Morgan’s sister told the Gleaner days after his reign of terror, like most badmen, came to a bloody end.
After eight months on the run, Natty Morgan was cut down in a hail of police bullets in Lakes Pen, St Catherine, near to the Lakes Pen dump.
Acting on a tip, a police team cornered Natty Morgan and three of his cronies who were travelling in a van on the lonely strip of road and a gun battle ensued. When the smoke cleared, Morgan was found clutching an M16 Colt AR assault rifle. He also had his Bible in his back pocket. His crony Arthur ‘Bomber’ Hamilton was also found clutching a Remington repeater shotgun.
Morgan’s face was so badly damaged by the police bullets that the police had to use fingerprints and a missing finger, which was said to have been shot off during an earlier shootout with the police, to officially identify him.

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Detainee Dies At KPH

Published: Tuesday | June 19, 20122 Comments

The police are probing the circumstances under which a man who was in custody died yesterday morning while undergoing treatment at the Kingston Public Hospital.

The prisoner, Ricardo Harrison of a Kingston address, should have appeared in the Gun Court yesterday, but the court was told that he had died.

Harrison had been in custody at the Denham Town Police Station lockup.

He was charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

Christina Clough, 23, who was charged jointly with Harrison, appeared in court yesterday and was granted bail in the sum of $250,000 with a surety.

A curfew order was imposed as a condition of the bail and Acting Supreme Court judge Vivienne Harris ordered her to return to court on September 17.

It is being alleged that last Tuesday, Clough and Harrison were travelling in a motor car along Windward Road in east Kingston when they were stopped by the police.

A search was conducted and a bag containing a gun was found. They were then arrested and charged.


Shock in Moi University as a first year girl (fresher) infects 90 students with HIV in 50 days

Sunday, 24th June, 2012 – With the recent reports of campus girls caught with MPs and holding private parties with wenye nchi, it goes without saying that university girls from local public universities have nothing to look up to.

Rumor has it that a first year student at Moi University has broken the record by sleeping with 90 university students in a clean 50 days; Guinness World Book of records should award her ama?

The lady who is alleged to have slept with the men has released a list and announced to her victims that they are now infected with HIV and an STI.

Recently another list was released by another lady from the same campus who claimed to have slept with 132 students and infected them with HIV.

Question is, are these chics total knock outs that men in the campus cant contain themselves or is sex just like food for the soul in this campus?

The men are now having sleepless nights as the student claimed to have even made them aware of her status but they took it for a joke and went on sleeping with her without rubber.

Word has it that she does NOT even regret what she has done; she says you can’t cry over spilt milk, either way what’s done is done!

Some of the students said that all that was just a rumor and an initiative by the school administration to stop students from illicit affairs.


Falla along good eno because nuh question nah ansa tideh tideh not today…

Now di big big uptown socialite elite by color and name not by naychuh…unno know wha mi mean…di madda did a do di tings and di fawda ina di tings so pickney come up ina di badman tings.. Well di people dem a August Town seh a more dan one badman tings di pickney up ina.. is a whole clique a dem lef from di elite and drap dung pan di ghetto de-lite …dem seh wha sweet dem gwine sour dem because right yah now di one whey did bus a breedings and gi birth run up back ina di area and a tek one bwaay come from Angola…Unno a falla? All di big letter whey write ina Observer ,  har parts a do more dan observing a August town.. because she go tek Gola fren from Vietnam… Di people dem seh ”Dah gal deh nuh tek no man unless dem a badman. But she a par a august town before she breed fi (unno know who) but she wasnt this frequent. Till one a di time dem a seh she deh wid august town man. A since (unno know who) n she deh str8 out di argument a august town did dead dung but from (unno know who) gone a jail shes back in the place n she a f*ck like duck.  QUACK QUACK.. Di smaddy dash out di tings dem sed ”A bare badman dem talk 2 dem dont par wid di girls dem but most of the A-Town girls dont like them anyway bcuz dem a tek di august town girl dem man.A caah laugh .lol. They trying to live on edge n live in the fast lane but weh sweet dem gwine sour dem. N someting even look fishy u c r fren weh dem whole wid di gun, is she n a yute dem did hold. But all have a sudden di yute dead in lock up. Mi nuh know if a poison dem poison di yute food but word on the street is that (Edited) bcuz him neva did ago tek di wrap fi di gun bcuz him a seh is not fi him own, a jus falla him did ago falla di girl fi guh gun sell it fi pay help pay di badman weh she a f*ck lawyer fee. Di yute dead as him fi guh court. The news bout di yute dying came on the news but they didnt divulge in what he was actually going to court for. HAYYY IT DEH YASSO AND A YASSO NICE BECAUSE ONE PIECE A TING PAN DI MASCULINE PART A HAR PARENTAGE ….DEM SEH DI FAWDA TOPPA TOP CLIENT WHEY SEH HIM A SHEPHERD /WORLD BOSS A LOOK FI COME OUT DIS WEEKEND …………..STAY TRUNEEE
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