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Proverbs 5

Be Faithful to Your Wife

1My son, if you listen closely

to my wisdom and good sense,

2you will have sound judgment,

and you will always know

the right thing to say.

3The words of an immoral woman

may be as sweet as honey

and as smooth as olive oil.

4But all that you really get

from being with her

is bitter poison and pain.

5If you follow her,

she will lead you down

to the world of the dead.

6She has missed the path

that leads to life

and doesn’t even know it.

7My son, listen to me

and do everything I say.

8Stay away from a bad woman!

Don’t even go near the door

of her house.

9You will lose your self-respect

and end up in debt

to some cruel person

for the rest of your life.

10Strangers will get your money

and everything else

you have worked for.

11When it’s all over,

your body will waste away,

as you groan 12and shout,

“I hated advice and correction!

13I paid no attention

to my teachers,

14and now I am disgraced

in front of everyone.”

15You should be faithful

to your wife,

just as you take water

from your own well. [a] 16And don’t be like a stream

from which just any woman

may take a drink.

17Save yourself for your wife

and don’t have sex

with other women.

18Be happy with the wife

you married

when you were young.

19She is beautiful and graceful,

just like a deer;

you should be attracted to her

and stay deeply in love.

20Don’t go crazy over a woman

who is unfaithful

to her own husband!

21The LORD sees everything,

and he watches us closely.

22Sinners are trapped and caught

by their own evil deeds.

23They get lost and die

because of their foolishness

and lack of self-control.

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