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  • Changes says:

    The first chic on the left looks like a black Amy Winehouse.

  • hello badmind …too who ever put me on this shit…lol dwl … big up me the picture di picture man neva get me when mi ready but mi stay bloodclaut good and mi eva clean awah do sum gal roun here go buy some clothes and some drinks cuz uno thirsty nuh bloodclaut……………dwl to bitch weh do dis its just so sad u cant face me..u want to be me and fuck my man/babyfather…u loser get a life

  • all a dem tan baddddddddddddddddd, chin look revvvvvvvvvvvvvv out look like from blacks dead she no stop look worsttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt n worseeeeeeeeeeeee, lawwd god cherly eva look horrible, n chynaa friend look like she deh pon di strongest dose a coke, dem seh cheap n clean but all a unnno loook cheap n dirty, smh

  • Anonymous says:

    lawd de gyal ina blond wig luk like shi ah dead n look worst dan whitney pon crack n ah which garbage shi find da dutty wig deh n har mouth open up like shi suck hood permentanly n da blond wig deh nuh fit ar n wtf does she have on????? omfg!!!!!!dis bitch is rediculous wardrobe malfunction!!!!! lmao she dont even have chest 4dat bra top thing she has on n it luk cheap nuh bloodclat n her costume omfg wdf is she wearin sterling silver? my girl yuh nuh si seh de fake costume ah weigh down yuh neck n da empty champaine glass deh weh nuh av ntn ina it ca ar mouth luk dry nuh bloodclat den has da nerve fi talk bout shi eva clean my girl yuh eva stink!!!!!crawl back ina de hole weh yuh come out ah ca yuh nuh ready!!!!

  • FUCK U says:

    FUCK U

  • Lmao off @ Man/Babyfather comment ah so yuh belly raffle yuh nuh know if ah yuh babyfadda or boyfren…LMAO Chin belly favor tun cornmeal…cherl u need fi pudung di bodysuit nd jumpa cuh yuh body nuh built fi dem ting deh nd buy a new wig dat one revvv out

  • Chin look bad and that mouth look stink go visit the dentist Asap and scrape off the man/woman discharge off your teeth.

  • Anonymous says:

    lawddddddd!!!!!! A who scatta fi her teeth dem. Da bolnde hair deh wah do cause da wig deh ugly nuh bloodclat. Dem gyal yah shoulda shame fi seh “look good” cah she ugly bad. mi cah believe she seh nuh boby wah be she, and she look like a man ina ah wig. A wah happen to trannylmao. yuh look like one a da ole hore dem pon south road corna. My girl yuh look like yuh sell dolla fuck. yuh wah refernish. yuh nuh ready fi dancehall yet. uh lokk

  • A which man dat ina da blonde wig! yuh teeth dem scatta like yuh a nam stone cause a couldnt food yuh a nam and look dead suh. Aids look like it a kill yuh. My girl yuh body nuh ready. Dancehall doh fit yuh. yuh wah refernish. yuh look tired, beat out, rev out, and owld. yuh clothes nuh ready and yuh wig leam lmao lmao lmao crack head!

  • A weh blony dida go ina da sequence bra deh CARNIVAL! lmao

  • Enter your name... says:

    Girl ina da blonde wig, yuh look like fly a pitch ina yuh mouth!

  • I jus wanna say 2da man in da blond wig mi hate da wig deh mi wa dragg it off ah yuh head n beat it tu frazzle dwl yuh Nuh fi deh ah party ca it Nuh fit yuh but try ru Paul drag queen show but dat still nah guh work out

  • what the hell does thT topic mean

  • D says:

    All mi haffi seh is….. “Duppy noe who fi frighten”

  • ano everybody can shape bad like uno not bcuz the girl is 100 hundred pounds and uno a 330 pounds over weight and just 19 di wullua unu ugly no bloodclaut mi nah fi ask mi ah tell u bcuz mi no yes r wig fuk up but clearly if you look on the dancehall celebrities .com i took way better pics of her.the picture man snap the pic quick.she was the maddest ting that night @ joe dawg n she was really the only one weh did look good dats why she get so much pics.
    AND CHERYL is very big n beautiful she bring di vibes come ah party while di rest ah dem deaddi deaddi she get a bad pic to but look at her face she ah have fun . some gyal cant come out in what they want bcuz them nuh have confidence its not there fault ur insecure 75% of unu inna dance favor bullfrogs n i take ur pics so i should know !!!!!

  • the girl in the tights just look like she want to go home to sum buddy . nothing is not wrong with that if some girls dont have a MAN I WILL B THERE!
    dont b jealous of the next girl personality she love fuck and she want to express that i would a fling off dem polka dot draws n fuck in ah di club to how she ah gwan dah night

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