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  • Vamit vamit vahhhmit!!!!! Bay vomit mi ah vomit!!! Wooooiii mi neck back!!! Smhh

  • Mr Lexx says:

    Met, please keep up di good work…..mi love dem pics yah……

    Of course di last pic a mi favourite pic…mi nuh kno if mi coulda eat off all a dat though….but mi woulda certainly like fi try…..

  • Met says:

    Mr Lexx u masterbate nuff?

  • Mr Lexx says:

    As often as yu post di pic dem….

  • Met says:

    a can feel it

  • me lub d nicely decorated table pon d side walk….i dont see a ting else!!!

  • 1 N Only StrAwBerry says:

    this Mr Lexx person whether the real(yea right)or the fake is really getting on my nerves. yuh joke dem staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale like rocky danish dem. once..okay, twice..dry! get it? why would u choose that name anyways? somehow i feel there’s a reason behind it whether good or bad, and i feel it’s bad #imjustsaying

    anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays, that girl in the top pick plan on getting up and wearing that hair weave the day after this event. i bet she does, with all those sand particles in her head. smfh jus plain nasty. di nex one shoe ben till it cyah bend nuhmore either because she fat or because she wear it too much. unnu fi tan ah unno yard den. yuh ah show ass weh yuh nuh have, no likkle batty cheek nuh de deh and ah position suh, is ah load yuh pudung after the pic tek?

    i dont know if its supm in the food or the alcohol unno ah drink weh ah mad unno. im seeing waaaaaaay too many retards walking the streets nowadays without a case worker. mi haffi guh talk to Uncle Sam and other government officials bout dis man cah it ah get outta hand. mi nuh think nuhbody inna dem right mind can gwan suh. kmt

  • Mr Lexx says:

    i woulda really love if you actually feel it…

  • 1 N Only StrAwBerry says:

    infirmed ah di same ting mi ah pree. dem decorate that table to the best ah dem ability. dwllllll ah di only ting look decent deh.

  • Met says:

    feel wha mr lex??

  • Met says:


  • Met says:

    mi wa know if everything wear wid gstring now??

  • Mr Lexx says:

    Ok 1 N Only StAleBerry….I wont post no more…

  • me tek a second luk now…a jamaica she deh inna dat hottt hottt sweater …then dem shoes bwoy dem givin up dem tiyad i tink its d weight and also d mount a time it wear…

    Im wid u berry something really and truly wrong a road these days…pure retards

  • 1 N Only StrAwBerry says:

    im allowed to voice my opinion and feelings as well as u right? mi neva tell u dont post mi just ask ah question weh yuh cyah answer. sorry ah ur problem dat, and YES mi stale like yuh stale jokes n pussy weh Lexx fuck n duck. gweh reject *burgs voice*

  • 1 N Only StrAwBerry says:

    jus realize seh he is a public figure and u impersonating him on a public network with ppl all over the world reading and not know whether its him or not is quite damaging. im just putting it out there and u can do what u want but ah di man bread n butta dat. think about it and dont be ignorant. mi jus did wah know why dat name outta EVERY name in the world? that’s all, u tek it personal *shrug*

  • “tek it personal”?…….you must be talking about you.

    Do you realize you just waste you time (twice) replying to an anonymous person hiding behind a computer somewhere on the internet…….think about it……which one of us taking it personal???

    This is the internet….ppl write shit….ppl do shit……ppl say shit…..dont get get caught up in shit…..its just the internet…

  • mi did think a pamputae in the top pics

  • wow @berry u hottt up mr lexx head bad bad bad…a y wen u talk it hottt people suh????

  • 1 N Only StrAwBerry says:

    dwllll infirmed di bitch change har name doh! lmaoooooooooooo who took it personal now??????????? lmaooooooooooooooooo and di crow really have di nerve fi reply back to me. i can bet ah one ah lexx fuck n duck dat and she cyah get over di slam. aye sah more sweet buddy deh bout yah staleberry. mi certainly glad seh you can recognize yuh stale pussy and rename yuhself dwllllllllllllllllllllllllllll BAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

  • @1 N Only StrawBerry ____________________________AH DEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • simplicity says:

    yarnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn den hawk nd spit

  • Yute says:

    once again met u put up sum waste woman Smh, mi a guh stop visit jmg lol. I need to see sum eye candy like Ophelia u zimi.

  • Met says:

    yute mi nah look pan u

  • Yute says:

    no fi real met cum on man , look how home girl underneath black like mi grandmadda Dutch pat smfh, mi cah get tun on wid dat type of garbage .

  • infirmedwoman2 says:

    @berry i jus dont get dese people 99.99% a time…u nva seh nuting but it hurts like wow….
    dem always seh d truth hurts n well he/she/it tek it in….

  • I stopped my breath to look at d pics an my vision went blurry so i hav no comment… by d way, y u have up those dark clouds met? jus saying…*yuk*

  • MS COCO says:

    Which fat ooman leg neva black yet, leff di gal alone yo.

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