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Suh dis is Karine in the pink top and Misses West inna di black top, they were once frenz
Karine inna di white top and Misses West inna di black and white top.
Vybz did dey wid Misses West and now him a Karine man, Misses West and Karine was frenz.
Karine a breed fi Vybz, dats why him hand dey pon har belly.
Fendii Prett inna di pink skirt, Vybz dey wid har too.
Red and White Valentines Party, Vybz and Karine back together.

Shontica Bestest

near Newburgh
Big up yourself Vybz ♥ Nothing like a strong, independent, hard working man with ambition and goals! Your future bright and full of success! Surround yourself with ppl that are on your level n you’ll strive further! #Blessed
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Vybz TeamSage Lord shontica mi nuh affi seh nuhting cause you couldnt have said it any better… success attract success..

Shontica Bestest Yes! No time for giddy head ppl yuh gone ah lead and dem will still be same place in the same predicament!

Vybz TeamSage Lord LMFAO!!!!! no time fi dem cause dem a waste matter dem fi flush dung di drain cause dem life lame.. I am inlove with my life, my career and my money..

Shontica Bestest POW POW POW!!! Independent n nuh beg ppl nothing!!! Dem can’t chat to wi!!!

Vybz TeamSage Lord mi collar bone might a show but mi nuh hungry.. LMFAO!!!!! mi nuh bragg and mi nuh boast… weh mi pay inna tax fi di year a more dan weh dem mek in two years….

Shontica Bestest Umm yuh nah sey!!! Lmaoo make dem know! It’s a give and take world n idk bout u but mi nuh want nobody around me that only ah take n can’t match up to what I can give!

Vybz TeamSage Lord dem just wah wah wah like ambulance.. TFF!!! MI a like ATM machine yuh cyaa get nothing out a mi if yuh nuh put nothing in.

Candi Hart dam unno going hard on dis status lol

Shontica Bestest Smh just don’t have a clue!!!

Candi Hart no i don’t sorry im clue less my bad tica..


Mr. Vegas ll

To me, none of this started before Kartel and because he did this a lot of other artist tried to do the same, do you agree?

Mr. Vegas: No, I don’t think Kartel is the one who created that media hype. That is why we have a thing called Clash in Jamaica where artist could Clash each other; it was to see who could come out the most victorious and who could get the most hype. Before Kartel there were artist who tried to create their own kind of hype. For example Shabba Ranks would wear the baggy pants and other artist would wear chains that would go almost down to their knees because they wanted to be seen. So you see, the whole industry is about hype but it is who can live without the hype and who can stay humble after not hearing themselves on the radio for two months. Who can stay humble if there is a popular beat and you are not on the beat that is the difference with some artists. Some artists will go crazy if they are not in the spotlight all the time, but there were always artist who tried to get the hype before there was a Kartel



Ok, let me get into your personal life now, the other day you even tricked me on twitter with your fake wedding announcement and I will say I am guilty of texting a few friends to tell them about it but do you see yourself getting married and do you have a special someone that you see yourself marrying because you seem like a stable person?

Mr. Vegas: I am but am not going to get married now , but I have to get married at some point because it’s my belief, my religion  which is my Christian faith and for the direction I see my life going in. But there are things that I have to fix about myself right now before getting married. It would not be good to get married and still be out in the world trying to pick up on a girl every other night so I have to fix a few things in my life where my faith, my belief in God are strong enough to deal with temptation. Or travelling and beautiful women coming up to me and me being unable to resist. I have to be stronger so those things will not matter

Yes you have to be strong when they are coming at you but do you think beauty matters that much and do you also think that you have to be with someone that is super beautiful versus someone who is regular looking or average so much so that people would think or say that she is just regular not supermodel beautiful. Just regular and if so what are you looking for, inner beauty or outer beauty or both?

Mr. Vegas: I do love beautiful women but if it is based on just beauty then it won’t be enough for me because I cannot be with someone who is just beautiful and doesn’t have a brain. I can’t be with someone who is just beautiful but cannot hold a conversation so for that; I would rather end up with an ordinary looking person who has some kind of intelligence where we can both build up each other.

The big fad going on in Jamaica, year after year for the past twenty years has been the bleaching of the skin. How do you feel about a woman or women feeling that they have to bleach and as a man knowing that a woman has bleached? How do you feel about dating a woman who has bleached her skin and are you attracted to these kinds of women?

Mr. Vegas: I have had relationships with white women, brown skinned women and real dark skinned women, beauty comes in different colors and I think first of all if you don’t love what you see when you look in the mirror then it’s going to be useless to think that someone is going to love you . You have to love what you are looking at before someone can love you so if you think that you have to get the color of someone else for people to love you because if they did not love you when you were of a darker complexion they still will not love you when you are fairer so I think you just have to love yourself first and as a woman I don’t think the color of the skin matters, I think it’s the brain. It is the way in which you carry yourself, your morals, that will carry you through. The color of your skin won’t carry you through

Agreed, but who do you think is responsible for women bleaching because if there wasn’t a market for it women wouldn’t continue to bleach. They must see some result from their efforts in the way in which men respond to them in order to continue.

Mr. Vegas: I think people do think that white people or brown people get more success or tend to be more successful, I am not sure who is responsible for it but I think it’s just the way people think. They think that if two people go for a job and one is white and the other one is dark, the light skinned one will get the job. I think we base our whole thinking on that too much and loose interest in getting the ‘’brain’’. They tell themselves that it doesn’t make sense to get an education because they are already dark and they won’t get a job if they go for an interview. You have to make sure you have the requirements when you go for an interview.

It is interesting that you put that on the people that it is about them and that they are not focusing on the right things and that they are focusing on color when it is not a color issue. Is that what you are saying?

Mr. Vegas: If you are going to worry about someone else looking better than you and not how to make yourself stand out more then there will be a problem. You have to get the best education and experiences so that you will be way above the requirements that they will need. Prepare yourself in a manner where when you walk into that room you will light the room up, it is just like Bob did he paved the way for Rastafarians, before they could not go certain places because they were not accepted now they are accepted worldwide. It is how you carry yourself

 On twitter you seem very blunt but do you consider yourself a romantic kind of guy

Mr. Vegas: Well, I would say there is room for improvement. I think sometimes I get caught up with my work when I should be paying more attention so I will be able to handle my business better but that is  a sacrifice I have to make because I have kids to feed. Sometimes romance gets lost in all the activities.

So you are saying because of your career you just get to work. You don’t go through the fancy business?

Mr. Vegas: My romance does not begin in the bedroom, it starts before the bedroom it is a combination of things. It involves taking my person out on vacation and other stuff. It’s not about the bedroom alone .If it were that I would be the best romantic person on earth but it is not about that, at least that is not the way I envision it. My romance has to do with things in and out the bedroom as I said before it is a combination of things

How many children do you have?

Mr. Vegas: five.

How many mothers?

Mr. Vegas: Five

So, five children and five mothers why five mothers and why didn’t you stick around to have at least one more with one of the mothers or have all of them by one woman?

Mr. Vegas: I think relationships are hard to maintain especially when you are an artist that travels around the world. If I could do it again and if it were possible to have all of them with one woman then of course I would do it. That would be my greatest wish but for now I am looking at the positive side, they are here and they are beautiful kids. I work my shirt off to provide for them so that they won’t experience the negative side of life that I experienced. I had  things rough as a youth and I don’t want that for them. They are here and I have to love them as if they are all from one mom. I have no regrets about them being here at one point a doctor told me that I could not get any children so I am happy to have them. I used to see my friends having children and it would be the biggest joke on me so when I got my first son I had to do a D.N.A , his mom wend absurd because she thought I was being cruel but in fact the doctor had told me that I wasn’t able to make kids . When I got back the result and confirmed he was mine. I was the happiest man on earth so that is also the main reason why I have no regrets about my children being here.


Do you see yourself getting more children?

Mr. Vegas: Yes because I love children but only this time it has to be in the right situation but I am glad my children are all young so they will be able to know each other and  no one will be able to tell them that they were loved differently . I love all of them equally.

So do you think it is good enough and I am talking it like this; you are an artist and you are always travelling so your children are not always with you so is it really and truly possible to be a good father with so many children by different mothers and also do you think it is possible to be a real father because it is a situation where the children by all different mothers do you think this can happen?

Mr. Vegas: Yes but to be the father I would want to be is a different story, to spend time with them – but that is the sacrifice I have to make so that they get taken care of. On the other hand I would love to have all of them with me at the same time and spend time with them all the time or have a home that they could all come home to at once. But at the same time I cannot change what has already been done so for now I have to make myself available to them and be able to go out there and work in order to provide for them.

Do you have any regrets in life and I am not talking regrets surrounding your children but surrounding one thing that you wish you could change?

Mr. Vegas: I have a sister that passed away and we were not speaking at the time she passed away and if I could change that, it would be the first thing and only thing that I would change because she was my only protector as a child that grew up in an abusive home and she was the only one that showed us love and I allowed a disagreement to cause us not to speak. That is my only regret.





in Aprile 2011, the U.S. state department released a report on human rights in Zimbabwe. In the report U.S. government officials outline many abuses of power and savage acts perpetrated by the Zimbabwe government and their security forces. Specific cases include mass beating of high school and college students, torture of protesters, unlawful arrests, harassment, and even imprisonment of adolescent children. According to the U.S. Government, the problem is worsening in Zimbabwe and the corruption in their government continues to hide the abuses.

I don’t know if this next story really qualifies as abuse or an infringement on human rights by authorities, but it’s a different approach to a problem than we might take here in the United States.

A 17-year-old boy from Chiredzi, a small rural town in South Africa, has been arrested for a “criminal insult”. For an undisclosed reason, he snapped a picture of a local business women busy at work in her office, then posted the photograph on Facebook with a caption reading, “a typical Chiredzi prostitute”. He then called the women and informed her of his actions. The two were already friends on Facebook, so she noticed the posting immediately after the call. She then contacted local security agents.

The boy admitted to authorities that he had indeed taken the photo and posted the comments, but also explained that he was, “sorry” and didn’t know any better because he was new to online social networking. He begged the court for leniency stating that he was the only one working to support his family. The judge convicted him of “criminal insult” and he was sentenced to be beaten with a cane.

I’m curious to know what people think about this type of punishment. It doesn’t cost the taxpayers anything and I’m pretty sure he won’t be doing it again.



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