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Fans of Ragashanti hold up their placards in front of the BCJ office yesterday during a protest to get him back on air. – Laranzo Dacres

Supporters of Dr Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart and his talk show, Ragashanti Live, staged a peaceful protest in front of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica’s (BCJ) office yesterday.

The loyalists congregated in the vicinity of a central bus stop on Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston, clad in white T-shirts and jeans, which they said was the planned dress code for the protest. The mostly female protesters were armed with tambourines and placards as they voiced their disapproval of the recent decision made by the BCJ.

“Raga mek people can enjoy dem poverty,” one infuriated protester told THESTAR.

The protest came on the heels of an order issued by the BCJ on Monday to have ‘Ragashanti Live’ removed from Nationwide 90 FM with immediate effect, based on what was said to be numerous public complaints over a two-month period, coupled with 18 breaches of the Broadcasting Diffusion Act that the commission said the radio station had committed.

“From mi hear seh dem a guh tek Raga off a di radio, all now mi nuh eat nuh more food,” said one protester, known as Jennifer Goodas.

Two police vehicles loaded with officers were parked close to the feet of the protesters to ensure that the protest remained orderly.

“Raga stand for the upliftment of poor ghetto people,” was what one of the placards held by an elderly lady read.

“Never in the history of radio has the BCJ requested a host off air, I don’t think it’s in their portfolio. Because if it were so, other radio station personnel have done stuff worst than Raga on air and got suspended and are now back on radio,” Michel Le’ a member of Ragashanti’s radio talk-show team said fervently.

She continued: “And if Raga was doing something wrong then he should have been off radio a long time ago. So, I would say Cordell Green and Hopeton Dunn have not been doing their jobs, so if Raga get booted off radio that mean they should be booted from the BCJ because they were not doing their jobs!”

When THESTAR left, the protest was still ongoing as the protesters beat their tambourines while engaging in chants of “We want Raga!”

THESTAR has also learnt that the protesters are planning on being in the same area at the same time today with much more support as well as on Thursday. On Friday, they also plan to stage an islandwide protest for the reinstating of ‘Ragashanti Live’ on radio.


34 Responses to RAGGA FANS IN THE STAR

  • SERENITY says:

    mawning,mawning….as much as mi enjoy me some ragga,mi just wish these damn people would protest more for a better Jamaica and try help stop out violence and crime. How di hell you fi a enjoy poverty?

  • sp says:

    Its always women on the frontline a protest…plz use your time wisely and protest for domestic violence against woman & children,carnal abuse, food for poor better paying jobs,clean running water and the list goes!

  • Danhai Skeng says:

    d man dem inna d oicture uh loook like real man

  • I cosign Serenity and SP…so wish dem wudda demonstrate fi d right things 🙁

  • hope says:

    im not throwing raga under the bus… but i dont see where his show is uplifting the country, all they do there is put ppl on blast and speakin indicent arguements… 4 a man of such high education and stadards, his show show should’ve been of more quality… i wonder what that girl learn from raga that is not in her UWI tet book… smdh, jamaican ppl get a hold of uuno self

  • Maniac says:

    No disrespect Hope but can u not understand what M.Le is saying about learning things from the show that she does not get from a text book?

    Ok, let me give you an example: Being street smart is NOT a part of the UWI curriculum. I could go on with others but I wont.

  • goodas fi dem original fr birth says:

    raggggaaa to the worlll, u know if me did deh a jamaica me would a deh deh….so weh pampute and her fren anakay fabulous deh weh ragga deh wid

  • Danhai Skeng says:

    who ragga deh wid?

    unuh av any picture a har?

  • goodas fi dem original fr birth says:

    one gal weh name anakay weh live a town, have 4 pickney an she no 28 yet. notice him no stop ig up fabulous girls abd tings…

  • Danhai Skeng says:

    him mek sure get a woman weh him know ez fi breed

    cuz fi him clock a tick weh


  • Cindy Royal says:

    Mi like how Michel Le a fight fi Raga doe. Shows loyalty.

  • Danhai Skeng says:

    how old is michel le?

    cindy royal or who know or av any idea can tell me

    my phone number is 1876-456-4573

  • bev hailing jmg big brother matter of a horn says:

    if me was in jamaica me would be there rgaa me miss u show

  • Yardie says:

    I look at the Raggashanti show as an equal to Howard Stern in USA both of which I have listened too in the past. Neither show uplifts its audience but its their right to broadcast. However thier right to broadcast ceases when public decency lines have been crossed.

    Raggashanti is only fighting for his pocket, funny with all the indecency on the show and the lowering of molal standards he has his BSc. & Phd, none of which were earnd with all this illeteracy, he is a hypocrite, he should be trying to uplift the people.

    With all that said, he should take his program to a pay-per-view audience, to let that market decide.

  • Met says:

    yardie whey ragga phd really have fi do wid moral standards? what does doing a show where people speak about the same mixup we speak about here considered lowering moral standard? what ragga chooses to do with his phd is his business not urs or mine…

  • Met says:

    if u a go seh him show a fi a different time ok…but di man work fi him phd on his own sweat…no one has the right to tell him what to do with it…if him waa shit pan it a fi him business… because its his and thats what he worked for

  • Dainty_Me says:

    Mi say a lang time me nuh sign een enno but no no no no Yardie yuh a move like yuh waan dis di program yah…move u dutty bloodclawt fram yahso and gwane guh lick out yuh batty man bredren Howard Stern Batty…wat di fuck u mean by “none of which were earned with all this illeteracy” pussyole yuh sound so fucking dumb…move yuh bumbole fram yasso. Yuh have a Phd pussyole? Yuh know how r wat it takes to get one a dem deh? Dem deh nuh sell a 99cents store wey u shap bumbole Yardie….

  • Met says:


  • Dainty_Me says:

    cho Met yuh know me nuh rude enno but mi love Ragga bad!!! And yuh si how Yardie a move ee…

  • Maniac says:

    AMEN @ Met and Dainty….
    Caw dem ah gwaan like ah dem pay fi him PhD dats y dem waan come tell him wha fi duh wid it.

    Yardie, move yuh raawrse an gwey fram yah.

  • Met says:

    dainty mi waa know if dem tink people stupid…. a fi dem opinion bout di show yes…but what ragga do wid fi him degree a fi him business…dem tink seh talking to di people dem ina uppity way can give dem a phd like whey him have? dem fi stop dat shit…

  • Dainty_Me says:

    yuh seet MET…lawd him mek me all figet me mannaz cho…Howdy do MET n Metters…pardon me yah Maniac

  • Met says:

    dainty whey u been?

  • Met says:

    london u seet doe……………. dem fraid fi seh a wha…oh boy :(

  • Met says:

    first dem did claim a di mixture a medication kill har but mi neva hear no law suit

  • Dainty_Me says:

    MET me say di work have me a way man…me tiad a nite time wen me come home mama suh me just peep wen me get a chance n before me know it me drap asleep a nite time…lol

  • Met says:

    dainty sun a shine now u soon tired less

  • Dainty_Me says:

    I really hope so MET

  • Yardie says:

    This is exactly what i was speaking about. There is no place for some of the things i read (ie. lick out batty and pussyhole) None of you don’t even know me, “so a man thnketh so is he”, you loose youself to western world sadom.
    If any of you read and understod my post there would not be all this hatred, badword cursing and disrespect, which is the exact reason the show is not on the air right now! Laws are laws and we (jamaicans) don’t like to obey any.
    People have to remember that the broadcast commission has certain standards of decency to uphold, if Ragga wants he can carry his show to satalite radio, where i’m sure he will have the same support. He can also continue to do his live shows which are not on the public airways, so anything goes. If his callers had more respect (ie. the cursing on air, explicit references and releasing persons identity on air) the broadcast commission could not pull the show off the air. No matter how hard they tried.

    That’s it for me on this topic.

  • gazahman says:

    hope & yardie, guh suck unu respective foreparents, please name all the uplifting talk shows that are popular in Jamaica, I bet unu cyaa even count 5, apart from PROFILE which airs weekly and also SUSAN, me gi yu TWO, gimmmie 3 more, and dont mention OPRAH nor HILL n GULLY RIDE, all daily talkshows are about either politics, news or entertainment, so raga is educated so dat mean him muss ONLY do inspirational shows? what about the other talk show hosts? dem nuh educated also? all mutty chat bout is how di Govt. fuck up Ja, dat nuh UPLIFTING to me, guh suck unu mumma, same ting raga say, di UPT dem nuh want nuh GHETTO pon dem airwaves, he must try and UPLIFT them, try to get them to their level, lol. UPT make me sick, RAGA show is defined as entertainment, there is NONE like it so him have a niche.

  • gazahman says:

    @yardie, you read the B. commish pdf and think it’s 100% so eh? no profanity is aired from raga show, since newstalk days, dem get strict, the show is on a time delay, profanity is edited out when listening to the radio but it goes out on the internet, the broadcasting commission has NOOOOOOOO say in what airs on the internet, words that b. commish dont want raga to say and perfectly ok on other shows, they even gave him ah breach when he read a medical article PRIINTED in the STAR, he got the breach, not the STAR, tell me know, how iz dat fair? the b. commish is trying to regulate TASTE and that is impossible esp. when it isn’t illegal under the law, how can raga commit a breach when a caller says “sort out”? when raga tell the listeners to use “sort out” instead of sex, now the term “sort out” get popular and now broadcast commish says it’s a breach.

  • MISS FED UP says:


  • empress_1957 says:

    I cannot for the life of me see why these so called up town people and the bcj is fighting Raga so much, what would they say about Ms.Lou,Ranny Williams and others, this is part of our culture this is part of our history, every country in this world is holding on to their history and culture, no matter if it may be ofensive to others, We jamaicans are the only ones who are imitators of other people cultures, and fell as it when we have a degree we should be speaking through oue teeth, and walk as if we’re walking on air.Roaga show is for everyone when his callers call in they are free to speak whatever way they feel comfortable with out being intimidated. The same up town people are using the so call getto people too, their husband/wives are going into the getto to get what their partners cannot give then and what about what they are doing to their helpers. The only reaon why they are on Raga case like that because they’re scared that their dirty laundry will be out in the streets. Raga is is the the therapist for the getto people when the up town people mess up their workers head and the voilence that is taking place in our beautiful country. Raga to the world a dat me say…………..

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