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  • NUFFY says:

    I remember watching this while in London sometime last year and thought man, I thought my parents were strict, but this couple made them seem soft!!….I personally do not believe in beating a child, that, in my opinion is abuse. I was not beaten as a child, and I carry those same beliefs into my adult life. dem pickney yah did well bad though, I guess it was needed, whatta surprise dem go buck up pon man..

  • kgn13 says:

    its all about how dem set up dem system up yah ,why de kids dem behave the way dem do.cause dem find out from a early age. dat every body in authority fraid a dem,so dem have a free run.nothing way two kick and. bax coulden solve .

  • CFranks says:

    My daughter is 15 she’s a good girl, but would luv for her to have an experience like so. America too nice like the father say, Dem need to come to Jamaica to see how hard life can be. Make dem strave for better. I was in tears after watching to the end.

  • SERENITY says:

    Same so 13……..

  • No Joke says:

    Agree 13…an Serenity. Lick neva kill mi and discipline curve me into the woman I am today. Sometimes when you see rude kids you want to beat di pickney and di parent. “Bitch….blah blah’….parent respond Renee its ok we will get it tomorrow. Now you tell me !!!!!

  • With discipline eveything falls in place.

  • The only thing it took was a look from my moms eye and I knew to get in line. I was not beaten either, but that look from her said it all!

  • khallissia says:

    I loved this so much, i wacthed every video in the sreies, btw at no point did i see them beating the kids that satyed with them

  • i love children, but i cant stand a child that has no form of discipline, i grew up hearing my mom say”PEOPLE DON’T LIKE RUDE PICKNEY NO CARE HOW PRETTY YOU ARE”.I came to america and have a friend with two boys and i am being honest one of them is so rude being around him when he starts to carry on makes my blood run cold, the worst part is mom is always so defensive talking about”they are just kids”kmrt. i got mad one day and told her my mind, knew she was upset but mi a jamaican and where we come from we do not tolerate children who dont know how to act like kids, i told her”that he won’T be a child forever, and she must remember he is a african american, so if she don’t take him up in hand from now she know how it go”. i dont like to beat i dont beat my daughter but every where she goes people say how she is well behaved, because i dont laugh when i talk, and when i talk no dog bark, and i only speak once, they must know what time it is.

  • simplicity says:

    so true mi have it is a fav frm longtime pon uchube channel,discipline is a must anuh very pickney yuh affi lick dem knw weh wan luk mean or weh yuh seh fmmm,sum jus dry yeye nd jeering,luv it.

  • simplicity says:

    oh soot mi mannaz well a blog nd not even bless unno up de rite way….

    good day met,metters,peepers nd others……

  • kgn13 says:

    some things wha me witness wid dem up yah ,it more dan shocking,right now if u should a run a survey and ask how much kid ever assault dem parents inna britin,you would be shock at the result.a up yah fuss me come hear pickney a tell dem parents…ohhh shut up mom,and dem fav ..ooh fuck death before dishonour.

  • simplicity says:

    13333333333333333 :peluk

    mi nah spare nuh rod inna fe house nd nuh pickney nah beat mi off afta mi cuden chat back tuh my mumma.


  • kgn13 says:

    city what a gwan,all inna station me rush fe me boy ,cause him c de fed ,dem and think me did a go fraid a dem.

  • simplicity says:

    13 mi nah mek none shame mi,mi a drap licks tuh de skin if hears nuh hear.

  • No Joke says:

    @simple …..di baxside feel. Some a dem pickney yah bawwwwd. They have no respect. Mi have an associate mi stay far from har and har pickney because one day we go in the supermarket har pickney a gwaan wid antics and wouldn’t stop ….mi gi di pickney two pinch. She did mawddddd but mi neva care and mi offer her her share to. Pickney a bax dung tings an a open packages mummy a seh ….jus being a child

  • THANK GOODNESS for TEACHERS in Jamaica’s School System ….
    Sharon Need a reality check … Watch and see how her 2 girls dem come out !!! .. The Father all afraid a Sharon…

  • simplicity says:

    rass lol sorry mi mean ears honest mistake dwl….bigman weh yuh mean by the first line?!?!

  • simplicity says:

    nuh joke mi not playing that,right there and then she suda turn and give har a stern warning guh c how ppl a luk nd sdh.

  • Teachers do a whole heap in the actual raising of a child … and those teachers, the Principal … were just GREAT … I can remember some of my teachers back in Jamaica … that did so much to so many children fo OH SO LITTLE … I just have to give THEM their due respect … and KEEP SAYING THANKS


  • What percentage of the stuff you learn from you was a child .. that help you in life as an adult … DID YOU LEARN FROM SCHOOL OR TEACHERS ???


  • unnuh fi watch di barbados one da one deh a di best one da one deh mek mi laugh di lady lick di girl when she bright harself wid har

  • Lipstick says:

    i watch the entire show on youtube, sharon dont play lol, yu see how fast they changed, it only shows you if you bend the tree from it young, you’ll have less problems

  • I watched this sometimes ago on BBC3 and knew what to expect of the kids. What shocked me was that I recognised the family they went to stay with (I( seen the woman around, been in the man’s taxi more times than I couldcount and the big daughter went school with my cousins).
    Yes I agree that parents must be in charge! The thing is I had to laugh at the hypocrisy or naivety of the head teacher @ Denbigh…(didn’t watch the clip as soon as I saywhat it was I remembered the whole episode, I am not sure if that part is in the clip) but she going on bout her students don’t do this or that!
    It seems tilt many children in JA are still adhering to the values instilled in them by good parent/s, but my gosh we must remember there are some real outta hand pickney out there to.
    Denbigh like other schools, pickney gwarn with some Nasty behaviour on road on bus and in bush! Note to the principal there watch other people business and you business will spoil.

    The UK kids did learn some valuable lessons while at the school and in Jamaica as a whole. I hope they’ve used what they’ve learnt for self improvement and a better future. Also hope their parents are still seeing positive changes in their kids

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