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Pree dis From: @grunggaadSent: Jan 30, 2011 7:48pRT @MsBridgeZ: Always appreciate time I spend with my boo, kisses to you u know how we do *wink* ♥sent via Mobile WebOn Twitter:
Pree dis From: @grunggaadSent: Jan 30, 2011 7:48pRT @MsBridgeZ: Always appreciate time I spend with my boo, kisses …

sent via

43 Responses to RODNEY PRICE??

  • Me slow tiday…suh grunglizad n bridgez deh????

  • ProblemChyle says:

    Dem two still in a tings?? Bounty been keeping him ting on the low from the last incident.

  • this no surprise me…have you seen him facebook page?? Bounty and Bridges all ova him page dem no look like dem a hide nothin this year hope it work

  • Woiiiee so a she bounty a show di wurl say him lobe!!!! A she bounty a go married?

  • miholdhim says:

    smh. Why cant these people try to get some one that compliment them instead a mek dem look more (sigh)…. bwoy bounty a time u step up now man. You too Bridgez.

  • So Rodney is her boo?? kiss teet… mi naw claim nobody weh naw claim mi.

  • GrandyNanny Version 2.0.11 says:

    Dem two still ah jooks??? Mi did hear bout dis from early last summer.

  • i saw this i was quite surprised he is claiming her, she wrote that on her twitter page and he retweeted it that means he acknowledges that she refering to him and ain’t afraid to own that he is her boo lol

  • kmft!! unoo later dan one chi chi bus! a dis dem send eeen?… a su bounty “BOO n BABES” up all a him fuckist dem.. furda more, a mus lef dem lef or dem deh pon break, caus a longtime mi nu see d two a dem togeda.. poor miss one black booty bridgez!! smh

  • Words of Condolence to BOUNTY KILLER for the passing of his sister sophia price may jah bless and whole the family together

  • GrandyNanny Version 2.0.11 says:

    Thanks for the FYI KIN YUTE.

    Uhhm MET… u know mi caaan tek you and di pictures you know..
    Look how Rodney look like a (as my neighbor woulda seh)”SAGGGA BWOY”..

  • Met says:

    nanny____________________________________________________________ di mic waa lost n bare sinting sinting…di nose a do di knots landing n a mae at di sed time..Nanny doe draw mi outtttt

  • Lady love says:

    i are the one and they are di two.

  • GrandyNanny Version 2.0.11 says:

    [email protected] I am very observative u know.. Some people nuh pick up on perceptions but its what I do best.

    Sorry to hear about his sister same way..

  • Lady love says:

    wow bounty is a gemini oh my God! the worst boyfriend experience ive ever had was with a gemini the spilt personallity was a nightmare and walks around mad at the world he was one angry motha fucka i hated him through out the whole relationship until it ended a few months ago thank God… so im just wondwering how these girls deal with this guy(killa)?

  • Good Girl Gone BAD says:

    Lmao @grandynanny yuh neighbor muss come from country cah only country ppl mi hear she sagga bwoy dwl…but him look like one fi true lol

  • Props to Bridgez the “Lady alliance” hehehehehe smaddy finally hol him. She is the first one i see him do something like that with promulgating their relationship dwl. Umm where are all the other so called loves of Mr. price how ya’ll feeling now that killa recognizing the bridge as his boo hoo, i deadin lmfao

  • A who write de statement, him or her? It kinda confusing Briges no gemini too

  • Lady love says:

    oh then they are made for each other two bipolar specimenssss.

  • Lady love says:

    Wasn’t there an interview done wirh some long time girl that claims she doesn’t like the lime light supposedly they’ve been together for about 8-10years?

  • So this came right from the goat’s mouth lol congrats Bridgez you led the goat to the pasture. Where is Claudia and the rest in all ah this?

  • Maybe a tru him sister just dead and him lose him father recently why him decide seh him no care again I doubt him ago stop run round but least him finally own upsomebody caw him gwan like him no kno wha name relationship just ber fuck boat him have

  • Berry

    Mi si dis pan twitter yesterday and ah smh. Suh when mi guh pree har page mi see dis bad ah cussin she ah pudung fi smaddy(one girl) weh ah har fi follow har, suh when di gyal follow har n she follow back the girl di girl start dm har bare message n she start cuss bout gyal ah dm har bout dem “starboy” and what goes on behind closed doors is behind closed doors, dem too fass. Wah else? …..she Seh she have lambourgini (if ah suh it spell) punany n some gyal ah bawl Benz punany n dem man nah drive dem. Di Benz park up.

    She too damn mixup n immature. She’s feeling herself a little too much and the worst part is she not even look good or have likkle clothes or class. Bridgez yuh soon hit the back of the line if killa really deh wid yuh and that’s even if he Rt’ed that for u. Nuh badda try read into who him ah chat. Him jus agree wid wah u write but it Neva haffi be towards u. Smh hypesha! She did rt him and write “hmmm”

  • It obvious him rate har fi even think bout retweet it ah she write it on her page and his conviction made him advertise it on his page. Bridgez hol him it seem ah the fuss mi si killa even hint fi own up smaddy suh dat muss mean seh him rate har. so sad fah all the self acclaimed Wifey dem weh him suppose to have di man shame di wholla unnuh dwl

  • Met says:

    u one a comment a big up bridgez …shame we fi wha?

  • Don’t get it twisted met i do not particularly like that girl Brigez she looks like a man to me, she ain’t cute and she has no little feminine sexiness bout har. i never said you should be ashamed i am talking about all them syupid girls who mek killa tek dem fi idiot him ugly like him an di bridge match LMFAO

  • MILAN says:


  • BeRRy says:

    Oooooookkkkkaaaay, a RT shows ownership now? Mi haffi guh stop Rt people now cah mi nuh wah dem think mi deh wid everybody *talk 2 da hand* smh. I knew it was the same ONE person biggin up Brigez. Desperate much?

  • Me biging up Bridgez lol oh please, it’s a technique in writing hon it’s called sarcasm. I don’t like the girl or any other woman who sell themself short because of a man’s status. These girls only see dollar kine when they look at that man only his mom can seriously look at him without being annoyed. This is very funny cause if killa was just a regular man non ah these girls would want him at all. These girls need to get a career and stop wasting time on stagnant people. Killa whore out him days already so his wife to be will be getting wats left of him. If these girls respect themselves and stop making these old men take them for fools i bet they’d stop being so promiscuous

  • SWEET says:


  • Are people even sure that’s really his twitter? Probably why she said hmmmmmm. But if its true nuff ooman a fool.

  • For real though, just because him retweet it mean a him she talking, it could mean him happy fi har…that girl always a deny being with killa pon twitter so why all of a sudden uno tink she a talk bout him? Uno look into it

  • Bridgez needs to stop run behind a crew of men that she let gang bang her. She make killer’s friends fuck her off and tell the whole of them that he needed a bridge to get from one side of her pum pum to the next. What a big studio bed. She must have no pride whatsoever. She must appreciate any man that is bigger than snow cone because he get his ride off the studio bed and moved on. She stands there while killer is with other groupies hoes just like all the rest of killer’s freak gal. LMAO.

  • Dem a hold hand pon him facebook a cahh laugh killa a 2011 u ready yah now? Bridgez no likkle pickney killa some man need fi know dem self

  • Met says:

    sen di picho come….kill nuh know no age limit…. nuh last week him did a bb footsie wid di 19 yr old?

  • A ediat dat man I don’t know how to get the pciture of him facebook met up when u go pon him page. u see pic with she and him from a website

  • Him have pic wid him and a white girl too…dis man is a confused soul

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Awwwwww, choo luv… *tearing up*

  • lena british bounty deh wat appen to dat

  • This means nothing, kiler just retweet a quote that him like. everybody does it, whats the big deal. looks like someone is looking alot of attention. who sent this in met? ha,haaaaaa…….

  • who ever sent this in does not understand twitter @freshaDon sent it to Bridgez her boyfriend i suppose and she retweeted it.

  • whoooa Met i’ve been MIA all week so mi a play ketch up…mi see when Killa retweet dis yes but mi never know it mek the headline pon JMG lololol this is serious killa finally a own smaddy and mi see the pic dem wha uno a talk bout too they really look chummy fi chu Bridgz mi hope him no hamma you too

  • This is good, he just lost his father and sister he need a good woman beside him and i never heard anybody talk bad bout this girl she don’t seem like him regulas

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