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No gal r boy no pack me bag fi me I do it my own dam self big up me clean n nice 2bed room flat me no bounce bout nah mek nobody mek me uncomfortable in a england cause the queen mek sure it possible 4 me and my 2kids to be happy so I think u should try n do the same me too happy right now fi fight bish the cloth too nice in d shop dem n me need to wear dem a me sey out n bad 4 summer yea nah dat me seh

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  • Mawga & Busy? isn’t she with a new guy that attend Utech?

  • Met please to come answer the question

  • So by “the queen” does she mean she lives on benefits?? Listen, nuff of us work hard here in England pay our taxes and get mad when we see people like you boast bout di queen provide!! I work hard for my money and put having a roof over my head and bills paid before I boast about out and bad fi summa!!

  • goodas says:

    dutty kayann yuh house dutty and nasty nuh bady dnt wan eat or drink from yuh yuh walk and gamble and borrow ppl money and fuck like dog and caan keep ah man dutty gal go look ah life yuh nuh av nuh ambition wutlass gal yuh 3year dun suh dem soon dash yuh outta england dutty gal yuh ugly like sin bout yuh ah do summer and neva stay gud

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