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Girlie get Deported
Posted by Street Hype Webmaster on May 21, 2012 in News | 0 comments
Afew months after completing a year prison term for endangering the welfare of a 13-yearold boy in Brooklyn, Jamaican born actor Lacell ‘Girlie’ Parnell, 42 has decided to return to his homeland and avoid formal deportation. As a result of the charges, Parnell lost his “green card” resident status and was scheduled for deportation to Jamaica, but he was allowed to remain at the U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility at Port Isabel Service Processing Center in Texas while he fights a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor and the Brooklyn Medical Center for the death of his wife.Parnell recently collected a $95,000 settlement from the Brooklyn Medical Center for the wrongful death of his wife in 2004.
“The case against the doctor is still not settled, but it was a waste of time for me to be sitting in jail with nothing to do. Based on the advice of my lawyers, I decided to return home and continue to seek justice and compensation for my family. The judge has agreed to have my participation via satellite,” Parnell noted.
Parnell told Street Hype that he was met on arrival in Montego Bay, Jamaica on April 23, 2012 by scores of family members and fans. “I am very happy to be home and to get on with my career of entertaining people. Within the next two months I will be launching the play “Girlie Get Visa” and in December “Girlie Get Deported,” he added
The actor is, however, insisting that he did not sexually molest any child and noted that in 2004, he was charged with endangering the welfare of children who were assisting him to distribute his promotional fliers. “I was jailed for 18 days and was placed on probation, but in 2008 I was again accused of endangering the welfare of a minor. It was not about sex,” he claimed. Parnell, who is now listed as a sex offender in New York State also stressed that he learned his lesson and was now very focused and determined to remain positive “but careful about negative people who would set traps to destroy my character and reputation.”
He was arrested on May 29, 2008 on five counts of sexual abuse in the 2nd degree; two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of aggravated harassment in the 2nd degree involving the 13-year-old boy.
Parnell was found guilty in Brooklyn’s District Court and was sentenced in July 2009 to two years in prison at the Rikers Island Jail, but was later transferred to the Port Isabel Service Processing Center in Texas, which holds detainees of the ICE, whose immigration status, or citizenship, has not been officially determined or who are awaiting repatriation.


  • Mr Rebel says:

    him want a fat shot

  • Original Goodas says:


  • EbonyLolita says:

    But wait….. yu inna jail fi child endangerment yet you have to register as a sex offender but YOU DIDN’T MOLEST THE BOY!!!!!!! :dp Yu want a shot inna ya stinky dutty ASS!!! DEN yu tell me yu look lawsuit $$$ for your “WIFE!!!” Met mek a tell yu something DIS is the epitome of downlow nastiness!!!
    But I am secure that he’ll get “justice” once he reaches JA shoreline!! So yu wah live offa ya dead wife’s situation. I wonda if she eva know he’s a battyfish?!?
    :najis :takut :najis

  • loyalpeepa says:

    U can call it anyting u want ms girlie but u r a child molester..

  • Observer says:

    Jamaica infested wid nastiniss an wuss em hav $$$ sitdung pon ya now a murdaaaaaaaaaaaa fi sum hungri belly battybwoy

  • if you love shebada then you must love girlie
    is the same set of homo’s. you can’t pick & choose which fish you like.

  • SMH says:

    Rumor had it years ago that he had died. WOW!

  • Candy says:

    STFU Girlie, everyone knows you molested the little boy….

  • Peeper says:

    Girlie been deh back a Jamaica,.me hear him call in pon Raga one nite, so this story old

  • who you think you lying to, if i don’t strap my baby in the car seat that’s child endangerment and under NO circumstances would be forced to register as a sex offender…you had to bc the nature of the endangerment was sexual fuckin perv…i hope they rape u soon as you land dutty bwoy

  • New Yorker says:

    He did molest the boy, it wasn’t the first time and there were many others too- he always has young boys around him and if you can find the transcripts from the court room you will be shocked with the detailed description of the boys account of “Girlie” giving him head in his mothers house. The reason Girlie got caught this time is because he was fuckin around with the older brother of the 13 year old boy first, then moved to the younger brother and the older one caught feelings and told the mother. The sad part of it is he’s in denial, he needs help BUT THE FANS NEED HELP TOO cuz they approach him in the street and tell him they don’t care what he got in trouble for- they love him and want more entertainment from him. If you’re gay- that’s your business- go fuck big men- but when you prey on innocent children you need a gunshot!! I hope someone in Jamaica fucks him in the ass like he did to them innocent boys.

  • Met says:

    aso it guh? dem shudda put him to death

  • DEAD says:

    Jamaicans deal with him good and propper dont mek him molest any more boys!!!

  • roniqua says:

    hello im roniqua the molester i was 3 when my mother died and I was 8 when my dad went to jail im so sad im am so hurt about what my father did and it hurts me that many of you all think that he is bad but it kills me inside to know that my dad did those things and I just don’t want no one to hate me for anything thank you

  • roniqua says:

    I mean the molesters child

  • roniqua says:

    hello and Im roniqua my dad is the best father ever even tho he isn’t here with me e care he never hurt me or anyone at all and he will never do that I love him and I want people to stop saying mean things about him that is not right so stop ok love you daddy and for the people who are making those mean comments u cant judge no one only god can

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