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A Chitungwiza man has attacked his 60-year-old mother after she refused to give him $10 to attend the Mavado Show.
Kudakwashe Matimbe (26) of Unit D flew into a rage and grabbed her mother’s TB tablets and flushed them down the toilet. When his mother, Media Matimbe, asked where he had put the tablets, he launched onto her with fists.
He has since been jailed for six months by Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Godfrey Unzemoyo after he admitted to beating his mother .
Kudakwashe told the court that he failed to raise the money though he is a conman and a drug peddler.
Mr Unzemoyo slapped him with 10 months but set aside four months on condition of good behaviour. Mr Unzemoyo took into account that Matimbe’s behaviour was outrageous because he mistreated his old mother.
“You are one of the people who need a custodial sentence since you disregard one of the Ten Commandments that you should respect your mother and father.
“It is therefore, the courts’ duties to punish people like you and send out a clear message to those would-be offenders,” he said.
Allegations are that on January 22 this year, Media Matimbe was asleep in her bedroom with her husband when their son stormed in demanding $10 to attend a Mavado show in the capital.
After she indicated that she did not have the money, Kudakwashe became violent, seized her purse and took her TB tablets and flushed them down the toilet.
The helpless Media woke up and met with him in the passage where she grabbed his belt demanding to know where he had placed her tablets. Irked by this, Kudakwashe floored his mother with claps and bit her on the finger.
She screamed for help and Kudakwashe’s father came out to assist.
Kaudakwashe threw stones at his parents and went away shouting.
Ms Tafadzwa Makwande prosecuted. OWN STAFF/HERALD


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LOS ANGELES — A veteran elementary school teacher was arrested on horrifying child molestation charges after a film processor gave police photos showing blindfolded children with their mouths taped and cockroaches on their faces, authorities said Tuesday.

Mark Berndt, 61, was arrested Monday at his Torrance home and remained jailed on $2.3-million bail, according to a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department statement.

The charges involve 23 boys and girls ages 6-10 between 2008 and 2010.

The investigation started when the film processor gave authorities 40 photos depicting blindfolded children in a classroom with their mouths taped shut.

Berndt worked for more than 30 years at Miramonte Elementary in an unincorporated area of south Los Angeles before being fired as a result of the investigation. Miramonte serves a poor, mainly Hispanic neighborhood. More than half of its approximately 1,400 students still are learning English, according to the school’s website.

Some of the photos showed Berndt with his arm around children or with his hand over their mouth. Other pictures depicted girls with what appears to be a spoon up to their mouths as if they were going to ingest a clear-white liquid.

Sheriff’s Lt. Carlos Marquez of the Special Victims Bureau said it was determined the children were given semen on a spoon or on a cookie. A blue plastic spoon and container found in trash in Berndt’s classroom tested positive for semen, the sheriff’s statement said.

None of the photos showed the students actually eating the semen, but Marquez said the children reported they didn’t like the taste. Authorities are recommending the children be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Some of the children’s mouths and faces had large, live Madagascar-type cockroaches on them, according to the statement.

The incidents occurred during school hours, but not all the children were students of Berndt, Marquez said.

None of the alleged victims told anyone about the incidents, Marquez said. “They didn’t know they were being violated in that manner. They just thought it was a game,” he said.

Berndt is unmarried, has no children and there’s no indication of a previous arrest record, authorities said.

“I am sickened and horrified by the behavior of Mark Berndt,” Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy said in a statement.

More than 80 current and former students and school employees were interviewed for the investigation. Searches of the classroom and Berndt’s home turned up about 390 photos depicting children, Marquez said.

In addition, a DVD depicting adult sexual bondage “which mirrored the bondage-type photos of the children” was found during the search, the sheriff’s department said, noting that those images are not a crime.










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Scientists: ‘Look, One-Third Of The Human Race Has To Die For Civilization To Be Sustainable, So How Do We Want To Do This?’
JANUARY 26, 2012 | ISSUE 48•04

Scientists say at least 2 billion dead bodies will be burned and converted into fossil fuels.


Scientists Discover Gene Responsible For Eating Whole Goddamn Bag Of Chips
Any Idiot Could Have Come Up With The Car
WASHINGTON—Saying there’s no way around it at this point, a coalition of scientists announced Thursday that one-third of the world population must die to prevent wide-scale depletion of the planet’s resources—and that humankind needs to figure out immediately how it wants to go about killing off more than 2 billion members of its species.

Representing multiple fields of study, including ecology, agriculture, biology, and economics, the researchers told reporters that facts are facts: Humanity has far exceeded its sustainable population size, so either one in three humans can choose how they want to die themselves, or there can be some sort of government-mandated liquidation program—but either way, people have to start dying.

And soon, the scientists confirmed.

“I’m just going to level with you—the earth’s carrying capacity will no longer be able to keep up with population growth, and civilization will end unless large swaths of human beings are killed, so the question is: How do we want to do this?” Cambridge University ecologist Dr. Edwin Peters said. “Do we want to give everyone a number and implement a death lottery system? Incinerate the nation’s children? Kill off an entire race of people? Give everyone a shotgun and let them sort it out themselves?”

“Completely up to you,” he added, explaining he and his colleagues were “open to whatever.” “Unfortunately, we are well past the point of controlling overpopulation through education, birth control, and the empowerment of women. In fact, we should probably kill 300 million women right off the bat.”

Because the world’s population may double by the end of the century, an outcome that would lead to a considerable decrease in the availability of food, land, and water, researchers said that, bottom line, it would be helpful if a lot of people chose to die willingly, the advantage being that these volunteers could decide for themselves whether they wished to die slowly, quickly, painfully, or peacefully.

Additionally, the scientists noted that in order to stop the destruction of global environmental systems in heavily populated regions, there’s no avoiding the reality that half the world’s progeny will have to be sterilized.

“The longer we wait, the higher the number of people who will have to die, so we might as well just get it over with,” said Dr. Chelsea Klepper, head of agricultural studies at Purdue Univer­sity, and the leading proponent of a worldwide death day in which 2.3 billion people would kill themselves en masse at the exact same time. “At this point, it’s merely a question of coordination. If we can get the populations of New York City, Los Angeles, Beijing, India, Europe, and Latin America to voluntarily off themselves at 6 p.m. EST on June 1, we can kill the people that need to be killed and the planet can finally start renewing its resources.”

Thus far, humanity has been presented with a great variety of death options, among them, poisoning the world’s water supply with cadmium, picking one person per household to be killed in the privacy of his or her home, mass beheadings, and gathering 2.3 billion people all in one place and obliterating them with a single hydrogen bomb.

Sources confirmed that if a death solution is not in place by Mar. 31, the U.N., in the interest of preserving the human race, will mobilize its peacekeeping forces and gun down as many people as necessary.

“I don’t care how it happens, but a ton of Africans have to go, because by 2025, there’s no way that continent will be able to feed itself,” said Dr. Henry Craig of the Population Research Institute. “And by my estimation, three babies have to die for every septuagenarian, because their longer life expectancy means babies have the potential to release far more greenhouse gases going forward.”

While the majority of the world’s populace reportedly understands this is the only option left to save civilization, not all members of the human race are eager to die.

“I personally would rather live, but taking the long view, I can see how ensuring the survival of humanity is best,” said Norwich, CT resident and father of three Jason Atkins. “I guess if we were to do it over again, it would make sense to do a better job conserving the earth’s finite resources.”

“Hopefully, the people who remain on the planet will use the mass slaughter of their friends and loved ones as an incentive to be more responsible going forward,” he added.

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