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Man votes for wrong candidate, dies


Thursday, December 29, 2011


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A 70-year-old man died after reportedly voting for the wrong candidate in Mullet Hall, West Portland this morning.

Sylvester Nugent, a farmer, collapsed about 10:15 after voting.

He was taken to the Annotto Bay Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Reports are that he went to the Avocot Primary and Junior High School, and after he voted there, came out and declared that he had “voted for the wrong person”, before collapsing.–dies#ixzz1hxBoUcqk




Hi met how are you? Im a regular reader of your posts, i must comend you on doing a good job,keep it up. Anyways lets get to di meat a di matta, dis gal name tanisha some people might know har as bling (really n truly mi tink dem fi call har fling) cuz dis yah 22 year ole gal yah jus a walk a dash har crotches like confetti and to make matters worst she not even sleeping on a decent bed, she clean di wull a negril, most a dem likkle small island deh and not a penny fi show now she a clean up mobay and not only dat HAR PUM PUM (Edited), is like di gal ave a (Edited) inna har draws, this is no joke nuff man a talk bout it one a dem even seh him nuh shame fi seh (Edited)


My Husband di IGLER-Beenieman

Good Day Husband,

                                   I hope you are fine I hope this letter finds you the best of health. (old time letter writing style)It has been made clear to me husband that you have been idling your days away not knowing how to regain your momentum. Husband dear , when you sang songs like ‘’Old Dog Like Me’’, ‘’One Man Ina Yuh Zum Zum’’, ‘’King Of The Dancehall’’, dem song deh mek dem mark, suh mi hudda really like know whey yuh fly dung from di cold country and skip yuh performance a Turks fi go hold up di side a di stage a sting. Liang did tell yuh seh di stage side weak? Ah whey yuh always a run dung ina dancehall? Bounty rinse yuh out like a plastic soup basin..di one wid di flowas roun di rim. Mi sidung a wonder a who rinse out dem blouse arm an gi yuh fi drink cause yuh is one a dem fool deh whey come by way of some lopsided obeah. Di same man whey write your song dem a di same man whey write Bounty counteraction so di same man set yuh up fi seh yuh get buss up?  Ah mus arm dem cook gi you man ..Suh Bounty get sumting fi hype him offa .Drake done palaave offa him pay per hire services and song go multiplatinum , whey mek depression send Killa go a di club deh…yes dah one deh..di same one whey him did cuss yuh bout him a go deh nung..a don’t think him reach dis week doe cause him di way him did feel high when him a lef sting him knee cup naily beat off him chin. An you look like a real shamey dog…Yuh go sting and tan up ina di V.I.P section den tek yuh like mawga sef shuffle roung tuh di stage side…Meeda wonder why Bounty did a keep on a look a di side a di stage mi nay know a yuh tan up deh a look up pan di stage a bait up di man..Yuh name rat-be-gone? When did you ketch roun a di stage side Beenie? How did you wentz dere?  Ah mussi dandy shandy yuh did a play but yuh pawdy neva out suh yuh cudden go heen. Mek a tell yuh sumting, di ooman dem love yuh from yasso to desso…regardless a di bading ting but dem nuh waa no man whey a go tun Killa beating stick cause yuh and me done know seh a only ooman strent him have suh di more yuh war him a di more oomanish yuh a look. Well yuh drap di SUPPLIGENT pan him now…Yuh can head back to yuh work dem now doe? Alright..

Your wife



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