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Mavado’s Zimbabwe TRAIL

In most African countries, foreigners are cautioned to be careful and cautious because thieves seize every opportunity to come into cash and valuables

    Mavado’s present trip to Zimbabwe, has encountered a bit of disappointment as one of his crew members had the unfortunate experience of having his wallet and passport stolen.  The thief after taking the items, called a member in Mavado’s camp, Clint and directed him into retrieving the passport, but advised that he would be keeping a $100 U.S. note he found. On his previous visit to Ghana, a member of Mavado’s crew passport was stolen and the young man had to remain there even after Mavado left. Zimbabwe , has proved to be different as the thief gave thought to the dilemma it would have caused with the young man being without his passport.




Everybody knows Rally Bop right, from way back then? More so recently with him and the drama between the Gwalla’s Nation crew and the BX Dream Team. However while the war between the two crews are full swing, the drama in the Gwalla’s Camp is just as intense. Turns out people do not know how to separate business from pleasure and that has resulted in more than acceptable controversy.
The self proclaimed BX General may just have spread himself too thin. Recently there was a facebook blast about Roxy Gwallas, from Melissa Chan, who apparently is Rally Bop’s girlfriend (or former girlfriend). Turns out the crew members have been seeing each other (and that is putting it mildly) behind the girlfriend’s back. When the girlfriend found out, their business was broad casted for all to see on Facebook. Now I have seen the Roxy chick, she is hot, who would blame Rally for wanting to tap that, but I believe if you are working with people there should be boundaries. Still there have been threats made, so I think everyone is waiting to see if Melissa is going to beat Roxy’s ass as she claims, who knows. Props to Rally though, he did manage to get one of the hottest chicks in the Bronx. And if my sources are to be believed she is not just an artist in the group but she is also one of his managers, do I smell a power couple on the rise? Still, I can’t wait to see this play out.


Met, this manframe named Patrick aka Byll Gatz aka Lucky roll on, is a piece of work. Him used to deh wid mi fren from england up til last year and true she stop mind him, him closet nuh see nuh good clothes this year. Him usually par wid luki fabulous and mark dem. Anyways him always a gwan like him a di richest man inna jamaica and a one room the man live inna, him buy old bmw and a try hype pon people but everybody dun know a lucky buy the car and give him. Him owna fren dem cant stand him cause him never have money when its time to go to the bar. Christmas gone, a richie pooh and him a par and him nuh stop walk and beg richie pooh and him woman tings. Now this nastiness take up dutty Sharon Sab from england, i guess him hood no partial



Intuition and the Spiritual Path

Being on your spiritual path is an interesting concept. It begins for each person in the strangest ways. Some have had formal religious teaching and some have no religion. Yet at some point in their life the soul becomes active in their conscious awareness and they find themselves seeking to know more about God, Goddess, All that Is. Often it begins with a loved one dying and certain family members search for answers about life after death. Others experience ghosts and poltergeists and realize that we are not alone. Some have lovely visions of angels and helping spirits of loved ones from the other side. Many just realize how unhappy they are with daily life and seek refuge in new beliefs and truths.
Interestingly enough it is the intuitive part of human beings that begins to react when an individual seeks to know the invisible worlds. Suddenly they have experiences they call tingling and hair standing up on the arm or back of the neck. They begin to feel the reaction from their intuitive- body taking place in their physical body. They are finally listening with the intuitive rather than the logic.
Our intuitive body is connected through our entire chakra field of energy. It encompasses the same senses as our physical, only on an inner and deeper level of resonation. It resonates to energy rather than form. Our entire bodies, including our energy bodies have an impact on our intuitive nature. Hearing and sensing with our feelings is different than feeling and sensing with our hands and minds. Everyone uses his or her intuition all the time. Few are aware they are doing it and few understand that it is an ability that can be developed and used to enhance life and learning.
Intuition has been feared for centuries. It has been labeled as paganism, occultism, spiritism and such. More generally it is equated to ones instincts or gut feelings. Whatever one chooses to call intuition, it is a mandatory part of our being that none should simply ignore.
To develop ones intuition, one needs to open to using and practicing it. As with all our other learned talents and abilities the more you use something the better you get at it. A common misconception about intuition is that we should use it to tell the future of save others lives with it. If your intuition is not doing those things for you personally, why do you think it can for others?
To develop our intuition we must realize how all other life and we are energy first and matter second. Going out into nature is the best way to accomplish this. When we spend time in nature we have to listen to the wind and the streams, the animals and the silence. Through our intuition we have to interpret what we are hearing intuitively to speak the language. We are always communicating with others through our energy and they with us. The tension we feel around us and inside of us is felt intuitively. Our intuition often tells us how to react to a situation that might be loving or dangerous. To be able to intuit properly one must be able to interpret what they feel and put it into words. More often than not this is the same communication we do with our companions in spirit, who by the way are energy beings. Our companions in spirit communicate with us through our intuition. Our intuition is our form of telepathy that allows them to do so. If we don’t understand how to use our intuition and if we don’t trust it, the communication is garbled. We then feel as if spirit is not speaking with us or that we are doing something wrong.
Our intuition is not about thinking but about receiving and interpreting the language of the energies we encounter. Few of us wish to do this in our immediate circle of people in everyday life, as they hold no joy and growth for us. So we move to different dimensional planes of energy to find our communing and communication. We move to the spirit essence of life that we are and begin to connect to the spirit essence of life everything else is at.
I here would like to equate intuition as being our soul. Our soul is the receptor needed to receive our spirit essence. If indeed soul and intuition are one in the same, then as we develop our intuition so are we developing and remembering our soul consciousness.
Opening up to our feeling self and learning to trust and develop our intuition can be an arduous and sometimes dangerous journey. I suggest that you use your common sense while learning to implement it into your daily life. No one said we should simply throw common sense out of the equation we call life.
Much that I speak of today can be studied as Quantum Physics. In nearly any used bookstore you visit you will find entire sections on Quantum Physics. This is the science and understanding of how energy creates and moves other energy. Metaphysics teaches us how to make the journey of the soul, Quantum Physics teaches us how it is the only scientific journey of life that is viable.
Once intuition is recognized and used, there are many different tools available to help use it to it’s greatest potential. After a time of practice and learning intuition becomes the mainstay of the individual life path. Individuals can now sense and understand why they feel the way they do about others or life. One can directly commune with the energies surrounding them and can learn to commune with angels and companions in spirit.
Our intuition can take us deep inside the hidden mysteries of self. We can use it to journey within the different dimensional frequencies we emit and live within. We can travel within soul and explore the heavenly worlds as well as the worlds of pain and sadness. Once activated and developed the intuition cannot be turned off. It becomes our knowingness and understanding of how we are a Universe unto ourselves, and how we are also All Other Universes. Humans are little more than a program of their environment and life. Their conscious mind tells them daily who they are and how to live their life. The conscious mind is little more than a computer database that is used to store and access information from our daily life experiences. Our soul experiences cannot be accessed through our rational part of the brain.
We must find, use, and develop our intuition to access those memories, thereby expanding ourselves through learning, to attain enlightenment. Our hidden memories of past incarnations, blocked emotional responses and the ability to trust are all lodged somewhere in our soul memory, also stored here, is our memory of Angels and Teachers of light and the different dimensions of consciousness. Our intuition is the tool we use to access these memories and re-create the past, heal the present, and create the future.


Cedella Marley, ranted about a certain mystery woman who wants to take over Tuff Gong on her Facebook lastnight. Lately , the Marley’s seem to be having problems with a few people who are a threat to the ”Marley” fortune. According to Cedella, this mystery woman wants to take over, and she wants her to know that the family is ”on” to her

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