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Keiva yuh tun saint? Mi haffi ask  kaws dis is sirryus..Keiva dah ting deh tame now? Kaw mi refuse fi believe seh yuh of all persons a watch smaddy tings and run carry back people dem to dem inlaw and bare tings…KEIVAAAAAA BOBIESHA COME A YUH STORE AND BEAT OUT YUH WATSITNAT PRAPPALYY…Nex time yuh fi shet up yuh mout yuh  an tek yuh mout outa people business ESPECIALLY WHEN YUH IS NO GOODAS

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  • goodas fi dem original fr birth says:

    wtf met why u a frighten me..cho, warn me fuss man…dwl

  • Mr Lexx says:

    Mi like dah sitten deh weh she a (under)wear…..

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    dashhhhhhhhhh itttttttttt……ppl run een

  • danhai skeng says:

    them nuh know say bobbieasha a bad gurl from dung town long tie

  • simplicity says:

    wait deh a suh bobbi bad dwrcllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • money says:

    a dat mi a sey to @SIMPLICITY dem gyal dae a bad bad raaawwwtid gyal Keeeva yuh chat tooo much 2 a ur teeth dem shud a gone

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    but keiva yu rly carry news smdh smdh nd mek d gal beat yu inna yu shop?? dats like shi come a yu yaad nd beat yu _________________________________

  • SMADY says:

    well mi did hear seh bobbie a warriah long time…poor keiva


  • BeRRy says:

    Suh nobody nah ask which news she bring back? Well mi aguh ask……………KEIVA which news yuh carry guh bring?

  • gil says:

    a fucker fi keiva bobby shuda bruk har nose and buss up har mouth damn mix up nice job bobby

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Ahh loi!!! Seh wah, Bobbiesha beat Keiva inna har store???!!! No sah, Bobbie a move haaaarrrddd! Mi a gi har ratings fi dis beating lol

  • simplicity says:


  • David Smith says:

    God kno if mi did kno say a suh a yute wudda gree wid keiva body mi wudda breed her miself long time…look pon dem thighs deh man….thicckkkkk….mi like it alotttt

  • polonia says:

    Met a lie bout Bobbie beat Keiva…Keiva hav har shop inna Princeville n Bobby a sell sum shoes inna nex gal shop pan d plaza..Keiva park roun a d bak a d plaza n a go pan d rd n c Bobby a suk off d ole white man cocky…Bobby claim seh she deh wid a lil boy n Keiva n him madda a fren cuz Keiva use fe tek d lil bwoy 2…Keiva tell d madda n d madda mussi ask har son how him luv d nastiness dem so…d modda nuh like Bobby nun talll..furdamore d ole white man name Mickey Hill drive one convertible Bimma o Benz n liv uppa Jacks Hill..him cudda b har great great gran pa..cuz wen me yung him cudda b me great granpa..da nasty man deh luv black girl n him fuk dem inna dem battam…we hav proof sey bak inna d dayz him did flux one gal wa hav pikney fe Beenie in har azz n she en up a Medical Associates…so Bobby mussi a tek d lil fluxxy hood inna fe har bhind..cuz dat deh sinting mussi dead plus tax by now…A hear sey she go a Keiva n Keiva did fiz har bizniz…a hear sey she cudnt even cuzz Keiva n Keiva hangle har like guard dog…she upset cuz she sey Keiva tell har inlaw how she a suck d man cocky roun a d bak a Princeville…Keiva dun har mek nobady tell u nuttn..a factz dis..d yute modda sey she fe move har nassy corunbunkus discharge hole n go patch it wid barbagreen

  • kieva y u come pon ya a tell lie pon bobbie….she going bun dung u store next speak de truth

  • I think says:

    i thought bobbie was married bc she had Dunhill to her name and showing ring.

  • simplicity says:


  • Dunhill a cigarette r wa tinkin man cologne…

  • polonia says:

    Keiva nah lie..she ketch d ole whootia a sukz off d whiteman dingaling cuz @ fe him age a mus dingaling dat…dis ole long time man wa near 80 yrz ole..Hugh Heffner lukalike…wat dis lil pissn tail gal a do wid him..n nuttn still nah gwaan fe har.every lil yung blak gurl him fren hav fe move him up fr har dawta..cuz she kno him fr bak inna d 80z n kno sey him buss up d gal batty n Dr hav fe sew it up..she same one a ask Keiva wa mek she hav fe tell d yute modda..Keiva dun dat cuz she a gal wa nah tek dem chek deh fr long time

  • Met says:


  • lmao what a story

  • a suh bobiesha NASTY

  • london says:

    what kinda store keeva ave?

  • interesting dress… made for the road.

  • lol mix up the old man a fuck her wid viagra in her batty mi feel sorry fi her all fi money

  • tsk_tsk_tsk says:


  • which gyal made. anuh di bwoy name novar weh left ar wah day ya unuh a talk mada?

  • weh di yung bwoy name?

  • It can’t be that yute cause him always have her as a side fuck him never own up bobbiesha yet

  • Kulongi says:

    Leave mi Keiva alone, me have fi har bad bad, God Know say mi one fi har straight!!!!!!

  • Met says:


  • one talk says:

    all a dem gal here too mix up fi mi keeva walk and vex with every body all r good frinds dem and famliy she vex with fi noting when she ready and she not vexing with all the problem dem she have,keeva yuh turn 32 the last day feb so i think u was all grow up now and pls remeber that yr daughter don’t one year old yet so stop walk and tek little boys cause every pretty bow foot boy yu see yu want dem ,keeva yu a sex long time so u can wait now untill u find a man for yr self now that mean u and itasha and shacka don’t have to tek the same man agian ,so keeva u and shacka talk yet?mi see u and itasha a link back and a party together again ,so keeva the baby father that u meet inless than a month and breed for is he sending money for the baby keeva the man that yu see yr friend a tek is it yr man or the both a u man? mi know sey bobbiesha have plenty man but u no differ the only differ is that bobbie tek man that give her money and u tek little boys that pretty fi noting and till live with them mothers or dem lazy soo ina unclesam country keeva fr u did live a drewsland a pure mixup u always ina a full time now u stop it and grow up,,,,keeva fi u come on here come talk pls talk truth cause mi a go sell yu story fi yu try war with mi pon here ,cause mi know sey yu can’t beat mi like how yu beat scareasha.

  • Met says:


  • tsk_tsk_tsk says:

    sounds like more is to come!!! lol

  • correction keiva turned 33 years old not 32

  • 1 ting mi can say Keiva d baby fit yuh jus like how d baby look good a suh she mek yuh look good, maybe u need a next bby fi mad dem more

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