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Never before could I attest to the trauma experienced by others,” Banton wrote, “but my current situation brings the full perspective of what bondage really means.”
Sep 19, 2010 The Associated Press (200 occurrences
)When the informant admonished him for smoking, Banton replied, “I smoke herbs, man. A lot of ganja.”
Sep 22, 2010 (28 occurrences)”I’m just a humble musician. I was talking over my head,” Banton said. “I was trying to impress this guy and that’s what got me in this hot seat right now.”
22 hours ago (10 occurrences)He added “I didn’t know I was going to see any drugs. And if I had known I was going to see drugs, I wouldn’t have gone.”
4 hours ago (5 occurrences)”When I realized this was real drugs, I thought, ‘This is a real drug dealer, and I want no part of it,'” Banton said. “I was in over my head.”
22 hours ago (4 occurrences)

I give you money,” Banton said, according to Preston. “You buy, you sell, give me money.”
Sep 20, 2010 The Associated Press (81 occurrences)”I know you want to paint me bad,” Banton replied. “If I was a drug dealer, I would have taken the plea deal you offered me.”
22 hours ago (10 occurrences)”I was just talking straight up garbage,” Banton said to jurors. “I liked hanging out with Mr. Johnson. He could talk all he wanted to talk, but I wasn’t going to engage in it.”
16 hours ago (5 occurrences)”I talk too much, but I am not a drug dealer,” Banton said.
22 hours ago (4 occurrences)”I was just talking garbage with him,” Banton said, referring to informant Alexander Johnson. “I was just talking straight-up garbage.”
15 hours ago (2 occurrences)

Asked why he tasted cocaine when shown a kilo of the drug in a Sarasota warehouse, Banton said, “I don’t know why I did that. If I could, I would rewind the hands of time.”
15 hours ago (2 occurrences)”I regret speaking like that. It has caused me tremendous pain and my family. If I were a drug dealer I would have taken the plea deal you offered me,” Banton said as he tried to remain calm under cross-examination.
11 hours ago Jamaica Observer (1 occurrences)Asked by Preston how – if he were not a cocaine dealer – did he know the price of cocaine in different parts of the world, Banton said that “you hear a lot” being in the entertainment business.
11 hours ago Jamaica Observer (1 occurrences)”I never sold cocaine, I never bought cocaine, I never shot cocaine,” Banton said before his grilling by Preston began.
11 hours ago Jamaica Observer (1 occurrences)”I was talking garbage. I was just talking straight up garbage! He was trying out-talk me,” Banton said, a line he would maintain throughout his close to two hours in the witness box. “I was trying to impress him.”
11 hours ago Jamaica Observer (1 occurrences)

That was me on the tape, but I walked away,” Banton said while gesturing with his hands.
11 hours ago Jamaica Observer (1 occurrences)”Yes, Sir I do,” Banton replied, adding that had he known that drugs were involved he would not have left his house to meet with Johnson.
11 hours ago Jamaica Observer (1 occurrences)”We were having a good time,” Banton said of the meeting at the restaurant in Florida on July 27.
11 hours ago Jamaica Observer (1 occurrences)Asked by Preston if he was “talking crap” when he spoke of cocaine buyers in Europe, Banton said he was “plain out lying”.
11 hours ago Jamaica Observer (1 occurrences)

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