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America’s most wanted: armed, dangerous and living in London
Where did New York’s hardest Yardie gangsters run to when police wrecked their empires? The UK’s criminal underworld knows the answer…

Tony Thompson
The Observer, Saturday 3 June 2000
One belongs to a gang of notorious mass murderers. Another rapes and sodomises the children of people who owe him money. A third has shot, stabbed and tortured his way to the top of the criminal underworld. These, the world’s most violent Yardie gangsters, are believed to be hiding in London.
Charles Brackett, Mervin Benjamin and Maxwell Bogel are all fugitives from the FBI and are said to have made several visits to the UK as part of their bid to evade capture. The trio are native Jamaicans, but until recently were based in New York.

Bogel made his name as an enforcer with a vicious gang known as the Shower Posse – because they showered victims with bullets from Uzi sub-machineguns. Since 1996 his role has been to collect debts from those who owe the gang for drugs.

To do this, he broke into their homes, kidnapped their children and brutalised them repeatedly until the gang was paid. His victims were often tied up for 30 hours at a time. One, a 12-year-old girl, also endured rape and sodomy.

Last year Bogel, who has a string of previous convictions, was tried and convicted in absentia of attempted murder, kidnapping, rape, sodomy, robbery and possession of firearms. He received a sentence of 68 years.

Now the man described by US marshals as ‘armed, extremely dangerous and one of the most sought after criminals in the United States,’ is believed to be here. Sources in the London’s Yardie underworld say a man fitting Bogel’s description has been seen in London several times in the past year.

Deported from the US, Bogel is believed to have come to Britain in a bid to re-enter America indirectly.

Charles Brackett, Mervin Benjamin and Fabian O’Neal Littlejohn are also believed to be moving in and out of London on false papers. They are all key members of the Poison Clan, responsible for 30 murders and the sale of millions of pounds worth of crack, heroin and guns.

The gang’s name comes from a cult martial arts movie and refers to its members’ willingness to kill their own as well as others. Poison Clan was founded by Devon ‘Chubby’ Beckford after killing two crack-dealing colleagues who had refused to let him branch out on his own.

Under him, the Clan quickly grew, using violence to convince other dealers to buy from the Clan and share their profits. Those who resisted were dealt with ruthlessly.

When a group of cannabis dealers from suburban Richmond refused to capitulate, Chubby told one of his footsoldiers, Jimmy Fingers (he had accidentally shot one of his fingers off) to teach them a lesson. Four clan members set off for Sugar Bottom at 4.15 that afternoon.

When police arrived at the clansmen’s destination they found three bodies sprawled in the small and blood-spattered front room. Another wounded man had managed to crawl down a hallway towards the back door. The killers were nowhere to be found.

Following an extensive police and FBI operation, the gang was broken up in 1997 with 28 defendants – including Beckford, who narrowly avoided the death sentence – being brought before the courts and convicted on drugs and violence charges. Brackett, Benjamin and Littlejohn, however, are still on the run.

They are not the first wanted Yardies to make the trip across the Atlantic. Victor Francis, a leading member of the Brooklyn-based Renkers Posse, fled to Britain in the mid-Nineties after being indicted in New York on 16 charges, including murder, attempted murder, robbery, theft and drug dealing. He was eventually arrested when police found him running a crack den in Acton with his brother.

Earlier this year, 38-year-old Winston Harris, the leader of a Yardie gang called the Lock City Crew, was jailed for life for shooting dead a man at the Bridge Park leisure centre in Wembley. The shooting broke out after the wife of a member of the rival Cartel Crew drove into the centre’s car park to see an event.

One of the security guards who was also a member of the Lock City Crew criticised her poor parking and told her to try again. The woman then flew into a rage, smashed a bottle and had to be escorted away by police, but she returned 20 minutes later with her Cartel Crew husband.

Lock City members saw this move as a direct attack on their territory – Bridge park was a major crew meeting place – and a hideout for their caches of drugs, guns and ammunition.

Winston and three others retrieved guns they always kept hidden in a sports bag nearby, locked the door of the leisure centre to prevent anyone leaving during their planned raid and went to track down their rival. But in the panic that followed, Harris let off a shot which killed a bystander, Dion Holmes, passing through his heart and liver.

Harris, who had served several jail terms in New York and had fled here to avoid further charges, regularly travelled between the two countries on false passports.

He was convicted of murder along with three others. Ironically a Jamaican national, Anthony Wray, another member of the LCC present that day and who Scotland Yard plan to charge with Dion Holmes’s murder, is believed to be hiding abroad, probably New York.

One detective said last night: ‘These fugitives should on no account be approached by members of the public.’

FABIAN O’NEAL LITTLEJOHN Wanted for: multiple murders, assaults, robberies and threats Also known as: Jack, Fatta Date of birth: 1/2/1969 Known for: Violent obedience of gangster bosses’ orders STILL AT LARGE
MAXWELL BOGEL Wanted for: kidnapping, rape, robbery, sodomy of 12-year-old girl Also known as: Max Bogle, Paul Robinson, Ike Box Date of birth: 22/1/1963 Known for: Ruthless, brutal debt collecting for vicious Shower Posse ARMED AND HIGHLY DANGEROUS
MERVIN BENJAMIN Wanted for: Multiple murders, assaults, robberies, drug-trafficking Also known as: Benji Date of birth: 10/8/1965 Known for: Flitting back and forth across the Atlantic on false papers, gun-running activities WANTED FOR MULTIPLE MUDERS
CHARLES O. BRACKETT Wanted for: gang-warfare related murder, robbery and assault Also known as: Charlie Chase Date of birth: 28/8/1964 Known for: Being one of few members of the once powerful Poison Clan who is still at large. WANTED

Maxwell Bogle, 38, was indicted in the 1996 kidnap and rape of a 15 year old girl, in which he and co-defendant, Eric Ellis, held her prisoner for nine hours, sexually assaulted, pistol-whipped and threatened to kill her in front of two other children, ages 14 and 15. Bogle jumped bail before his trial and is suspected of committing a fatal shooting and four gunpoint home invasions while on the lam. He was captured yesterday at his Brooklyn hideout. He surrendered without resistance.

(New York)

Submitted on: 03/02/01


  • sexy eyes says:

    mi rass unu fi lock him up and dash weh di key

  • Met says:

    dirty animal

  • Met says:

    is like dem nuh care …u would think someone whey a run from the law would run and live a different life..dem run n go do the same thing

  • sexy eyes says:

    samething mi a think to met mi heart sink when mi read di kidnapping part and how dem treat di pickney smh met mi cudden manage as a parent if dat happen to my child a hope dem catch di oda 2 tie up pon a tree and dem every two hour no food no wata

  • Met says:

    12 year old dem rape smh

  • sexy eyes says:

    *beat dem*

  • him can have all the sodomy parties he want now os him escape?

  • Met says:

    i a wait pan dog dem fi come explain him

  • southy says:

    MET dat guy knew this pyscho too…love rape and you know that Shower man dem was de first set a man mi hear involve inna sodomy..sniff coke..1980s
    Seaga should be charge for crimes against humanity for releasing these people upon the world

  • Met says:

    I think so too southy… mi seh it all the while …fi dem mind and thinking way way off…Southy mi feel a way bout di guy mi a call call but mi feel is jus a dip for a bit….one more thing southy coke was always tivoli’s big secret I believe

  • HAPPY PEOPLE says:


  • Met says:

    wicked and ruthless….a sex kids ina dem bottom.. but mi a wait pan people fi come talk up di tings pan him

  • Is Maxwell Bodgle the same Shower guy that use to flex under Black Tony Shower Crew and go by the name Max? BTW, a number of the Shower Posse members had authentic UK Passports, brought by no other than Black Tony/Blacks.

  • No Joke says:

    So these grown ass men were sodomising kids????…. An that lead mi seh a dem ppl proud fi deh dem represent “Showa “….dem represent rapist ….who rape and sodomise , steal , rob, murder , rape and the list goes on

  • ace says:

    Do worry pple I just hope they say what he is in for when him get sentence cause inna america prisoners no like rapist so before dem turn him inna a bitch dem will fuck him a couple of times. And trust coming from the shower possie he will be a trophie bitch, as bad as him tink him is dem yankee bwoys yah will show him who is bad. THEY WILL FUCK HIM THEN KILL HIM AND NOBODY CAN’T BUY HIM FROM DEM, SEE DUDUS GET A SMALL BEATING ALREADY AND CAN’T GO INNA GENERAL HAVE TO STAY LOCK UP FI 23HR AND RECK BY HIMSELF.

  • Met says:

    ace a true u a talk

  • Met says:

    from u molest a child dem gwine fix u business ina us prison…all di spanish bwaay dem tell mi one time seh dem rape a jamaican bwaay so mek dem stay deh

  • real says:

    di badiss mana jamaica a edward seaga ..obviously everybody else did a wuk fi him and some a dem end up in a jail or tek a permanent sail and Seaga deh a jamaica trong trong ….and all haffi a mek up story seh ppl a try rob fi pretend like him a live like everybody else

  • i remembr when i was younger like 16 Max use to rush after me everytime him see me I was scared a him…a long time him a rapist them fi hang him by him dick….I am now 41…long time him deh bout

  • Met says:


  • REAL GANGSTA says:

    Big up Maxwell. Bogle AKA Showa Max.. Yu a real Gangsta.. Set them set yu up fi get yu out bredda. Just gwaan hold di faith.yu appeal soon go thru..Showa Fi life.Big up all a di thugs dem upstate ny a hold it down.. Skully, Vicious, Virgo, Midget, Doogle cheese, Ratty, Bram Bram, Socialist, Ishman, Devy dee, Cornell, John spaghetti and all a di real badman dem we a hold di faith.. RISE UP FREEDOM IS A MUST

  • Met says:

    di people dem whey dem kill will never be free from death so dem fi tek whey dem get and call it what it is

  • The bastereds should be gang raped and beaten daily…. no mercy !!!!!

  • Fuck up Maxwell Bogle AKA Showa Max., AKA Rapist, AKA Sadomite. Yu a real Chicken-Shit-Gangsta.. Them set yu up good fucka fi get yu out bredda. Just gwaan hold di d*ck up your as*. yu appeal dead…fi-ge-tit!..Showa dead, Life Sentence fi most a unnu. Big up all a di thugs dem upstate ny a hold to other man’s dick.. Skully, Vicious, Virgo, Midget, Doogle cheese, Ratty, Bram Bram, Socialist, Ishman, Devy dee, Cornell, John spaghetti and all a di real coward them weh use to act like badman dem, THEM a hold the other mans d*ck up their as*.. RISE UP FREEDOM IS WILL COME WHEN YOU ARE DEAD. Rip SHOWA EDIATS!

  • ace says:

    Real gangsta you a fool, I would like to know what the fuck you pple really think about when unnu do dem shit here. Black youth need to know that there is two justice white and black and believe me it is not the same. You say appeal must come true and frame dem frame him this is not jamaica friend and he is a very small fish inna a very big ocean so they have nothing to gain by locking up him rass. If a did one of my niece him rape dem would not have to lock him up caue REAL GANGSTA no like child molesta.

    What’s up met nuff a dem clown yah a rape kids and think it funny to behonest I don’t mind hustling and yes when bwoy fi get gunshot dem fi just get gunshot without thinking and yes met mi still a say free mi dj cause all now now the police dem can’t complete the file and is almost one year already.

  • Met says:

    ace mi deh yah…dem too lie if a did ina di 80ties and dem set him up fi rape I would believe but look when him get lock him dem fi stop it man…ace dem seh kartel a come a road tomorrow so look out

  • 532 all day says:

    showa posse officially done a foreign. its D.D.L time now. memba unnu heard it here first. Dutty , DOG, Life. squad soon tun up d place. keep listening

  • 532 all day says:

    max fi life. what


  • Anonymous says:

    big up max

  • Anonymous says:

    I went to school with Maxwell Bogle…was a very decent guy …cant believe people can change that much.

  • Brianna B. says:

    My name is Brianna Bogle , and Maxwell Bogle is my dad. For as long as i can remember my memories with my father have all been pleasant. Most have been in a maximum security prison but still. I have never wanted to know what he did until about now because the Maxwell i know and love right now could never be capable of such evil. All I’m saying is before you rush to judgement , men are wrongfully accused of rape and or sodomy all the time and I i believe that is the case here.

    God Bless Yall.

  • Brianna B. says:

    My name is Brianna Bogle , and Maxwell Bogle is my dad. For as long as i can remember my memories with my father have all been pleasant. Most have been in a maximum security prison but still. I have never wanted to know what he did until about now because the Maxwell i know and love right now could never be capable of such evil. All I’m saying is before you rush to judgement , men are wrongfully accused of rape and or sodomy all the time and I i believe that is the case here.

    God Bless Yall.

  • Anonymous says:

    Brianna I know your dad personally he is a rapist I’m not asking you I’m telling you that

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