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anthony said…


hi met

here is something i thing u should kno gary sherlock is said to be getting married in december to nikki spanish who nobody hardly knows only that she works for the un(united nation)spanish transilater and he had a party for her birthday back in january which was unsucessful(flap)because nobody knows her she will go to a few partys here and there but nothing big.

The only time u see her at parties is only when he is in new york they have been seen in rosevelt mall and the red losbter..the juicy part of the story is that she keep saying is her cousin they both say they are family..but him go a jamaica and tell the other two from the group and someone overheard the conversation and the planning and tell someone else and the word reach me and i thought how small the world really.. is i ask my source from jamaica why the secrecy him said gary shelock dont want nobody to tell her all the tihings dem him up to and she change her mind the two is said to going out over a year now and him call her from jamaica and ask her to marry him …so the families set the time for december.. there are lots of picture of them on his myspace page she was not my friend on myspace so i send her a request the only man she has in there is her cousin of course…guess she really love her cousin anyway its someting you can look more into just thought i should share this with you..i want u to check out some of these pictures background u will see her or both of them

April 5, 2010 11:32 PM

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