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Met mi hear say Brady get lock up again gone left the kids dem Pon dem own, but the friends dem a give eye Pon dem but a get tired and thinking of calling CPA now cause she naw get no bail




Met i need some advice from u or the bloggers. Ok this is a long story lol. So ive been with this man for 9 months, all tings wonderful between us except his pest ex that just pop up since her knowing of me. We kept things slow discreet betwen us until 3 months ago when we decided to tke things to the next level. He introduce me to his family and close friends, being that his ex and family are still close and they have mutal friends she learned about me being at his mothers bday party that she wsnt invited too btw they been together 10 ys and broken up almost 3 yrs now so i am the only girl he got serious with since then. Now its hell since she know bout us, nd how much he check for me. this girl get m number off fb, messge me make fake page until i just deleted it. She call my job, stalk my home dont know how she know ll this till i find out is one of his fren telling her things. Anyway anywhere she see him she fight him cuss him so i say why she act
like this unless u and her still in things.him call her on the phone put her in speaker and say y u dont leave me me and u lef 3 yrs ago and havent sleepor deal since then her respond was idgf mi not resting until u and i are back together and one bag a chatting. One night she see me at a party and me and her fight. But it get to the point this girl see me and mytwins on the street and want to war me. Strangers had to get involved and run her cause i was with my 8 year ild girls i dont want to carry on like that around my girls worst when im at home and she call my phone and i hve to gwan bad. I dont wnt to change my # cause of. Bitch i had that # for 4 years and i am going to school to be a nurse i dont wnt no record. Met i am 30, i been there dont wnt this life especially like this girl not going to stop. I want a life with this man but this girl is.making it a living hell and i know she wnt me to get fed up and leave him. Its taking. Toll on
me and him everyday its something new. Met this bitch live in another city and live with her man. but find time to try mash us up.because she still love him ans feel threatened by me cause he told a friend he gonna buy me a ring on a bday it got to her get to me. Too much, but i want to be with this man but i cant br bothered with the drama. I dont want to move, im in school have a good job he just got one also my kids are doing fine but im getting fed up. I dont wnt to flip and do something to mess up my life or for him to do the same. But this is the ex from hell not even restraing order can stop her she mke her frens take over.


this 40 year old long time big woman have 5 kids with 5 different man and dont work no where, all she does is depend on her welfare check to mind the young dancer bwoy dem a jamaica and left her pickney dem with tom, dick and harry to run to jamaica every minute. First she did deh wid colo colo, then she tek up chekazz, now she move onto shizzle. mind you she tell matterhorn lie say her first son is his. this nasty yankee sick stomach


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