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25-year-old Nigerian Marries 51-year-old Swedish Grandma0 Comments
By admin
Posted on 21 Apr 2012 at 2:17pm

Another love made in “Yahoo Chat”. This OWL might be a big catch.

Most of our men these days are opting for Older White Ladies “OWL”.Maybe this is the new trend to curb the recession or love has turn a blind eye.

What do you guys think?

18 Responses to ALL NIGERIA IT REACH

  • Goodso says:

    Goodmorning met and de man look like him wan run…granny she a look a black hood inna fe her ol

  • NUFFY says:


  • Lipstick says:

    mi like it, less poor children :2thumbup

  • Dwrl says:

    She’s gonna regret it, dem pussyhole deh a users. Met me know weh me a chat bout. A the worse set a pussyhole dem, him ago sweet like cane sugar but wait until the poor woman give him a green card . She ago see is a big pussyhole she pickup, sorry fah and married…….LADY RUN go DIVORCE him, dem no love nobody but dem own African and even them they treat like dawg shit

  • By the time him done wid har ,she will be lucky if she can buy candy a de dollar store ,cause most a dem Nigerean man ain’t nutting but some well educated thieves, her ssn no. shall now be his sister har his other wife back home own,any money inna har account shall be depleted, but oh well!! the whites have been stealing from the blacks for decades so maybe he’s just getting his great, great, great grandfather’s wealth back ,so I say kudos to you my youth do yuh thing !! Lmao!!! :2thumbup

  • Is a con artist

  • @8:03 god no like ugly it could happen to you or someone you know

  • No Joke says:

    Str88888888 con dis……unnuh ketch di facial expression…dat nuh look like love to me

  • mango says:

    Now this lady looks old Met, not the pretty Usain girl. Abena say police a look fi you Met?

  • Met says:

    mango do u think police haffi really look fi mi does that make sense? not today on here wid dat

  • No Joke says:

    Rass Met yuh mek Wanted List a Jamaica …..if I laff I pap up

  • Met says:

    no joke nuh laugh something can guh suh? u know is a blogspot blog dem a talk fi true whey a show naked girls and batteyman claude mills a try mix mi seh a mi but I plan to ignore it this morning so lets leave it at that..

  • mi haffi really giggle..dis look like a swap meet,mi help u wid u paypas mi gi u some good fuck…boom a it dat no strings attach until she ketch cocky feelings she seh him use har

  • sweet says:


  • Oh Dear says:

    Is a Green card dis yah ole thief yah a look!

  • Real says:


  • money says:

    most man now a days love old woman like me self. the same reason why you young girls like old man.

  • milan says:

    den a black frock she married into? i hope she bruk like dawg and fuck up him plans.

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