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Bottles, blood and gunshots end Follow Di Arrow
Bounty Killer, Ragashanti run for cover
By SIMONE MORGAN Observer staff reporter [email protected]
Sunday, February 27, 2011

FOLLOW Di Arrow, which throughout its promotion encouraged everyone to ‘keep the unity’, had that sentiment shattered to pieces when during Bounty Killer’s performance, bottles and stones started to rain on the stage.
The event, which was held at the James Bond Beach in St Mary, came to a grinding halt this morning when Killer took centre stage and started to make a comment on a story which was carried in a newspaper. He did not get to finish whatever he was about to say as at that point all hell broke loose.
Bottles and stones rained down and sounds of gunshots could be heard. Patrons scampered under the stage or just about any other place that seemed safe enough to offer protection from the violent and frightening attack. A cross and angry Killer, who had exited the stage just seconds before, made a sudden return shouting, “Mi nah run, after mi nah play dandy shandy”. The artiste did not live up to his words though, as just seconds later he was seen along with other members of his Alliance team running for cover from the angry crowd.
No one knows for sure if the gunshots were from policemen in the venue or from other sources. At the front of the stage, two men tried to carry a wounded pregnant woman to safety without much luck as dozens of bottles were flying. Dozens of other patrons were seen all bloody, some screaming in anguish while others just cowered, trembling in despair.
DJ Sunshine was seen cowering on the stage with someone kind enough to place a chair over her for protection.
And Ragashanti, who minutes before was urging the crowd to “stay calm”, had to beat a hasty retreat as the bottles pelted the stage.
The Observer could not ascertain the status of those injured, as when this reporter made an exit, the attack was still in full force as members of the security forces tried feverishly to quell the violent uproar.

126 Responses to FALLA DI BAKKLE!

  • goodso says:

    lol..ppl dem a jamaica nuh easy..dem still a bottle ppl..

  • Palace says:

    Afternoon.. Why wi haffi always a disgrace wiself? People can’t go out again fi enjoyment atall tru dis nonsense… Big setta fool.kmt

  • i hope the pregnant lady is okay

  • Met says:

    I a wonder if a set up ting

  • MET !!!! something must set off the people dem… How yu fi set up a STONEING/BOTTLEING ???

  • SWEET says:


  • Kartel come on stage about 20 minutes afta fe save the show and laugh ha ha ha like Santa and them him try fe sing Dancehall hero about five more bokkle fling pon stage and one lick him inna him head back. Bolt have nuttin pon Kartel

  • SWEET says:


  • Met says:


  • A wah him did a say so?

  • SWEET says:

    OBVISOUSLY A UNILATERAL BAKKLING____________________________, GAZA, ALLIANCE…..

  • Palace says:

    Bokkle Flinger weh yuh seh? Kartel tek flight?? lollll

  • SWEETS you are Right … But Why can’t DANCEHALL PEOPLE put the same amount of effort into work and other progressive things .. like what they put INTO THE DANCEHALL … ???

    Look how the WORK HARD at being the BEST, most Spectacular … Biggest Spender … and all these things … and just no care bout ANYTHING ELSE.

  • BeRRy says:

    Met it is a setup. Why would they sell liquor from the bottle? They don’t do that at those kind of shows. mi deh yah ah DWL after Killa. Killa seh I man nah run n den BOLT likka Usain______________ROTFL

    It nuh funny but Jamaican ppl and others also need to learn how to conduct themselves. This is just another reason for government to take away n stop parties from going on. If unno nuh wisen up there will only be tourists spots to visit in Jamaica. No parties or fun extra curricula activities because the people will be under drastic order. We nuh wah live suh. Suh unno need fi BOKKLE up unno behavior now.

  • Gimmelikkle says:

    Well anyting can appen at stage show an yuh haffi able fi defend yuhself whether yuh ah big shot DJ, radio puss-sin-havnoability or pregnant body all who haffi run mus able fi run or stap bokkle fram lick dem udderwise stap ah yuh yaad! heediat ting dem a gwan wid

  • And to where this stage show keep … TOURIST must have been there … How this going LOOK ON THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE ???

  • @ Berry. Killa neva run… Ragga gwan tell tha story tomorrow…

  • london says:

    any baddy know a wah cuz di bokkle fi start thow? wwhat did bounty say 2 set di ppl off?

  • SWEET says:


  • Gimmelikkle says:

    @London – Quotes fram Ragashanti – about 3 hours ago –

    “A neva Addi start it. Bounty did a talk bout di media a talk bout him an Kartel a guh clash…den him say him a big man an him cyaan clash wid…..him use a word dat was a small diss to Kartel. A deh so mi suddenly see di first 2 dozen bakkle come greet wi. Killa run fi cova. Bout 20 minutes later dem bring Kartel fi try save di show….as him start talk a deh so bout 5 more dozen bakkle start perform on and off di stage wid him. Kartel tek weh himself wid a quickness. Him fast yuh fuck!!
    3 hours ago”


    “Mi did a try calm dem. A ME did mek di comment seh mi neva go deh fi play dandy shandy….not Killa. Mi jus dive offa di stage like me stuntman. An a Magnum bakkle did still a reach weh mi deh. Mi jus mek anneda dive again, dis time mi reach unda di stage. A deh so mi see one police a shield him head wid him gun, and anneda one get a fat bakkle. Di ting did crazy yow!!”

  • Anont says:

    Afterloon sumting set awfff dat crowd mekk dem gwaan suh

    me fraid ah dem big crowd and cheap tickets me naaa lie

  • Anont says:

    Yuh see de ting dat gimmie write same suh de gaza bounty sitten

  • Labba Labba says:

    Serve har right!! Wah di hell yuh a duh a stageshow wid yuh big ole pregnant belly?!!!


  • real says:

    met afternoon …a set up dat di ting happen to fast …somebody pay fi bottle fling as soon as killa touch di stage ..

  • gavin r hood says:

    i blame ninja man for this….unnu memba dat tune whe him do call border clash…and di line whe him talk bout “dem use a shandie bokkle lick yu inna headback…pon di border clash…border clash”……if a laff a dead……jamaica ppl na boo or ask back fi dem money…dem want instant gratification fi dem dissatisfaction….mi member one year di ppl dem never like di festival song whe win….dem days deh a jbc….mi look pon mi tv and see bokkle fling pon a empty stage fi about 3 minutes…..mi all memba when lisa mahfood did win ms jamaica and di ppl dem never like her….and chue dem never have no shandie bokkle dem klaat dung di poor gyal wid some raas orange……..lmfao

  • britjama says:

    labba labba, i wouldnt say serve her right, pregnancy is not a handicap, she can still njoy herself. She couldnt predict what was going to happen. I hope she is okay. Just my thoughts.

  • london says:

    gimmilikkleeeeeeeeeeeeee, yowwwwwwwwwwwww ragga a di bess. him funny nuh blouse(please don’t do a latoya spence with one of these) and skirt.

    bounty feel seh him a di most respected d.j inna jamaica, an when ppl tek di piss wid odda d.js, him feel like dem wwon’t tek di piss wwid him. bowy was he wrong. frigga him.

  • illiterate fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s why the music nah go get no support and there’s no hope for restoration…. mi hate di ppl dem yuh si… bloodclat hungry belly fuckers who will not pay good money go nowhere dem jus go satge show and i swear dem fuckers look forward to throwing bottles because dem love bad publicity because mi sure dem deh a dem yard now a chat and laugh bout how many bottles dem fling and the stupid reasons behind it… and dem more than likely hungry nuh rass… No wonder Jamaica has one of the highest migration rate di ppl dem a run far from the birth land all because of the sed set a fuckers living here among us… Let me see how the other papers are gonna publish this story now because i hope they don’t turn it into a bounty/kartel or alliance/gaza report but how illiterate and dark our ppl are

  • i could care less who was on the stage whether it be beenie, bounty, mavado or kartel, ppl should behave like respectable adults… a di same set of ppl making it bad for us and when authority jump up and start lock off shows and stop issue permits for parties then we cuss… a dem things here mek things bad for us… the music industry nuh have far a go and it’s all our fault.. it starts with the ppl.. and you can’t say a frigga him because that s like giving them right fi do what dem did… dem fi be sensible respectable ppl man… dem too dark.. sometime we as a nation behave like wi are Haitians the way how we behave dark like wi nuh expose to education….

  • Kunta says:

    @ SWEET 1:11
    Well said. :2thumbup

  • Kunta says:

    @EYN 2:25

    Agree with you EXCEPT the Haitian reference. It spoil an otherwise brilliant post. Still mi GET YUH POINT.

  • london says:

    @eyn 2;25, of course mi can seh a frigga him. di show was going on fine until him open him mouth an seh weh him seh. him feel like him can seh anything an get weh wid it cuz him tink EVERYBADDI agree wid every shit weh cum outta him mouth. a him mash up di show.

  • That’s set up, they plan that shit, kartel is lucky the bokkle never cut him skin, with kartel skin, who wouldn’t tek wey dem self faster than bolt? If dem bokkle did ever cut him, lol

  • Lmfao at the cartoon, is dat mavado on the ground? With is head spilling blood. O-o, o my word!

  • jamaicans acting like animals, whats new??

  • Anonymous says:

    ‘Bounty diss Kartel inna him show a talk bout how ppl fi put him gainst Kartel & him a giant. Den him start get di bokkle, den di show lock off. Kartel bust di ahha ha and start it back as soon as him start sing “nuff people softa dan a buttafly” him get lick wit di bokkle dem too. Show did alright before Bounty start di fuckery”

    UNSTABLE!——-caan badda sign in me deh pon one big peica cooking inna d sunday yah. lol

  • sp says:

    @ can’t blame killa for what happen at the show,di man have a right to his opinions,but when you got ignorant dark & dumbass ppl this what happen..some ppl a look excuse just fi throw bottle mek dem move dem bumboclatt & go do something constructive with dem self fucking ignorant cow dem.

  • mike says:

    killa nuh duh nottin wrong him say a black history month big up marcus garvey nany all we black heroes nuh bleachin an dem bakkle de man.kartel him come on now wid laff aha aha mi hear kishing kishing pure bakkale reach d man run u fuck

  • kng says:

    @ london was u at the show?? no,. so shut your toliet mouth,. people got paid to bottle killa,. mi notice as soon as him touch the stage bout 20 man rush towards the middle my the video pole with bottles in hand,. him not even start diss kartel yet,. the man dem jus start fling,. it was planned a set up thing,. but killer yute dem deal wid kartel wickd,. 2wrong dont mek a rite,. dancehall going down

  • bev hailing jmg big brother matter of a horn says:

    well afternoon so a so the jamaican people deal with the things saw me say one thing bolt look out u have nuff dj a fight u the the fightest man title in the world

  • Ilovebigman says:

    Hey met please don’t pLease don’t publish dis. Jus asking you to stop bait up big man. I like the male characters on the site but u a Mek him too Girly now and u nab keep up him writing style different from yours. Some nab know better say is same met but we ova ya dun figure it out n wish for him to remain a man and stop come off so faggoty

  • Bliss says:

    Hey y’all….happy Sunday!

    So while people fight for their freedom in the Middle East, we are fighting for……???

    People will always behave like prats if you let them… Promoters encourage this kind of behavior…disgraceful behavior had always had a sexy element to it in Jamaican culture….that’s why murderers and thugs get a lot of puzzy…large % of women love them some bad boys…..

    Our music isn’t constructive anymore….after Bob our music went down the crapper mostly….

  • Met says:

    how me fi mek bigman girl??? unno fi go sidung and stop chat fuckery me and bigman type di same? stueeps

  • london says:

    @sp him ave a right 2 him opinion yes, but him saying what he said, could be like me knowing seh a pure robbers deh down town suh don’t wear nuh jewelery. but cuz me feel like a mine suh mi suppose 2 can wear it anywhere, mi still wear it an den guh get rob. its like provoking a situation.

    everybody know seh SUM jamaicans weh falla di dancehall culcha, a pure war, disruption and almshouse dem gwaan wid. dat stageshow is no different from sting. unno need fi be logical an stop living in a dream world cuz a suh di ‘stageshow seen’ guh, suh d.js fi tink b4 dem speak, cuz at di end of di day, anno dem a get hurt a innocent ppl weh juss want a good time.

  • Met says:

    @ilovebigman… yuh ipod touch nuh have nothing else fi do ina quebec this sunday evening?? go look a life man and low di man

  • ppl mi ah seh dis one statement….Kartel plan di whole ting, mi get dis from a strong source and to mi source yuh talk to bloodclaat much…..Kartel orda di man fi fling bakkle oofa killa if him start call up Kartel name, when Killa start call him name di bakkle start fling………ah Kartel start all di alms house him neva know killa followa dem was waitin fi him tuh…… gawd lolol…..and I’m out….oh and big up JMG di ting sell off and deh pon bak orda….KABOOM

  • london says:

    DWL @met, yuh put ilovebigman business in di streets man. ur giving jokes man.

  • Met says:

    london mi not even know whey di smaddy a chat seh

  • annointed says:

    why killer a guh cross di ole a jamaica like him inna election campaign a slander kartel name suh??? di crowd wil giv a forward at a 1 or 2 stageshow..but when yuh a guh EVERY stageshow and a use EVERY opportunity fi slander di man when di man nuh even see bad man..dat is desperation… and i gues the dancehall fans just tired of it now!!!

  • kukumon says:


  • nata says:

    What is this fada. Them fi arrest the duty hungry belly batty falla dem that a cause war a the ppl them plc. Yow a nuff mny spend fi put on this show n every yr a disaster. If a gal think she bad den fallaw d backle. Me no rang killa run and duck fi cover yah puppa. Go see Kartel a run. What a thing. Look how the plce pack. Them fi charge them for them a fling backle n then later then hungry no rass killa or kartel no see them. The two K have fi run to rass all that talk no strong like a backle in u face

  • nata says:

    no weh deh them call truce? Killa cn’t fgive Kartel till death. Kartel u go pen a song bout the backle them u site. This is just wrong! A d fans them cause nuff things between artiste. Them fi lock them up. A wonder if any weave drop off?

  • Met says:

    when was di last time bakkle fling like dat a ja?

  • The dancehall people fed up of Bounty and his bullshit. First he used to tek set on Beenie then it was Baby Cham now its Kartel. Elephant man has been bleaching for how many years now, and Bounty nor no one never made any black history month speech nor say anything about bleaching but Bounty just hate the man and he is using evrything in his powers to turn the people against the man. Stop abuse women Bounty its just as wrong as bleaching the skin. Atleast Kartel his abusing his own skin he is not abusing any of us.

  • SERENITY says:

    Nite Metty. A pure almshouse di fool dem keep up.
    Mi nah back none a di side but a fukkery ting dem plan up pon killa. Is a plan ting,big and serious.
    Mi nuh know who gi di orders but di man dem position and ready fi killa,mi get dis live and direct from mi linky who was on point. The security neva fix up good cause mi friend say him spot di rake from early out.
    It kinda backfire cause some man whey si di move,give it to Addi when him touch the stage.
    A fukkery sinting and it jus a mash up we music,jah know star mi vex

  • SERENITY says:

    I just hope the pregnant lady and the injured people get well soon. They went out to fulljoy themselves and they did not deserve that,tsk

  • cc says:

    dis is definitly a setup innocent ppl a get hurt an kartel com out a laugh like somtin funny!!is a plan ting nobody nuh need glasses fi si dat, som ppl a gwaan like kartel a di almighty god dem ready fi kill yuh as yuh seh anyting bout kartel like ppl nuffy hav dem own opinion.

  • WTF!! So artist not allowed to go on stage and speak their mind? Did Killa insult Kartels children? Mother? Woman? So what gives these men the right to dash bottle after him? Ah fuckry ting dat, and to actually read people making excuse for this behaviour ah lay blame on killa?

  • I still can’t believe!! I have heard worse shit said at stage shows! As for the pregnant woman, I hope mother and baby are fine, why shouldn’t she be at a stage show? I am sure she never expected bottles to fling, and at what time did the bottle incident kick off! Sad for Jamaica, the few assholes mash it up for everyone SMH
    * Chocolate Dream*

    Morning Met and Metters :)

  • notten major..few dozen bakkle pon stage..lool

  • Met says:

    mi waa know when since bakkle fling like dis a ja when was di last time? Mi nuh comment eno cause u si when my mind tell me something a so it go…suh mi a wait pan di real story fi come forward

  • london says:

    met di lass time bakkle fling suh was at sting 2008 nuh suh??? mi nuh memba a which year but i’m sure it was at sting

  • Met says:

    london a few years now… so mi wudda like know is who pay di ppl dem fi fling bakkle dis year

  • Met says:

    london di clip deh pan di follow di arrow clips topic mi jus put it wid him kartel exit offa di stage

  • london says:

    mi nuh watch di clip yet, will do that now brb

  • sp says:

    lke i said some ppl too bloodclatt nuff..and when this all said & done each man his responsible for his/her see nas & jayz have one of the biggest clash in hip hop and nobody get kill over it,nobody get bottle over it…di police shoul’ve line dem up one by one and deal wid dem case wicked..mi tolerence level really low when come on tp ppl who act like dem a aninal mi nuh have no mercy fi dem.i dnt care what bounty say.yres words are powerful,but did he advocate violence??

  • danhai skeng says:

    nuh baclke neva FLING, a 2008 STING

    I think the laST Time was bak in 03
    correct me if I am wrong

  • concerned? says:

    k so whatever happened was straight up f..ry but on the other hand how do we actually know that kartel actually orchestrated the “follow d bottle” for Killa’s performance… not saying that he is innocent but dancehall supporters of both groups have taken this kartel/bounty thing to another level so maybe kartel supporters did this on their own initiative.. I am just saying…

  • concerned? says:

    I guess bounty never did a play dandy shandy but he was sure playing hide and seek.. dwllll… him a gwaan like a iron him mek outta bout naah run.. him nuh shd a stand up… hey whey u run fah, u nuh shd a stand up (in my tiger voice) lol

  • caan badda says:

    Me always wonder why when patrons fed up a the Fuckery and start boo or fling bokkle its always said to be a plan thing? Most stage shows used to gice liquor in sanitary cups just to faze out the whole bottle thing. Them say bounty set was going quite well until him start talk bout him “NAH CLASH” so why we can’t assume say ppl did go fi see clash and when them hear say no clash them vex? why do we affi assume say a kartel pay ppl fi bottle killer? kmt ppl just tiad a the armshouse inna dancehall and want to be entertained without the one baggy long cocky arguement pon stage. Killer you get paid to perform stfu n perform u chat too much man get over it him left alliance from 2000 n when and if u neva did a chat bout him like him relevant we probly would have forgotten about him like lexus n all those other ppl career u crushed.


  • What This dem saying Bout ME !!!! ????

    Oh My GUDNESS !!! … :mewek

  • Met says:

    Bigman u lucky u a look pan dem cause mi waa know y dem single yuh out fi be me and everybaddie know mi a ooman and u a man dem fi gwey man

  • tsk_tsk_tsk says:

    Those cartoons are hilarious!!! dwl Kartel a old war boat from long time!! is a bwoi wey evil nuh fuck!!!!! but it sweet me how dem bakkle back him rass!!!! dem sey when yuh a dig hole dig two!!! let that be a lesson to you Kartel!!!

  • Cindy Royal says:

    LOL! OMG! LMAO! AHA AH *Kartel laff* Dem cartoon yah have mi a laff suh til tears come to my eyes.

  • Met was that supposed to scare me? Good Job at spacing out the time of his reply. 😉

  • Met says:

    u cant even spell lesbian.. space out time of reply? yuh tink anybody si unno fi real?

  • simplicity says:


  • Cindy Royal says:

    Aha ah :ngakak Aha ah

  • Met says:

    cindy when me and bigman type di same? canada nuh one cold place? u nuh cold? go wrap up and look a life man

  • HELLO … I am Here now … is who LOVE ME ??? … I LOVE YOU TOO :rate

  • simplicity says:


  • MET … Low mi One FAN …

  • Met says:

    bigman u lucky yuh a look bout space out reply fi wow u how dem dunce

  • Met says:

    from di day mi deh pan jmg mi neva use a nex name type under yet

  • Met says:

    tek dem bigman tek demmmmmmmmm

  • simplicity says:

    met yuh sey “yet” suh yuh plan tuh? dwrcl bwoy frm frideh nite til now mi jus happy suh I mus go a piss on a stick cuz dah feeling yah nuh nawmal lol!!!

  • Met .. This is my first Fan … Mi happy…

    hello “Welovebigman” .. How yu doing ??? .. talk to me

  • Met says:

    simply yes mi plan tuh man cause a mus dat dem want .. fi di res a u comment no comment

  • london says:


  • simplicity says:

    ____________________________________tan deh deh met

    hall dem inn bigman yuh laarge like dat yep!

  • uhhh !!! Piss on a stick ??? Simplicity … Yu feel like yu a breed ??? a dat it mean right ???

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Aha ah :ngakak Aha ah Unnu a kill mi wid laffin

  • Met says:

    mi seh dem can act like dem mek some bran new discovery u si

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Fi real Bigman, tell dem stap run weh yuh fan yawww. Come back Bigman fan, come back – he luvs u too. Aha ah :ngakak Fi real Bigman, tell dem stap run weh yuh fan yawww. Come back Bigman fan, come back – he luvs u too. Aha ah

  • Met says:

    brb mi have a few topics fi rinse todeh a mondeh

  • simplicity says:

    bigman weh u tink dwllllllllllllllllll…a swear mi cyaan stop laff

    london get up man.cindy help mi laff yah lol

  • This girl Must new on JMG… she no know when me and MET cant see eye to eye and so on from dem time deh … how could anyone thing so she is ME ???… EEEE simplicity ?? EEE Cindy … Hey who see Luv Trace … Long tome mi no see her on here ??

  • london says:

    (in my bess kartel laff) aha aha aha aha, simply u an bigman a kill mi

  • MET yu a put up DIRTY & COMPANY ????

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Mi seh from mi touch JMG dis mawning mi a laff enuh Simplicity.

  • simplicity says:

    bigman luv trace a celebrate still lastweek nd a half was her b-day…

    ask har deh fe mi 6weeks now she nuh put up a rass ..met dnt mek a nah nah yuh up fe dutty nd co oooooo

  • boy .. LONDON .. You love laugh EEE ??

  • Met says:

    simply if u ina a happy mood u nuh suppose fi waa nahh mi oooooooo

  • Met says:

    bigman she mus new… cause u seh no God so a mus dat u a talk bout me n u cyaa si eye to eye mi nah lookkkkkk

  • simplicity says:

    cindy frm mi inna de showa pon it mi a laff_______________________________________a how it gud suh!!! unno low oo

  • What yu mean MET “nahh mi ooooooo”

    What kind a code this ??/

  • Met says:

    bigman u nuh know whey knah knah up smaddy mean? mi tell har if she ina one good mood she nuffy waa knah/bite /beat

  • london says:

    cindy, a muss sumting pon jmg, a pur laff mi a laff. all mi b/f a ask mi a wah sweet mi suh pon di computa.

    mi sorry but mi nuh stop replay di bounty an vibes kartel video. woieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, met mi a guh sue yuh for causing uncontrolable laughter

  • simplicity says:

    it mean “cuss har out “style har”agrue wid har”

  • Met Mi not going into dat today … Not now …

    Wea Me One FAN GONE ??? … Yu See Yu Run her … MI VEX

  • Met says:

    bigman u lucky mi doe have time fi u and u one fan mi a look fi shell out di ballers edition todeh so brb

  • Met says:

    london u rise?????????? brb deh yah man

  • Dainty_Me says:

    but it look like bigman need him own “Welovebigman” topic MET?

  • london says:

    met, mi rise long time. mi deh pon jmg b4 mi eat breakfast an wash mi face a morning time. jmg 2 di wwwworl

  • Dainty Go Do Yu Work

  • Dainty_Me says:

    Me a whistle and ride tiday

  • Dainty_Me says:

    JMG is important di government job awffi wait deh

  • Met says:


  • Hey met. Nice going with saying something that big ooman haffi say dem naah understand. Character development aye? U did good in literature mi know. Queens u did go don’t?bright girl school

  • Met says:

    yes man queens and did very well in literature…so mi a nuh bigman/lesbian agen? mi used to go queens and did well with character development? anything else?

  • MET … A the same “FAN” that ??? EYN @ 12:47

  • Met says:

    bigman same one…. u gwine mek di people dem seh a me a yuh ooooooooooooo seh mi try play it off and seh something u couldnt understand …a dedddd

  • I can’t Bother … If People can’t see That … Dem LUCKY … I just enjoy JMG and Everyone should just do the same … Dem tek This too serious … as mi good friend Ragga say … LAUGH & GROW !!!

  • Met says:

    bigman u a look pan di waste dem…when mi cyaa tek it mi jus ban lef right and center dwlllllllllllllllll

  • That is not the answer !!!!

  • Met says:

    bigman u tan yah wid dem brb a suss mi a look fah now

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