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this society has been linked with the thule society( went on to form the nazi party with hitler) and the illuminati(will deal them another day). it was formed in yale university in 1832.they are known as bonesmen,boodle boyys and knights of eulogia. three u.s presidents came from this this group; alfonso taft, george bush sr. and george bush jr. remember my last post i showed you that 13 u.s prseidents were freemason, now you see 3 are from skull and bones. the point is these men are so powerful they produce all the world leaders, anyways they initiate people by giving them a tap on the shoulder at the end of the schoolyear, you do not apply for it like freemasonry. they only tap people who are extremely wealthy and well connected. they own a part of yale university known as the tomb and a private island called deer island. the initiation includes members lying in a coffin naked and telling their deepest darkest secrets to the other members. this is seen a way of ensuring that they never sell them out, as they can be easily blackmailed with the information the other members know. there is alot of conspiracy about this group, some people accuse them of being the main supplier of drugs in the world, because they own alot of ships, wharfs etc and they are also accused of helping to kill john f kennedy( the u.s president that was assasinated). the fact that george bush and his father is in this secret society alone makes it seem evil, this group links with the trilateral commision, the bildeberg group and the illuminati. keep your eyes posted. freemasonry was the beginning, now the skull and bones, i will work my way up to the illuminati who are the scariest and strangest of them all. p.s please do not try and read something on wikipedia or google and conter this because guess which group the man who owns google belong to????? lets just say the internet doesnt tell half the story stay tuneeeeee


  • Met says:

    good read ppl

  • wowwww says:

    it all makes sense now

  • yeap….mi eyes dem glued..

  • $SK$ says:

    yuppers… more to come…. Shani, me learn a bit bout it…. all ican say is SMDH!!

  • BeRRy says:

    Great piece Met. I’ve been Trying to tell ppl this for years. U know seh when mi learn of these groups I started to piece piece everything together. Its good to know that this world is NOT how we see it n never wiL be. New World Order is where all of this is headed n since they’ve been in power for 2010 years there’s nothing we can do. Its truly disturbing to hear things about this most of The time n I’m glad you’ve brought it to the ppl’s eyes Met. Its so much deeper than me and u and the full has never n will never be told. These ppl own ALL TV stations n networks and internet websites so you’re right Met, we’ll never get the truth. Don’t we see where the world is headed? Why is this? Is it only because the years are increasing? Nope, its because of the influence of these ppl on our kids. Religion n the Vatican is our biggest enemy because it keeps the ppl in CHECK. To how mi seet, jus live life to the fullest but also carefully.

  • Berry if people only knew the truth behind the Vatican all those different groups…I like to learn about it but mi nuh put it pon mi head because as u said theres nothing we can do about it!!!

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