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Available at ALL Sangster’s Book Shops, Kingston Book Stores, Fontana Pharmacies, and at BOTH Airport Book Stores in Jamaica, or online @


PageTurner Publishing House

1 876 622 6920 / 1 876 508 4774

10 Responses to OKAY MACKA

  • JMG***Addict says:

    Whoever page turner publishing house is my only advice to u is to get a better editor…………….is pure spelling error in macka would think that it is her second book and it would have improved but no………….its horrible…………….better dem publish belly story…………………

  • JMG***Addict says:

    Writing ur first book one would expect a few errors and things like that but it is ur second book and i thought ur writing technique woulda improve and things like that but u took a step back………………great use of the current events in the Jamaican dancehall society but u book no grab mi……………..

    Big up JMG writers TT and Belly (even though u abandon wi) <3

  • Met From Jamaican Groupies says:

    addict u tink u easy!!!!!!!!!!

  • *HENNY* says:

    DWLLLLLLLLLLLLL Addict yuh bad_______________________________________________

  • nata says:

    Met a who kick lisa swyper in her ass. No man this yah wicked. Henny u go put up ALliance chu u hear seh Killa dem cramp Kartel style after bad boy Kartel a hide with dozens of po-po backstage. I never thought I wud see the day. What goes around comes around n a fi you time now mi youth.

  • nata says:

    a only this Candice can get fi cover. hiss my damn teeth. Met me haffi put on me 3D specks fi view dis frogstress ha ha ha. I wonder how she n queen Paula feel yah now, after dem go pon Irie a talk so wicked then dem get big booooooooooo lucky dem never get a kick like lisa or 2 Magnum bottle n why Merciless so coward never can come out victorious at a clash. Yow Merciless u betta go back go drive u taxi. Macka every thing a go dwn hill for u first book got great reviews but Sirian a salt you up. Memba coolie terrible pon d obeah

  • *HENNY* says:

    Bwoy nata mi haffi show mi respect 2 di boss,after him deliver dat speech. Rodney mi a hop offa yuh baby, until yuh slip again n drop into another hole,head first,dwllll.

  • *HENNY* says:

    Dwlll_______________________Nata don't kill meeeee

  • nata says:

    War lord still bex with D'angel…hush hon u can let go the pussy feelings yah now (till him dead him na let go-unu no see seh from killer n angel lef u hardly hear a next hit song-what hot him a d fact she go marry him arch nemesis) Killa u step out inna u full suit a black…u fi try a nada color now might soften up u exterior a likkle. Nuffy deh deh yah now a ice dwn lisa ass what a shame me cant wait fi hear raga for him na cebba mouth at all

  • nata says:

    Wait deh likkle every body have Sundaynitis no body no deh bout fi blog only when me gone a work unu come on with unu hypocritical self lol lol lol I lef unu to Macka n Vegas. DWL DWL DWL

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